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  1. How are the ratings is FM 15? I think this has always been the main issue with FM, there are no big difference in the ratings and some positions like DM has a hard time to get good ratings and the ratings seems to go to much after team results and goals and not enoght after what the individual player have preform. If anything a think goals and team result short be hardly be count in the ratings since they are easy to see anyway. What the issue have been have change a little for every version, but overall they have always been bad So how are they in FM 15?
  2. ketchup

    fm 14 match ratings

    Has this become better in FM 15?
  3. ketchup

    fm 14 match ratings

    +1 This has been a problem in all the version and it is getting worse for some reason? There are to small difference in the ratings, and goals and how it goes for the team play to big part of the small differece that still are there. If anything goals and how it goes for the team should be irrelevant for the rating, because that I can see without the rating. The rating are no help right now, and the rating is a huge part of the game, so please fix this, this is the biggest problem with the game.
  4. For me it seems like that each players uniqueness has taking a step back compare to the last FM game I played, which was FM 10. Now they feels more like clones then ever, both when it comes to looks and playstyle. A small thing like hairstyle would do a huge different. What happens to all the small technical players? Even Messi looks and plays like everybody else basically, it was a huge different between him in playstyle compare to a random player in Fm 10, but not anymore.
  5. ketchup

    AI Transfers improved?

    The first impression is that it hasnt, teams in my league that has 3 stars reputation and a player budget for 20 millions, still just buy worthless player for around 20 000. No ambition. I tend to take over them for a short term just to buy a couple of players for them.
  6. This may appear like a very small thing, but it is the small thing that makes FM great, and I don´t really understand why they have taking this thing away from the game? I the past you could see at matchprogram how many days it was to next game, and the game after that and so on. Now it just said date of the game, not how many days it is to it. Maybe SI want to improve to peoples mathematics skills, I don´t know, but I miss that.
  7. I´am referring to that it dosent regen any new juniors in the game. What details do you want?
  8. Where are the juniors? No new juniors in the whole league? And Iám on my second season? Please answer this, becasue this kind of destroy it for me.
  9. Overall it looks good, many small news. But I still miss to able to cancel a substitute, and be able to offer all the remaining budget to one player. It is irritating that you can have 3 million (SEK, about 300 000 pound) left on the budget but you can only offer 300 000 (SEK, 30 000 pound) to one player. If I want to offer the whole remaining budget to one player I should be able to do that, what else is the budget good for? I dont want to buy 20 mediocre player, I rather want 2-3 really good ones.
  10. ketchup

    [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    How do you do this without winzip? I just want one logo. It too bad you can´t upload this true the editor.
  11. Isn’t this explanation, "Open Steam -> Library and change All Games to Tools", wrong? You should go to tools not change the games to tools. This is according to me more correct. "Open Steam -> Library -> All Games -> Tools -> Football Manager 2012 Editor. And then Install”. And even library isn’t really necessary, because you are automatically in the library (can you go out of the library?), so you can skip that.
  12. ketchup

    Official Countdown Thread

    I thought it should be local time, because here in sweden is past 00:00 now, and it still says that it is not yet released.
  13. Only 6 hours now. Have the game in my hands but cannot play it, that kind of bugs me.
  14. ketchup

    Italian junior coaching

    To be honest I think all "big " countrys is overrated. Look at the U21-nations irl, it not like Italy, Netherland, Spain or England or any of those are dominating there, teams like Switzerland goes too the final in Euro champs, Belarus qualifying for the Euro champs, and so on. English, Italians players and so on, play for the big team for mainly one reason, there nationality. They reality is that the player are much more equal, then you can think when some players play on some bunker behind some kiosk and Rooney is playing on the best arena in the world. But of course when it comes to just facilities, all the big team has excellent facilities, but good facilities doesn’t make the players much better irl.
  15. Why dosent it show how many days it is to next game anymore, now it just show the date?