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  1. Me - Not telling you who I am:confused:, but I'm better irl than SI think I am in FM11
  2. Andy Anon_2

    Do you mind if I share a story with you I once heard...??

    Test. [Min 10 chars]
  3. Andy Anon_2

    Do you mind if I share a story with you I once heard...??

    British Embassy, Beijing, China, 23rd June 2010 Steve Hyland wondered what was taking so long. Getting a slot in the Embassy’s ‘romper room’ was never easy, even when you held the keys as part of your job description being one of the permanent trade attaché staff attached to the embassy itself. The email had arrived from London over an hour ago, and the two words in a long-winded background email brief on one of Beijing’s many trade fairs sent from London were the two words that to you and I means little unless you live there, but to Steve it meant he needed to get to the romper room to communicate back to his bosses in London. Like immediately. “Truro (Cornwall)”. Steve had always wondered who the hell came up with these code words, and always wondered on what chaos would be caused if any of the back brief emails on Chinese trade and industry matters genuinely needed to include the small Cornwall town. He dismissed the thought every time with a smile. Like it mattered. Everyone that mattered and had the reason or ability from Delhii to Sau Paulo to Washington to Paris to tap in to this routine e-mail traffic would know what it meant. That didn't matter much either. The door opened to the romper room, the only room in the whole embassy considered secure enough to communicate back to London in plain talk on sensitive matters that London did not appreciate being listened in to by…well anyone else. Everyone was eavesdropping on everyone else out here. No allies, just at best potential future enemies to mere rivals in getting one up on the growing industrial Willy Wonka’s party land that is China. And if you were working/eavesdropping for anyone else that wasn't a possible future enemy or real rival you were irrelevant anyway. Big boy's games, big boy's rules after all. Steve ignored the pretty woman exiting the room and strolled past her and after ensuring the sound-proof door was secured shut he picked up the phone on one of the two desks in the sparsely furnished romper room and jabbed down on the only button on the only phone in the room. The girls who worked the exchanges for the Foreign Office never changed. Efficient, cold…functional. Within 30 seconds Steve had been plugged through and was hearing the familiar recorded message talking over any attempt at greetings on these type calls, “Secret. This Line is Secure. Secret. This Line is Secure”. “Steve, how’s things? It’s Carl,” came the voice from just over 5000 miles away back in London as soon as the automated guff had stopped doing it’s thing. “All good, everything ok?” said Steve. “Mate I will be quick here, there’s a full brief on it’s way to you in the diplo bag on this morning’s flight out of Heathrow, but do you remember a guy called Ryan Hull?” Steve Hyland remembered many people, but the name didn’t exactly clang the memory bell over the rooftops this time. “No. Should I?”. “Well, you were his old Officer Commanding way back in ’95 in your days in green. You served a tour with him back on UNPROFOR in Bosnia. Drina Valley. Srebrenica”. “No, still don’t remember, what of it?” Steve thought out loud over the 5000 miles. “Cut a long story short Steve…the Balkans Division want you on secondment for a tasking. Pack up, you’re off to Holland, all the details are in the diplo bag on it’s way.” “Any clues?” Steve was intrigued now. “Well you will have heard of Ratko Mladic, the Hague’s and our Balkan dept’s number one most wanted? Your old boy Mr Hull is now a football manager in Holland and the Balkans dept guys want you to dap over there and re-new old acquaintances. That’s all I know, sorry mate, all the info you need is in the diplo bag apparently.” Goodbyes said, checking on whether Carl’s every year declaration that this was the last season he was bothering with his Leyton Orient season ticket, ribbing and joshing over Carl’s glutton for football fan punishment Steve Hyland leaned back and looked out the window. “Holland. Hmm. And how the hell did they trawl me up from once knowing Ryan Hull, whoever the hell he is.” Steve thought outloud to himself and the romper room walls. But when you work for the UK Foreign Office, and more specifically it’s Secret Intelligence Service, or SIS or even MI6 to you and I you stop wondering these things. They know much. And it’s not Steve’s place to ask how. ….like anybody would ever tell anyone the how anyway.
  4. It's worked for me years. I don't win everything. That would be unrealistic. But I'm good. Get the basics squared away and you're away. My 1-8 are the bible of basics. They work
  5. 1. Never tweak tactics. 4-3-1-2 works. 2. Interactions - When they're down build them up. When they're up demand them down. 3. Buy players only who work for team (teamwork), are determind to do well and work hard. 4. Buy the best players you can afford. 5. Defenders positioning, marking, jumping, tackling. 6. Midfielders pass the ball. 7. Strikers off the ball, pace, finishing. 8. Wingers went out with Alf Ramsey. Don't need them. It's not that much an overcomplicated game.
  6. Provision of internet in theatre is civvy run. Provision of personal phone lines in theatre is civvy run. Capped usage for those it serves. If your a civvy on pop star wages bet you can activate online out there onn steam. With drinking dens thrown in to throw empty beer cans at screen when losing 0-1 in 89th minute on football manager whilst talking to wife/dog/gf for hours. Moral of story is stay a civvy kriss dont go back. never go back
  7. Andy Anon_2

    Do you mind if I share a story with you I once heard...??

    Manager’s Office – BV Veendam – Weds 23rd June – 9am The four Asprin had not even touched the sides. Ryan’s eyes flicked from the phone, to the computer screen, to the window. Then back to the phone…. The phone buzzed and the red light flashed. “Yes, who is it?”. The handset was on the ear and the words out before Ryan had time to work through the fug of the previous night’s alcohol and top up of too many painkillers. “Hi Ryan, its Silke. I have the groundsman wanting to know if you need the pitch for training today, because he is wanting to start working on it for Friday.” Friday…groundsman…training…today. Ryan hesitated. And hesitated some more. “Ryan, can you hear me?” “Uh yes Silke, I can hear you. Umm…no, I’m going to be conducting 1 to 1 interviews with the players today, the pitch is his….umm…to prepare”. “No problem Ryan. I tell him this.” The phone went dead and Ryan slowly placed the handset back down. As Ryan tried to compute with the Friday…Groundsman bit… the phone buzzed again. “Ryan, I forgot to say. That you have 10:30 appointment with the local press in your office. You remember, yes?”. “Yes Silke, I remember”. Ryan didn’t remember, but from his Army days knew the old adage of ‘either lead, follow, or get out of the way’ and also remembered aside from Silke the (his) PA, this groundsman and the players he was the one being paid a very tidy sum to do the lead bit. Oh, apart from Max. “Remind me mate, how many journalists was it?” Long pause. “Oh your English humour!” chuckled back at Ryan. Ryan was quickly getting to grasp that these Dutchies didn’t really get the English humour. They kept mistaking it for when Ryan was being deadly serious. “No, Silke, I was being serious, remind me how many journalists I’m expecting”. Still laughing “Just the one Ryan, just the one”. The line went dead. Ryan’s eyes wandered back to the window. The scenery had changed. The car park was filling up with drivers wearing tracksuits and wandering over to the reception door. The cars were 10-11 year old Opel’s and BMW’s. “Aaah. That will be the players then. Best I get down to meet them.” This was what it was about. The players. Chairman? Fans? Physio? Goalkeeping coach? Any coach? Assistant? No, anyone who knows anything about football knows it’s all about the players. No players??....none of the above. The asprin had kicked in. Ryan sprung up from his chair. Clapped his hands. Time to get to work!!
  8. Andy Anon_2

    Do you mind if I share a story with you I once heard...??

    Thanks 10-3, much appreciated.
  9. I thought it had been sorted, but I'm not here to mess anyone about, can anyone unlock it?? I'm making a post and it doesn't show up for ages.
  10. Playing the demo is like taking a gorgeous girl to a restaurant and knowing you'll have to leave halfway through the starter. Not for me.
  11. I am computer illiterate. Loaded up Steam, spent 2 days downloading Empire: Total War. Just getting "This game is currently unavailable, please try again later". Smashed through their way over my head support thread. No joy. Screw Steam. Giving FM a miss this year. FM11 rocks. SI's attitude to it's customer doesn't.
  12. That work permit on appeal does seem a bit of a flaw. I've not yet had one turned down on appeal. Admittedly I do scout the player beforehand and trust my scout when they say 'no chance of work permit'.
  13. It's Mexico all the the way for me on FM11. Some of the regens bouncing out of there on my game are the nuts.
  14. I can't do blogs, online video etc but am looking for a good old fashioned text list and wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction?
  15. Know Boro are having a good start to season irl...but Tony Mowbary replacing Steve Bruce as England manager in only 2014?