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  1. I have took Newport to premier league and after maximum expansion they are building me a new one which will be finished by the end of my third season in the premiership. Don't really think finances matter a whole lot as they have taken a 32m loan out which I have to payback. I have a decent amount of money in the bank and keep wages very low but they still got a loan out anyways. Hope that helps
  2. Just wondering if there is a way of getting this up. Example is I'm 19 games into my second season in the EPL so exactly half way through and I would like to know how I'm doing compared to this time last year without having to go through all the fixtures from last season and adding them up. It is a stat always used irl do if it isn't a simple click away I think it would a nice new feature and easy enough for SI to do. Thanks
  3. In my caravan down by the sea.... Every weekend :-)
  4. I support Bolton but don't really enjoy a long term save with an already prem team as I find it easy to achieve in a short space of time, so I go for Newport County to get them all the way to prem and then domination. I only tend to get one long term save in each version maybe two due to me going so in depth with it all when I play.
  5. On FM 10 I found it very difficult to get to legend even when I got Newport from BSS to prem and winning multiple trophies only ever got me to icon. On FM 12 on my current save though I have taken Newport from BSP to Prem, just finished my first season there but got made a legend upon promotion to the championship!
  6. Sometimes yes but not to often. As I am now in the prem with Newport I will mainly only sign players from scout reports when the are under 19 an say potential to be leading prem striker anything lower than that then I would have to be able to see some very good attributes that the scouts have not picked up on
  7. Thanks guys just finished 8th first season in prem
  8. Regen faces gone?

    Cheers lads
  9. I trust my scouts mainly as they have high judging ability and potential ratings, don't see the point in using them otherwise
  10. As above, few years into the game and this has suddenly happened. Any ideas guys? thanks
  11. Wont be able to scout all of Europe until you reach the championship the premiership for rest of the world
  12. Big question about Newport County

    Through league position and on FM 12? ha ha
  13. Big question about Newport County

    on FM 12? Thanks
  14. Have asked in the general discussion forum but no one seems to know. Does anyone know in here whether Newport County can get into europe? As in real life I dont think they can because there welsh and also in the Welsh cup. I am not allowed in league cup but on FM 10 I was and could always get into the champions league. I have a long term save which I have been on a long long time and I have just got in the premiership. It will take me at least 3 seasons im guessing to fight for a european place now but is it all in vain? would be great if anyone knew this and has done a long term save with them. thanks in advance.
  15. Hmm will do but I go real in depth when I play so it takes me 1-2 weeks to do a season and it will be at least 3 seasons before I may get there and if I cant go in europe it would devastate me ha ha