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  1. Does anyone have a save game with Met Police? I've been rerolling for hours without luck!
  2. Is the need to play a simple style of football in the lower leagues a myth? I've holidayed a year and taken a new team in the Conference South (Dulwich Hamlet), and I want to play a counter-style that plays out from the back and retains possession when a counter isn't on.
  3. How do you deal with players who are either 'exhausted and in need of a long rest' or 'tired in need of a rest'? Is the holiday function a good idea, or just leave them out for a game or two?
  4. When he gets red cards from fouls you can fine him and this sometimes drops his aggression by one point.
  5. My first thought would be no there's no attack roles through the middle of the park so numbers in the box would be lacking. Nolan would be perfect for a CM-A
  6. Maybe as a Raumdeter on the wing? Having him responsible for leading the line might inhibit him, while a wide poacher could make plenty of runs.
  7. How much of the advice and guides here are really applicable if you are a lower league manager at a barely professional level? I can't help but feel an unvarying direct 442 is about the extent of what your players can handle.
  8. What pairs well with a Target man (attack) in a 442? The description suggest he makes space for others, but having two attack duties up front seems like it'd be disjointed.
  9. So a couple times a season I'll have a player who the physio says he needs a weeks rest from training. Is this a good idea? I'd think it'd exacerbate the problem.
  10. Is there such thing as playing a player too regularly at too young an age, and does it apply to Keepers? I have a 16 year old Keeper who could well be my starter from day one.
  11. Should you aim to have a certain amount of 'roam from position' PI in a tactic, and is it usually a bad idea to use it anywhere other than AM or FC strata?
  12. What formations/tactics would you use to maximise a selfish target man-esque finisher like Luca Toni? I want to take advantage of his aerial presence, but with no creative strikers in my team, i'm hesitant to use him with another poacher, and a sole striker who can't pass is difficult to work with.
  13. Is it 15 minutes or getting a match rating which is key? I ask because ive subbed on at the 76 min mark and got no match rating after 90+4.
  14. Is there any way to know which players are more likely to want to Tutor people? I've picked up a Resolute midfielder who refuses to tutor just about anybody for unknown reasons.
  15. A winger would be drilling crosses in your set up or hitting them early, to take advantage of good movement rather than heading. I think a Treq is too unruly rather than offering a consistent outlet up front.
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