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  1. Is the need to play a simple style of football in the lower leagues a myth? I've holidayed a year and taken a new team in the Conference South (Dulwich Hamlet), and I want to play a counter-style that plays out from the back and retains possession when a counter isn't on.
  2. How do you deal with players who are either 'exhausted and in need of a long rest' or 'tired in need of a rest'? Is the holiday function a good idea, or just leave them out for a game or two?
  3. When he gets red cards from fouls you can fine him and this sometimes drops his aggression by one point.
  4. Maybe as a Raumdeter on the wing? Having him responsible for leading the line might inhibit him, while a wide poacher could make plenty of runs.
  5. How much of the advice and guides here are really applicable if you are a lower league manager at a barely professional level? I can't help but feel an unvarying direct 442 is about the extent of what your players can handle.
  6. What pairs well with a Target man (attack) in a 442? The description suggest he makes space for others, but having two attack duties up front seems like it'd be disjointed.
  7. So a couple times a season I'll have a player who the physio says he needs a weeks rest from training. Is this a good idea? I'd think it'd exacerbate the problem.
  8. Is there such thing as playing a player too regularly at too young an age, and does it apply to Keepers? I have a 16 year old Keeper who could well be my starter from day one.
  9. Should you aim to have a certain amount of 'roam from position' PI in a tactic, and is it usually a bad idea to use it anywhere other than AM or FC strata?
  10. What formations/tactics would you use to maximise a selfish target man-esque finisher like Luca Toni? I want to take advantage of his aerial presence, but with no creative strikers in my team, i'm hesitant to use him with another poacher, and a sole striker who can't pass is difficult to work with.
  11. Is there any way to know which players are more likely to want to Tutor people? I've picked up a Resolute midfielder who refuses to tutor just about anybody for unknown reasons.
  12. Any advice on tactics/formations for matches you're hopelessly outmatched for (Greek club with 2k attendance vs Feyenoord)? The balance between having a credible threat and getting boshed 6-0 is beyond me. Normally I played with advanced wingers in the AM line, but that might be suicide. My best player is the quintessential target man so I figure that might be something to work with.
  13. At what age do players stop improving? Is 22 too late to be able to improve 2 stars worth of potential?
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