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  1. Spurs. Monaco will give you 20m for Danny Rose and Real Madrid are willing to drop 20m on Aaron Lennon.
  2. Cheers for the reply, it didn't occur to me that it might be a bug or issue, so I didn't think to look in the relevant thread. I'll give clearing the cache a go!
  3. Have transfers been tweaked from the beta? Clubs are offering me far less for my players, often insulting offers of well below their value (Madrid offering me 3.6m for Aaron Lennon and Monaco offering 1.5m for Andros Townsend and 2.5m for Danny Rose) and clubs are asking silly money for players that were available for a reasonable price in the beta, Soton wanting 40m or so for Luke Shaw when 12.5m+ 5m of add-ons did the trick in the beta is perhaps the best example. If changes have been made, they are a little bit too drastic for me.
  4. Can I delay full game download?

    How close is 'quite close' and where did you buy the game from? There shouldn't be that much more to download to go from beta to full. I can't give you an exact figure, but it is nowhere near as big as the beta was.
  5. Regen Transfer Fees?

    It isn't just newgens, it is youth in general. I tried to sign Mason Bennett for Spurs, but Derby wouldn't play ball, even at 5-6m, and wanted something stupid like 20m. And why should they? If they aren't in need of the money, it is rather good that they don't just roll over and let the much bigger club nab their player on the cheap.
  6. Football Manager 2013 Beta

    Part of me can't help but wonder if we might have got it yesterday had Ciaran not mentioned Wednesday on The Spurs Show. It would have made sense with the twitter comp and the video blogs ending. But what difference will a day or two really make to something we'll be playing pretty solidly for at least the next ten months or so, if not right up until the release of FM14? If we get to have a play over the weekend, magic, if not it'll be worth the wait.
  7. FM12 Dream Team

    GK: Lloris : Tottenham DL: Assou-Ekotto : Tottenham DR: Walker : Tottenham DC: Vertonghen: Tottenham DC: Caulker : Tottenham ML: Bale : Tottenham MR: Lennon : Tottenham MC: Sandro : Tottenham MC: Livermore: Tottenham MC: Dembele : Tottenham STC: Adebayor : Tottenham. Why Jake Cyril Livermore? The "Score against the best team in the world? I play for them." quote after his goal against Barca a little while ago. That means you've got your dream team, right?
  8. Football Manager 2013 Beta

    Yeah they are on the list and I don't know anyone who has had a bad experience with them, I certainly haven't. Are you still waiting for the code, or did they tell you that you wouldn't be getting the beta access? If they have told you no, there should still be time to cancel the order and get in on Steam if the beta is worth an extra tenner or so to you. Really? When did that turn up?
  9. Football Manager 2013 Beta

    They hooked me up with my FM12 key in time for the pre-load last year, I'm sure they'll get us playing the beta ASAP too.
  10. Football Manager 2013 Beta

    Have you had this confirmed by your retailer and are they one of the companies offering the beta access for pre-orders? If so, would you mind naming them? But if you are still waiting for a code, plenty of people are in the same boat. I'd love to know what SI/SEGA would think about loyal players, those who were going to pre-order no matter what and regardless of the incentives, being denied access to the beta for not waiting until closer to release date to order. It would be madness.
  11. So I holidayed until the 23rd and... forgot to save the game before moving on and Weymouth didn't turn up in the BSS. So the ever so original choice of Chester it is. http://i45.tinypic.com/34npcog.jpg I tried the similar challenge to this set in foreign leagues, but a season was long enough to put me off Brazilian lower league football for life, so here I am. Time to go and look at my squad.
  12. I wasn't expecting world beaters, but my assman with 15 for JPA gave all but one of the intake 1 star or less. I had hoped for a couple of players I could throw into the first team sooner rather than later, but it wasn't to be. A quitter is I.
  13. I think I'm going to try the version of this challenge set in England, Brazilian lower league football really isn't for me. Winning the state champs at a canter and struggling in Div 3 will get quite tedious after a few years But I didn't get relegated, so that's something. Of course I'd have stuck with it had I managed to land a gem of a newgen first season, but they were all crap. I'll see some of you in the other thread.
  14. I might give this a go in Brazil. I'm bored of my Spurs save and looking for a new challenge edit: And so I find myself at... Nacional FC (AM) Profile: http://i46.tinypic.com/r8s0hg.jpg I forgot to untick fog of war, which won't make any difference in the long run as signing players is a no go, so I couldn't take a good look at the squads of the three teams on my shortlist. There was a club that had better youth recruitment, but the stadium was only 10k rather than the 46k beast I've got, so Nacional it is. Wish me luck.
  15. and the first goalscorer at Perryman Park was... Scotty Parker from the penalty spot. The patch seems to have improved him too, he is still a beast at 32 at the start of the third season when he wasn't as good previously. I don't know how he ended up taking the penalty, but he scored the first in a 4-0 win against some minnows I hadn't heard of in a Europa qualifier. Remember I joked about not getting sacked? Despite 5 wins out of 6 towards the end of the season, I finished in 6th having promised the board a top 4. I didn't think I'd get to see the opening of the stadium, but somehow I'm still in a job. So I had a bit of a clear out... IN Ross Barkley - Everton - 17.5m. They DID NOT want to play ball and I can see why. He scored one and crashed a shot against the bar, a rebound we scored from, on debut and followed it up with another solid performance in the second leg. The kid will be a star. Iker Munian - Athletic - 21m. They didn't want to play ball either, but a release clause came to my assistance. He has also looked lively in his two starts so far and gives me yet another option in the hole as well as providing decent competition for Leandro D and Defoe. Antonio Valencia - Man Utd - 7.5m. He was listed, Hoilett hasn't set the world on fire on the right and Lennon was being a little bitch. Plenty of newgens including a 7.5m striker from Pest Ham the fans are annoyed at me signing despite having stacks of potential, a 5m right winger as a long term replacement for Valencia and a young keeper from PSV who'll be the nuts. OUT Yannis Tafer - Havre AC - Loan (1m fee + agreed price). Not good enough. Adam Smith - Stoke - 1m Harry Kane - Swansea - 1m. See Tafer. Also of note is that he has pissed their fans off already by demanding to be center of attention as a 20 year old with no Premiership experience. Shipped straight out on loan to AFC Bournemouth Tom Huddlestone - Fulham - 7.5m. I'm really sad to see Tom go, but he was behind Modric, Sandro, Parker and Kovacic in the pecking order and Barkley was on his way. He wanted more football than I could have given him. Apostolos Velios - Norwich - 3m. See Tafer. Kermit Erasmus - Sporting - 3.3m. Signed for free with next to nothing paid out in wages and bonuses etc. A tidy profit as ever. Manoel - Palermo - 6.5m. A muppet. One I made quite a loss on too. Tom Carroll - Leicester - 675k Aaron Lennon - Valencia - 9.5m With a year left on his contract his agent asked for a modest pay rise I agreed to AND a stupidly high appearance fee I had no intention of paying. His performances didn't warrant the money so I flogged him and signed the Portuguese kid as back up for Hoilett before Utd offered me Valencia Archer and Lancaster found themselves released and Rose, Gomelt, Pogba, Toloi, Muniesa and a few newgens were sent on loans they'll return from. Let's hope season three turns out to be better, the start needs to be or I won't see Xmas...