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    I live on the best country in the world and have a great life. I am a development coach for The Talent Idenification Program for Football Mid-North Coast, NSW.

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  1. I tried to have a team meeting before The Champion's League final and the message was "There isn't a suitable reason to hold a team meeting", really?
  2. Loaning a young player out for a season, does it still count as being trained at your club: age 15-21?
  3. John Terry is managing Middlesbrough and we just beat them 8-0. In the post-match press conference he said "They just got lucky" OMG, I am dying here
  4. All the info you NEED is there, for goodness sakes, just set it up yourself. Want Fuss to play the game for you too?
  5. What's missing that you can't set up this tactic from his explanation? Gosh, even tells you what sort of players you need and if you can't set up your own set pieces, play Fifa instead...OMG!!
  6. Holy Moly fellas, everyone so lazy that you can't set up this tactic yourself? ALL the info is there....SHEEESH!!!! And BTW, it works really well!!
  7. Is it just me? Some of the ridiculous comments made by opposition managers are befuddling. I just beat Wolves 3-1 with 30-12 SOG and 58% - 42% possession and his comment was "I'm amazed we didn't get a win out there,................but their performance was ordinary today and I am stunned things didn't go our way..............................etc" Come on really? What's with these stupid comments?
  8. where is that? i just had a quick look and couldn't see a feedback thread
  9. I don't post very often but I do read read posts and I've noticed so many negative comments towards SI. I am an old guy who has been playing the game since the very first CM when Danny Murphy was the most amazing wonderkid ever and let me tell you, the game has come a long, long way. It makes me chuckle how mad some people get with the game and with SI. Could the game to better, sure but you have to remember how extremely complex the game really is and how one thing affects another. I have taken Brighton to the PL, qualified for EL and then to CL. The club is rich and has a world wide rep now so if I can do it then it proves that it is absolutely possible. I have had some of the problems people complain about like player unrest, not being to sell players occasionally, strikers having terrible games etc but NEVER to the point where steam comes out of my ears and am compelled to vent on these forums. I imagine that being a RL football manager is way harder than this game. I only posted this time because I read some of the most ridiculous posts, things like PL teams should be able to boycott League Cup because their team is so successful that their game schedule is too tight, come on, really? If there are things that bother people so much why not just use the editor to fix it instead of hurling unpleasant comments towards SI. Do you really think that the SI team wouldn't want the game to be as good as possible? Also remember SI is a commercial enterprise with fiscal obligations and that FM is only a game.
  10. I am only in 3rd season and when I tried the tactic it was pretty fluid, not far from my own tactics but over 5 games it wasn't good for me. 4L & 1W with 13 goals against and 8 goals for. I think the league/country you play in makes a difference.
  11. I am half way thru my 3rd season with Vitesse and am leading the league, 24 games with 3 draws & 2 losses. I had a look at your tactic, familiarity was close so I gave it a bash. 5 games with absolutely no changes, game 1 lost 3-1. 2nd game won 4-2, 3rd & 4th games lost 3-1 and 5th game lost 2-1 to the team coming dead last who just set a league record for most games without a win. Don't think I need to mention what my board thought. Anyway maybe the style just doesn't suit The Holland Total Football way of play. BTW, all my goals were scored from corners and none from open play while the opposition were carving me open at will.
  12. No it wasn't. A normal goal from open play.
  13. I don't know if this really helps or is just a coincidence, but I hired and new head physio with high fitness and of course physio ratings and my injuries have gone down dramatically. Anyone else found this?
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