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    I live on the best country in the world and have a great life. I am a development coach for The Talent Idenification Program for Football Mid-North Coast, NSW.

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    Football, PC and Model Railways

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  1. I think a lot of people are annoyed by all the bugs in the ME. IMHO, the ME isn't right. Way, way too many goals come from long shots and from set pieces. I'm not whining because I can't play the game. I'm doing really well with Crewe. There is no way that someone scores from 26 yards out every game and certainly not 2 or 3 times in one game (irl) which is happening with 2019. Just read through the ME bugs forum. There are loads and loads of issues. I would rather pay $50 every second year for a game that isn't riddled with issues and then say, $20 for an update halfway through the year. Oh, and btw, I have never played FM for the animations. Most of the time I play in 2D Classic. I've also been playing this game since the original Collyer Bros Championship Manager and have bought every edition since.
  2. MY GK is kinda like that. No not scared just lazy I guess. He'll wait until the ball reaches his area from a back pass before he plays at it. Too bad if an attacker is racing for the ball. MY GK dgaf, He just waits and doesn't care if the attacker beats him to the ball and scores.
  3. ME is just super! Looks more like a stop work union meeting than a football game
  4. Loads of ridiculous stuff goes on in my team but I haven't noticed that. I play CWBs on attack and they pretty much run up and down the sidelines. Are you sure about their ppms?
  5. ME is a joke. When I'm trying to close out a game which is just about futile because you can't defend against a 92nd minute 26-yard long shot from a player with 2-6 long shots attribute or an AI corner but I try. Anyways I turn down my team's mentality, tell the team to pass short, no dribbling more disciplined, waste time etc and I set all the PIs to match team orders but it seems no one gives a toss. My CBs still hoof the ball upfield straight to the opposition. My Players still run with the ball at will. I know my players aren't Rhode scholars, but jeez!!! Pssst... SI, the ME is broken.
  6. Its impossible to defend AI's long shots and set pieces since the last update... what's the point?!
  7. Ditto, way too many goals from long shots, Most are scored by the AI, GRRR! It's adding to my dramatic form slump after the last update.
  8. I tried to have a team meeting before The Champion's League final and the message was "There isn't a suitable reason to hold a team meeting", really?
  9. Loaning a young player out for a season, does it still count as being trained at your club: age 15-21?
  10. John Terry is managing Middlesbrough and we just beat them 8-0. In the post-match press conference he said "They just got lucky" OMG, I am dying here
  11. All the info you NEED is there, for goodness sakes, just set it up yourself. Want Fuss to play the game for you too?
  12. What's missing that you can't set up this tactic from his explanation? Gosh, even tells you what sort of players you need and if you can't set up your own set pieces, play Fifa instead...OMG!!
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