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  1. Can anyone explain scouting?

    I've sort of gotten the hang of the new system, but there are definitely things I don't like about it: 1) The search criteria screen is a popup that requires a click to open/close. So if I'm tweaking my search parameters I have to keep opening and closing it. This is a baffling change as it seems like a step backwards in interface usability and it doesn't seem like space on that screen is at enough of a premium. 2) I personally preferred having reports on players I specifically requested scouting on to be delivered directly (and individually) to my inbox, so they can be differentiated from reports on players my scouts just found at random. Right now this doesn't seem to be happening. 3) The "player search" and "scouted" screens are really similar, to the point where they're redundant. And the fact that each has their own independent search criteria popup is annoying.
  2. I know this has been a complaint for many years of FM, but I don't understand GK ratings. My keeper makes 9 saves, half of which are difficult-looking diving fingertip saves, and his rating is 6.9. Considering we won 2-1 and could easily have lost 4-2 with a poorer keeper, this hardly seems like an appropriate rating.
  3. Can anyone explain scouting?

    Do you still get match reports for players you've specifically requested to be scouted? In mid-October in my season I asked the scouting pool to scout 6 or 7 players who are nearing the end of their contracts, to see if any were worth offering a pre-contract to. It's a week later and I haven't seen any match reports yet, or the notification you used to get "scout X begins assignment on player Y".
  4. The ME seems pretty unbalanced right now. I'm not deliberately playing a flanks-based attacking system and my fullbacks (combined) are averaging about 1 assist per game. My midfielders barely have any. Shots from the edge of the box seem wildly inaccurate most of the time. And I don't think I've seen a DFK so much as test the keeper yet.
  5. Can anyone explain scouting?

    Chief scout is setting specific assignments, and everything is set to general. It seems like I can only specify a particular position if I go with the "short-term" option. It seems like the list of scouted players is growing, albeit slowly. I don't get why a team like AC Milan wouldn't begin with a huge list of already-scouted players though. Does anyone know what "clear all" does in the scouting meeting? Is it equivalent of clicking "acknowledge" on all recommended players? There's no tooltip for it.
  6. Can anyone explain scouting?

    Yes I've read the FAQ. I still don't understand how to do the simple scouting tasks that I want. Right now it's September in my season and I may want to start looking for an MR to buy in the winter window. But when I filter MRs out of my scouted player list, there are literally only 3 players, even though I've picked the "World" package and my scouts have been working for 2-3 months. How can I have so few players scouted? How do I increase the size of this list? The FAQ mentions short-term scouting as a way of searching for a particular player but it also says this is for when you "need a player right now" (1-4 week timeframe) which is not the case for me. It just seems ridiculous that I'm managing AC Milan and I ask my scouts for MR recommendations and they literally know of 3 guys in the whole world to choose from, none of which are particularly suitable. How is this realistic?
  7. Some really odd UI choices have been made. Why is the in-ME tactics screen sideways? Why does the list of subs only take up half the screen, so if I'm in a competition that allows more than 6 subs, I have to scroll the list down to set/view all of them? In the ME, why do match events like goals/cards/subs only get a tiny display at the very top inch of the screen, instead of in its own dedicated popup in the middle? Half the time my eyes are drawn elsewhere by other UI elements and I miss it. The team selection screen is buggy as well. I've seen instances where I go to another screen, come back, and suddenly players have disappeared from the list, and then they reappear when I scroll the list up and down.
  8. Can anyone explain scouting?

    I've read the tooltips but I don't really understand how it works. There are a large amount of players in each meeting and I don't really want to go through all of them individually, especially considering i'm at a point in the season where scouting isn't really that important to me. What happens when I say "clear all"? Is that like clicking discard on all? Or acknowledge on all? Or neither? Do only players I've clicked acknowledge on go into my "scouted" list? Do I no longer have access to a unified list of many hundreds of players with CA/PA star rating estimates for each?
  9. It is such a radical departure from previous FM games I don't know what to make of it. I used to filter a long list of scouted players by position, and then pick out players I was interested in and assign them to the scouting pool to track individually for X months. Now the list of scouted players is really short and I get emails where I can "dismiss" or "acknowledge" player recommendations which I don't understand at all. There's also the matter of the scouting "packages" which makes little sense to me. How do people handle scouting now?
  10. Thanks, I posted on the bug thread with my symptoms. I took some measures to reduce the stutter but it seems ridiculous that I have to do this with a high-end system. Has the "set v-sync to 'fast' in the nvidia control panel" solution worked for people here? I can try it when I get home. I also get stuttering during the SI intro screen which I don't really care about, but is a potentially related issue.
  11. Just bought FM18 over the weekend and am experiencing brutal stuttering in the ME. I have a very new PC, running Windows 10 with a 1080 Ti video card. I do not have a G-Sync monitor. I took the following steps and it seems to have brought the stuttering down to a reasonable level: 1) Switched graphic quality from very high -> high 2) Switched framerate from automatic -> 60 3) Switched camera from director -> tv This seems to have gotten the stuttering under control, although it seems crazy that I have to do this with such a powerful machine. Also I don't know how much of the improvement is due to my last couple of matches being played in a mostly empty stadium. Is the "set v-sync to fast in the control panel" solution still the only one available? The SI splash screen at startup also stutters badly, for whatever that's worth.
  12. I just bought a new PC a few months ago with a 1080 Ti graphics card. It played GTA5 smooth as silk but the FM18 match engine is extremely choppy, to the point where it unpleasant to watch. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. I feel like I have a good idea of the former. Maybe not so much of the latter.
  14. Also, why do players even bother negotiating release clauses? When they want to leave, the "you have a release clause and if they bid that much I can't do anything about it" response NEVER satisfies them. Ever.
  15. I don't really have a system. I have a few formations that suit my players, and I try to play them in roles that combine sensibly. That's about it. I've implemented my "only play standard mentality" experiment and so far I've won 4 straight by a total of 10 goals. But who knows, it could be luck. I think half of all FM discussion is people being fooled by randomness.