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  1. The high potential guy is 22. He may never be that good (because he's always unhappy and training poorly) but his potential when I bought him at age 19 was 5-stars. Part of the annoyance is when they say "surely I'm better than some of the other players picked". But they don't actually name names. Because they're not.
  2. I just had a game that really encapsulated the weirdness I feel about finishing in this ME. I won the match 6-1. None of the goals were scored by my striker, they were all from wingers or midfielders. Nearly every goal (aside from 1 which was some corner ping-pong) was a howitzer from the edge of the box. My striker got 2 beautiful through balls and put 1 into the post and 1 into the keeper. Even the opponent's goal, which resulted from a counter attack following a corner, was actually struck from maybe 1-2 yards inside the box. For some reason it's easier for players to score from 18 yards than from 5 in this ME.
  3. I specifically avoid the response that promises to include them next time, so I really don't think they should expect to be included. I keep these players around because they either have high potential, or are more experienced squad players who are maybe a good 4th or 5th choice CB but on the chopping block if I can't make registration.
  4. Because I foolishly think FM will follow some semi-reasonable logic, by which if a player is told "sorry you weren't registered but that's just the way it is due to registration rules" and then calms down and is no longer unhappy and signs a new contract, he won't be absolutely furious if he's not registered again after the next transfer window.
  5. Sorry I don't. I could possibly provide a screenshot of the items in my inbox if that helps. This has happened twice, both times when the total offered amount was within 1m of the promised amount. So maybe someone should just give the code that does the comparison a look. It is possible there is some rounding error happening there.
  6. Yet more terrible man management. Every season the same 2 players throw a fit and stage a locker room revolt because I don't put them on the Champions League squad. They're not "first team", I never promise them I'm going to include them, and yet they are furious every single time. Yet somehow their unhappiness always runs out just in time for them to sign a new contract, only for them to throw another fit. It's so unbelievably tiresome.
  7. I was counting all installment payments because I've been burned by that in the past. The promise was for 54m, the caption in the lower right said "potential transfer value of 53m". I rejected and immediately was told I'd broken a promise. This is the 2nd time this had happened to me. It seems like if the bid is within 1m of the promise, it is triggered. Maybe some sort of rounding error?
  8. Twice now I've had clubs come 1m or 750k short of the promised price and the promise was still considered broken. There is definitely a bug.
  9. Definitely not for me. In fact despite having a high degree of polish in many areas I think FM19 has put me off of FM for quite some time, for the following reasons: 1) Man management still sucks. Tons of obnoxious and unrealistic feeling interactions with players, and promises are too frequently unclear and will be considered broken even when you think you've kept them. 2) New training module is baffling. By giving me more control they've actually given me less, because I'm so overwhelmed by the thousands of combinations and permutations that I leave the whole thing to my assman and have no clear way to deal with it when players are unhappy in training. 3) Match engine is just not very fun to watch. Tons of blocked shots and crosses, turning/retreating problems in midfield and defense, extremely unrealistic deflection physics, strange streaky finishing where it often seems easier to score from distance than from point blank range, and hyper-aggressive attacking/pressing tactics are definitely OP. 4) Little things that may only matter to me. Like custom views are still pretty broken. And star ratings have inexplicable fluctuations and seem incongruous on different screens.
  10. I don't think there's any magic bullet, but if you keep tempo high and LOE/DL/CD high, you will usually dominate and batter underdog clubs until you find a breakthrough. Also I recommend using "run at defense" as dribbling can be very strong in this ME but players are often reluctant to try it.
  11. From what I've seen through 9 seasons, defensive low block type tactics really don't work in this ME no matter how much AI clubs attempt to use them. They will make the game uglier with tons of blocked shots and crosses, but they will give themselves no chance to win, and ultimately they will still concede goals through long shots, set pieces, and goalmouth ping-pong. High pressing seems to be the winning strategy even for underdogs.
  12. The workaround I've found for most man management nonsense is just to flatter them about their locker room influence. That makes them go away most of the time, although it only works on "highly influential" players.
  13. More man management promise-related garbage. Some newgen wants to leave. In fact, he even says there's "nothing" I can say to make him stay. No amount of money, no promise, no nothing. Why does he want to leave? We're right in the middle of a title challenge and competing for 3 major trophies, so who the hell knows. So I promise to sell him for no less than 39M. Well, Man City makes a bid. It's 27M plus 11M in installments. The total in the lower right corner says 38M. So I reject it. Apparently I broke the promise somehow and he's furious. Thanks FM. Well done as usual.
  14. If you want your club to overachieve in this ME it seems like aggressive high pressing is the way to go. My club went from a quality non-contender (think Spurs or Arsenal this season) to a title challenger neck-and-neck with much richer, more talent-laden clubs just by going balanced->positive and pushing up the DL and LOE.
  15. I mean, in all reality, I'm not struggling that badly. Since the one sack scare I had a few seasons in, I've been able to comfortably please the board in every season. But I'm just not having much fun with the game. I don't get the same enjoyment from watching the matches in the ME that I used to. There's too much weird stuff that frustrates me or breaks immersion. I'm playing more out of compulsion than for actual fun, and that's a problem. I legitimately have a list of 50+ PC games that I'd love to play but haven't because I'm stuck in my FM loop, and that's why I decided this version of FM will be my last. And trust me, I don't narrow the game to a single input. I'm a software engineer so I know the ME is probably a very complex piece of code, maybe even too complex to manage, as that's how these things tend to get after several years of revisions. But to me the fun is seeing the attributes play out onscreen in combination, and in this version of the ME I just don't feel like I get that. It feels like there are too many unseen factors that can build on each other until you get the same player who fluffed everything in the last game suddenly gain the ability to accelerate the ball to near light speed and score on every shot he takes. Maybe it's "realistic" in the statistical sense. If you tell me it is, I believe you. But it doesn't look or feel realistic when you're watching the matches. And in a video game that counts for a lot.
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