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  1. Thanks, gents. If FM is still around in 20 years when I'm retired and have tons of time, maybe I'll give it another shot. Until then, I really need a more stress-free gaming experience.
  2. The problem is there's nobody in my actual life I could say this to who would have a modicum of understanding. All of my friends think FM sounds like the most boring video game ever produced. And when I told my wife I was probably gonna stop playing FM permanently she was like "FINALLY!!"
  3. I played a 10 season save and I noticed towards the end that there was a massive surplus of high potential newgen strikers. Like 80% of recommended players from my scouts would be strikers.
  4. Definitely didn't try to add pressure. I know how that goes in FM. Suddenly all of your seasoned professionals are "anxious" or "apprehensive" or whatever. Barf. PSG had won the CL 2 years running when I played them, and when I looked at the French league were about 15 points clear. My longtime wish for FM was that morale/motivation get massively downgraded. It's a part of the game that has always felt "wrong" to me. Sure you'd have to replace it with additional randomness so that you get form variations throughout a season, but it would go a long way towards letting managers se
  5. Oh and one other thing to note. The crazy fixture congestion. I'm not sure if this is realistic or not because I can't say I've ever payed too close attention to scheduling IRL, but the last month of the EPL season in FM gets absolutely bonkers. Note that I had 11 matches in 33 days, including 3 matches in 6 days in the final week.
  6. Cardiff was actually an FA Cup match. Dropping 2 points away to a solid club (Southampton was 7th in the table, actually higher than Man City who was 8th) doesn't bother me. Morale spirals do bother me, and always have in FM. I actually did a team meeting to try to stop it, but I picked the wrong option so half the team responded well and half poorly and nothing really changed. Also sorry to mislead you. This season did not cause me to decide to quit FM forever. That decision was already made. Every year I get re-addicted to FM because the fascination of watching the ME in action ju
  7. I mean, I dropped almost as many points in the last 6 matches as I did in the first 32. I also went from destroying PSG (the highest rep club in the world in my save) 5-1 on aggregate to getting annihilated 6-2 by Real. I'm definitely not coming back to FM. It's been an massive time-eating addiction for too long. I'll be happier without it.
  8. The last season I'll ever play in FM, a super dominant season ending in a crazy form spiral dropping 12 points in the final 6 matches to lose the league by 3 points: Farewell FM, I'll miss you, but I also won't.
  9. Forget it, you can delete this topic. I was confused by the fact that international duty didn't show up until the day before international matches were to begin.
  10. I also cannot stand that installment payments will count towards a sale price promise, but will NOT count towards triggering a release clause. So if you promise to sell a player for 40m, and someone offers 40m in installments, you have to accept, but then if you find a player with a 40m release clause, you will not be able to purchase that player as a replacement.
  11. Not sure if others have seen this but red card animations don't work correctly. Sometimes a player will get sent off for a "brutal two-footed challenge" but the animation that plays looks like a mundane standing tackle.
  12. This is part of it. Playing a defensive tactic with a mediocre club is a recipe for getting thrashed in this ME. Also yes, the game effectively penalizes you for switching tactics and lineups frequently, so if you're doing that it could be another problem.
  13. The high potential guy is 22. He may never be that good (because he's always unhappy and training poorly) but his potential when I bought him at age 19 was 5-stars. Part of the annoyance is when they say "surely I'm better than some of the other players picked". But they don't actually name names. Because they're not.
  14. I just had a game that really encapsulated the weirdness I feel about finishing in this ME. I won the match 6-1. None of the goals were scored by my striker, they were all from wingers or midfielders. Nearly every goal (aside from 1 which was some corner ping-pong) was a howitzer from the edge of the box. My striker got 2 beautiful through balls and put 1 into the post and 1 into the keeper. Even the opponent's goal, which resulted from a counter attack following a corner, was actually struck from maybe 1-2 yards inside the box. For some reason it's easier for players to score from 1
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