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  1. It's luck and morale. People will tell you to change your tactics but that's as likely to hurt as to help.
  2. jujigatame

    A constructive critique of FM18

    Also to clarify further, it may not be an issue of the tendency to shoot being too strong. It could be an issue of players being too inaccurate in estimating the probability of a shot's success. So it may not be that the player knows that 25-yard shot from a 45 degree angle is an awful shot, and takes it anyway because they feel like it. It may be that their decision-making leads them to believe it's a better shot than it is.
  3. jujigatame

    A constructive critique of FM18

    I may have been slightly incorrect when I say that there is an "across-the-board" overly strong tendency to shoot. It could be tactically related, but if it is then it's a tactical issue that the AI experiences as well. It seems like a problem to me that you have to utilize very specific tactics (that the AI doesn't even tend to use) to discourage shots from unrealistic distances/angles. If I want to play an uptempo attacking style, that doesn't necessarily mean I want my midfielders firing from distance every chance they get. And I'd like to see a little more intelligence from attacking players. If they're on a great dribbling run but have no support, I'd like to see them dribbling towards the touchline and holding things up rather than blasting a shot from 20 yards away at the outer edge of the penalty area. Oh, and another thing. What's with nobody marking the edge of the box during corners by default? That one was always an oddity to me.
  4. I mean, we know the ME is a delicate balancing act, and it's never going to be as simple as "just making shooting 10% more accurate" or whatever. Back in FM16 (I think that was the year) people complained that crossing was OP, and SI said that they couldn't quickly correct the issue because it would lead to other imbalances, and I suspect the same is true here. ME changes have to be holistic or you just end up with the fix being worse than the initial problem.
  5. I don't think your conclusion is necessarily supported. If shooting accuracy is poor, it will affect long shots more than short shots. This isn't just a matter of aesthetics, it's a matter of balance. It means that having dangerous shooters firing away from the edge of the box will be an unrealistically ineffectual tactic, while tactics that produce short-range shots (like long balls, wide play, and crossing) will be unrealistically effective.
  6. People have really seen no issues with DFKs? I recall reading a stat that said that IRL, about 25% of DFKs test the keeper, and about 5% are scored. In my FM18 career these numbers were much closer to 5% and 2%. Overall conversion rates may very well be realistic, but statistically, poor shooting accuracy could be masked by a higher percentage of shots coming from short range. I have no way of collecting this data, but I'm very confident that if you were to measure the number of shots missing the goal by over 10 yards, the amount in FM would vastly exceed the amount IRL.
  7. I just don't get how people can say there aren't issues with shooting accuracy. The amount of wild, badly missed shots is far beyond anything you'd see IRL. It isn't a tactic-specific issue, just about every AI-managed club I faced in a 5-season career exhibited the same behavior. I don't think I even saw 10 DFKs test the keeper in 5 full seasons, for and against my club combined.
  8. I do not see great goal variety at all. I see the "long ball into the channel -> received by pacey striker -> dribble -> cross -> score" pattern over and over and over again. I play a narrow formation and the vast majority of my assists are crosses from fullbacks and strikers. The ME is not well balanced right now. I really, really don't understand how anyone can say shooting accuracy is "spot on". And there are other issues with defensive pressure and reactions as well, which can cause some oddball stats you see very infrequently in the real sport.
  9. Back in FM13 or 14 I saw something like this. I was managing Juventus and bought a 25 year old world-class Brazilian newgen for under $1m in only the 2nd or 3rd season of the game. It didn't make any sense. If it's a bug it's one that's existed for a while.
  10. jujigatame

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    The Cutrone/Silva striker pairing eventually turns into pretty much the most potent in the world if you keep them together. I finally won the league in my 5th season with AC Milan and they scored over 60 combined goals in the league alone. Vigolo can be developed into a solid rotation option as well, and of course Kessie becomes world-class in short order.
  11. jujigatame

    Stuck on 31st August

    I had a similar issue a few times. I kept hitting "Continue" and then "Browse" over and over again and eventually it worked.
  12. So I think I'm putting FM18 aside permanently at this point. Steam says I've logged 266 hours, which is actually the least amount I've ever spent with an annual FM release since I started playing in 2011. This jibes with my general feeling that this is perhaps the weakest release since that time. Here are my thoughts on the game, and what really needs to be improved for next year: 1) UI A lot of changes were made to UI screens this year, almost all of which require extra clicking. The player and staff search screens now have popups to enter search criteria, instead of search criteria being permanent fixtures on the screen. That's more clicking. Team talks now need to be confirmed. That's more clicking, and singlehandedly convinced me to let my assman handle team talks. Scouting meetings require you go to through each recommendation individually. Again, more clicking. These UI issues need to be streamlined. FM is already a time-intensive game, attention needs to be given to making the most common functions more readily accessible. In match, the tactics screen is turned sideways. Why is this? In every other place in the game it appears in an up/down orientation. This is confusing and ugly. Additionally, changing things like opposition instructions or set piece takers requires (you guessed it) more clicks. You have to click to open a popup, then click to switch tabs. Even finding match stats from the post-match analysis screen requires multiple additional clicks. Specifically regarding set piece takers, why do I have to set my set piece takes separately for each tactic? Why is there no option (or at least none that I have found) to have them be shared across tactics? Now that there are different situational free kick taker lists in addition to just left/right side lists, the problem is even worse. I have to set like a dozen lists. The amount of clicking is endless. Just let me copy/paste, please! 2) Scouting I think SI's heart was in the right place with this overhaul, but it needs work. My scouts repeatedly recommend the same extremely expensive, world-class players over and over again. Players that are completely out of price range. It takes manual labor to tune your assignments to find players that are both worthwhile and affordable in the positions you require. It would be nice if your scouts implicitly searched for players in your budget, in positions that your tactics utilize. The distinction between standard and short-term scouting is not particularly clear. Why is position-specific scouting only short-term? In most transfer windows I am only searching for players in one of a few positions. Scouting meetings themselves are painful. You have to click on each player, most of whom you've seen already, and to add to the annoyance, the "Acknowledge" button moves around so you can't rapid-fire click. Just give me a list so I can see everyone at a glance! 3) Match Engine This year's match engine was very problematic for me. There are a few big issues that really hurt the experience. First and foremost was shooting. There are multiple problems surrounding shooting in this ME. First of all, accuracy. Players frequently shoot from what you'd think are dangerous locations at the edge of the box, and the vast majority of these shots go nowhere near the goal. The same goes for DFKs where it seems incredibly rare for a shot to even test the keeper. The issue exists for short range shooting too, albeit less so because short range shots are simply harder to miss. But long shooting as a tactic is completely ineffectual in this ME regardless of your players attributes, and the amount of horribly off-target shots breaks immersion. Another issue regarding shooting is decision-making. It seems like the tendency to shoot is just a little too strong across the board, and it becomes especially apparent when you see shots from some bizarre areas of the pitch that you almost never see any RL player shoot from. I've seen too many shots from the corner of the penalty area, or even halfway between the corner of the penalty area and the endline, that had a 0% chance of success. You also see a few too many cases of players firing off crazy shots from 20 yards out instead of passing to an overlapping fullback sitting all by themselves on the wing. Pressure on the ball is absolutely nil. Poor teams can often counter-intuitively dominate possession simply by playing low tempo and hanging onto the ball non-threateningly. This is perhaps the biggest contrast between watching FM and watching the sport in action at a high level. The real sport is much more frantic. There is more sloppy play caused by pressure and it is much more difficult for poorer quality players to pass the ball around accurately and maintain control when they are being closed down. Defensive players seem extremely slow to react to just about anything. It is far too easy to ping long balls into the channels and have strikers run onto them. Defenders react slowly and are too slow to switch between backtracking and turning and sprinting. All this poor shooting and lax defending means that crossing seems to be the absolute best way to score. I played a narrow tactic where my only wide players were fullbacks, and the vast majority of my assists still came from crosses. The "long ball to pacey forward -> cross -> score" pattern is way too prevalent. 4) Bugginess I was one of the folks affected by the Nvidia stuttering bug and I also thought the UI in general was more choppy and stuttery (when processing) than usual considering this was my first FM played on a new, very fast computer. But I guess that's a minor consideration. --- Anyway, I still had fun with FM18 and I do appreciate the difficulty of SI's task. But as a loyal customer I thought I thought it was worth laying out my feelings on this iteration of the game, which I hope is a transitional effort.
  13. jujigatame

    What have they done to the ME??

    Well to be fair I've only played 18.2 and 18.3 but I can tell you, if anything, 18.3 is slightly better than 18.2.
  14. jujigatame

    What have they done to the ME??

    The issues with shooting accuracy have been present in every version of FM18. If anything the 18.3 patch made it slightly better, but I didn't see any major, significant change in any of the patches.
  15. Shooting accuracy is dodgy as hell in the FM18 ME and I suspect SI were unable to address it significantly in any of the patches because it would lead to major imbalances and high scorelines. I recently had 3 missed penalties and 5 woodworks in one match, and I've only seen around 4 DFK goals (both for and against me combined) in a 5-season career. There have been several matches where it seemed like I could have scored 10-15 goals if shooting accuracy were improved.