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  1. Players don't understand they're going to be away for international duty during Europa League qualifying rounds, and that's why you're not selecting them for the squad. I had 3 players freak out on me about it and have their morale instantly tank to "abysmal" over it.
  2. You realize you just said "you cannot keep roles and duties the same" and then immediately explained how you can do exactly that?
  3. The problem is that the game kind of suggests otherwise by factoring it very heavily in that role suitability colored circle thing.
  4. The problem is that the game kind of suggests otherwise by factoring it very heavily in that role suitability colored circle thing.
  5. Things definitely aren't "scripted" but I do tend to think whatever influence form/morale have on the ME are a bit outsized. Home advantage seems a little overpowered as well.
  6. Just got an answer. It's because "natural" doesn't mean 20/20 positional familiarity. You can be 18/20 and still get the bright green familiarity color.
  7. Ah that makes sense. Is that new? Did "natural" used to mean 20 and only 20?
  8. What's the functional difference between using a 4-2CM-3-1 and a 4-2DM-3-1 if you keep all the roles and duties the same? Will the DMs defend deeper? Will they stay deeper when attacking? Both? Neither?
  9. I asked this same question to an SI employee on the official feedback thread. Maybe we'll get an answer. It is pretty confusing. Makes you think "natural" doesn't necessarily mean "natural".
  10. Although I'm still very confused as to why a player can be suitable as a DLP at CM but not as a DLP at DM despite being "natural" at both CM and DM. That always confuses the hell out of me.
  11. You misunderstand me. I'm not saying the game is "too random" or anything like that. The real sport is extremely random, and if anything my experience has been that FM may not be random enough in terms of individual match results. What I am saying is that most tactical discussion surrounding FM is people being fooled by randomness. Or to put it another way, people determining causal relationships without having a remotely complete view of all the inputs. As in, people drawing conclusions like "I switched my BWM to a DLP and won 5 straight matches, therefore that was the right move". Meanwhile the first win of the 5 was a very close match, and there was a 50% chance of losing it, and if you'd have lost it you could have ended up spiraling downward with 5 straight losses instead of 5 straight wins. So really you have no basis for concluding the change you made was successful or even meaningful. If I use the same 2-3 tactics to achieve 7th, 7th, 3rd, 4th, 8th with a mid-table team, and then start my 6th season 5-1-1 with 3 wins over "big 6" clubs, I'm certainly not going to "fundamentally reassess" my tactical approach. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and in fact is as likely to hurt me as it is to help me. This thread has gone a bit off track so I apologize for that. I don't really want to be overly argumentative or combative here. I just don't think FM is really for me anymore. It can be so fascinating and addictive, but it's just terrible for my mental health. I can't sink 250 hours into a game and then have all that time flushed down the can because of a bad run. It may be realistic but it's far too stressful for me, and ultimately I want my time playing video games to be fun, first and foremost. So I think I'm going to finish up this career, whether it's successful or not, and then take a few years away from FM.
  12. After cheating to beat Chelsea, I went off and won 6 matches in a row, and in fact one of those wins was a surprisingly comfortable one against the exact same Chelsea side that it took 19 tries to beat earlier. I do not believe there is "scripted momentum" but I do think morale has an outsized effect on performance which leads to streaks that feel scripted. I did not change tactics, and I am certainly not going to "fundamentally reassess" an approach that got me into the CL twice in a row, against the odds. I tend to think the importance of tactics in FM is vastly overstated, and most FM tactical discussion is people being fooled by randomness. And I don't see how you can say the game doesn't encourage you to optimize for chances created when it is the SOLE STATISTIC displayed on the formations analysis page.
  13. 1) It will save it at least temporarily, which is about all I can ask for. It's either that or give up. 2) The stuff about the ME is really more for my curiosity than anything. For instance, it took me 19 tries to finally win. My given odds of winning the match were 4-1. This seems a bit off. 3) It is true. When you go to the tactics analysis screen, it measures the successfulness of your tactics by chances for/against. In my experience with FM19, more so than any other year's installment of FM, is that chances created are a totally meaningless stat in relation to actual in-game success. In fact chances in general seem to be in incredibly short supply. I have a tactic that only allows a chance every 282 minutes, which seems kind of ludicrous and definitely not what I'm used to seeing on that screen in prior versions of FM. I play on extended highlights. I already mentioned the most common scenarios that I see producing goals. Once in a while you see a nice counterattack or creative play but generally it is: - Set pieces - Long shots - Blistering dribbling runs, almost entirely by wingers - Strange defensive errors, usually headers into dangerous areas
  14. I am replaying it just for the sake of a positive result, so I don't get sacked and can continue my career. Although I'm also attempting to gather some information about how the ME works as I do so. I'm not changing my tactics in any significant way with each attempt. I'm focusing on chance creation because that's essentially how the game suggests you optimize your tactics, so I think there's value in examining how it actually relates to match results.
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