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  1. I feel like I have a good idea of the former. Maybe not so much of the latter.
  2. Also, why do players even bother negotiating release clauses? When they want to leave, the "you have a release clause and if they bid that much I can't do anything about it" response NEVER satisfies them. Ever.
  3. I don't really have a system. I have a few formations that suit my players, and I try to play them in roles that combine sensibly. That's about it. I've implemented my "only play standard mentality" experiment and so far I've won 4 straight by a total of 10 goals. But who knows, it could be luck. I think half of all FM discussion is people being fooled by randomness.
  4. My scoring is not all channeled through 1 guy. I usually play 2 strikers. When I don't, I usually have IFs and an AP/RPM to support the attack. This is the thing. When I go to the tactic analysis screen, it looks like all my tactics are awesome! I vastly outcreate my opponents! Yet I'm 6-3-6 in the league.
  5. I frequently try to use "attacking" mentality when I'm down in a match because it seems like the logical thing to do. But in fact it feels like this more or less amounts to "lose more quickly". You see greatly increased frequency of long passes that go nowhere near their target, awful shooting from everywhere on the field, and of course you're vulnerable to counter-attacks because your defensive line is high and you're coughing up possession a lot. Have other people had similar results with attacking mentality? Has anyone had success, and if so, how did you temper the issues that come along with it?
  6. Just lost 4-1 against a newly promoted team. Of course I had more chances and SOTs and so forth. It seems like "Attacking" mentality basically means "lose faster". I may try an experiment where I always keep mentality 2 notches below where I normally would. The risky passing, wasteful shooting, and high defensive lines of the higher mentalities heavily outweigh any benefits. Has anyone actually had success with tactics based around "attacking" mentality?
  7. Actually, I wouldn't say it always happens to my team, not the opponent. I'm sure the AI has similar issues. I'm in something like 7th place as Leverkusen right now, but Bayern is actually BEHIND me, despite having a megasquad. Yet I've seen this happen before, and somehow they always get it sorted out after 10-12 games and then go on a massive winning run and take the league. So the AI has issues with streakiness too. But my issue with streakiness is more of an in-game issue. It's like there are 2 choices: 1) My strikers are "on form" and I score 4-5 goals. 2) My strikers are awful and maybe I get lucky with some set pieces or defensive mistakes. I dunno, maybe you could argue that this is realistic. But I do seem to fall into the same pattern every season.
  8. Morale very much moves in lockstep. I played a game recently where I went up 1-0. Went to the tactics screen and all my players were varying shades of green. Then my opponent scored an equalizer. Went back to the tactics screen, around 8/11 players were yellow. I've checked this many times and it generally operates the same way. I understand what you're saying about tunnel vision, but surely you've noticed that sometimes your team simply plays "differently". There are times when players are sprinting for loose balls, aggressively tackling and running with the ball, quickly pinging passes around, etc. And there are times when they barely seem to be trying. They jog, opponents beat them to the ball, the take wild awful shots, etc. I don't know what to blame this on other than morale. I generally let my assman do team talks. He has high "motivation", shouldn't that be good enough?
  9. You keep saying this but how do you know it is true? Do you know how exactly morale and motivation affect attributes? Perhaps a single player's morale doesn't have much of an affect on team performance, but morale tends to move in lockstep among all players. People often underestimate the effect of lots of small changes can have on the probability of a given result. Consider all the things that have to go right in order to score a goal.
  10. That's the problem. The concepts of pressure and confidence seem to have outsized effects on strikers in particular but there's very little feedback or a clear way to fix the problem.
  11. I have put in my time on the tactics forum for years. I do not believe this is a tactical issue. I believe it is a morale/motivation/confidence issue.
  12. Ugh, I'm just getting fed up with this game. Every season is the same. I've built the team into a powerhouse full of elite players but it doesn't matter, there is absolute zero consistency. We end up in a morale feedback loop and lose 1-0 to scads of awful teams. Then eventually morale improves and we come on strong at the end of the season, but it doesn't matter because we've dropped so many points. I'm now 4-1-4 in the league with a +8 GD. How is that even possible? I get so many games like this: 5 CCCs, 5 HCs, 1 goal 2 CCCs, 4 HCs, 0 goals And so on. These endless goal droughts are killing me and it's not fun. It is making the game a slog.
  13. Finishing also seems exceedingly streaky. This one might be my imagination because it is anecdotal, but I seem to vacillate wildly between scoring 5-6 goals per match, and having my players fluff every shot terribly and finishing with 0 goals or maybe 1 if I get lucky with some defensive mistake. I'm at the point where I'm winning the goal differential each season but I still can't win the league because my blowout wins are mixed in with lots of 1-0 losses and 1-1 draws.
  14. I've felt for a while that counter-attacking is a little overpowered, and I feel like I can finally put my finger on why. The defensive players react unrealistically slowly. It's like they don't notice the counter is on until several seconds in, at which point they say "oh boy I better get back on defense" when it's far too late. It's especially noticeable on corners because of how many players are pushed forward. The clearance comes to a player outside the box who launches a counter attack but all the guys who were attacking the corner stay in the box until the counter-attacking player has gotten a few dribbles in and is halfway down the pitch. This is maddening. Surely someone else has noticed this?
  15. Well this is an odd one. I'd saved the game before the interaction because I knew there was a high probability I'd screw it up. I'd tried it a couple of times in different ways, and they all went poorly. I just loaded up the game today, and tried it in one of the same ways, resigned to the fact that he'd be upset and there's nothing I could do about it. Well, this time he said "you're right, I'm just being impatient" and went away. So I guess this means there's some element of randomness to player interactions.