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  1. i have my copy and thought i get to enjoy it two days earlyer! guess have to wait till friday hope there will be no waiting i cant wait to get my game one!!!! VAMOS!!!
  2. My phone woke me up at 9am today after a late night of work... the store called and told me that they just recived FM12 i went down to the store gotit all exited called up my mate telling them that Fm night is two days early.... put in the cd got everything ready until steam told me that i have to wait till the game is officialy relesed bloody sucks
  3. thought it was my lucky day when the store called :/
  4. I got the game a few hours ago i put in the Cd did everything i had to do, right before it got to instal it said that i canot instal FM12 becasue it has not been relesed yet.... redicilous so i have the game but i have to wait till friday to actualy play it?
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