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  1. Thanks. Torino offered me a job two weeks before the start of the season, but I'll definitely keep this as a reference for a defensive 4-4-1-1
  2. I've just managed to get Recreativo promoted to La Liga with back-to-back promotions, and now I'm trying to figure out how to stay afloat in the new league. The tactic I used for my two promotion seasons was essentially an attacking 4-3-3, relying on a high defensive line with fast defenders. However, I'm worried this approach won't work as well in the top flight where the opposition will be faster, their midfield will be better, and I'll be less able to keep the ball. I'm trying to figure out how to structure my team and tactics to make a defensively sound tactic that still poses a goal threat during the first season. My best players (rated as decent for Liga BBVA): Mario Marin, right back Adri Cuevas, MC/AMC Manu Monlina, MC playmaker Tasos Lagos, Ball Winning Mid Matheus Carvalho, left winger/raumdeuter My entire side isn't very fast, Carvalho is the only one with any decent amount of pace, which makes me concerned that relying on counter-attacking play might be difficult. In addition, most of my wide players favor the advanced winger roles and aren't the best in the deeper slots, which means counter attacks will be limited by not having as many behind the ball unless I try to play them deeper in roles that they aren't ideally suited for. Does anyone have suggestions for how to set up a top-heavy formation without much pace into a solid defensive tactic that will still create chances at the other end? I can use my current tactic or a different attacking one if I'm against weaker opposition or I'm desperate for a goal, but I'd like something more solid for the main tactic, and I'm worried I don't have the players to pull that off while still threatening the opposition and not much room in the budget to sign a bunch of more suitable key players. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I make one of the wingers an inside forward when possible, I sometimes don't have the personnel. Would changing the AP(S) to AM(S) help with this? My thinking was that I wanted the attacking mid, one of the best passers, to be the target and then the distribution during the counter attacks, and also to feed in the tricky passes in the congested pressing tactic, which is why I made him AP.
  4. I'm managing Chobry, club started out in the second division, and now I'm halfway through my third season and I'm hovering around 4-5 in the Ekstraklasa (media prediction was to finish last). Things are going well, although in each of my three tactics my strikers are struggling to get chances. They get a fair number of assists, but I want to get them on the scoresheet more. I have a very good (for my purposes) defensive tactic that I've been using against strong opposition and tough matches, a 4-3-3 with two DM's and an attacking central mid. Very defensively solid, creates a few clear chances a match unless against really good opposition. Most goals come from a cross to one of the wingers/IF's running into space, or a long shot from the attacking CM. For games in which I'm more confident, I have a 4-2-3-1, one based on the counter using two DM's and one based on high pressing and control. When counter-attacking, most goals are a long cross into a winger running into space (same as above defensive tactic), or the striker receiving and laying off a through ball for the wingers or AM to run on to. With the pressing version, most goals come from a cross from the wing back, or one of the two wingers running into space after a through ball. The latter two tactics (4-2-3-1) are where the striker really struggles, only getting one or two chances a game. It's a bit better in the defensive one (and he gets more assists too), but it could still be improved. Are there any suggestions on how to get the lone striker scoring more? Sometimes they get into goal droughts and loose confidence. It's a newly promoted team in a lower-reputation league operating on a tight budget, so the forwards (Tomasz Mikolajscak and Maxime Lemoine) aren't good enough for the Complete Forward role, which is what I like to use in the 4-2-3-1. They are both naturally best at DLF, so how do I get that to work in these formations and play stiles? Thanks for any help and opinions
  5. I'm playing as Zamora. Last season, I was promoted to the Liga Adelante, which means I needed a stadium expansion. That has now been completed, but now the field condition is "terrible". I want the board to relay the pitch, but somehow the stadium is owned by Zamora B instead of by Zamora, which means I can't do anything with it. Do I need to use the editor, or is there a "legal" way to fix this?
  6. I'm currently in my second season as Arsenal. My principal tactic, which works reasonably well, is an all-out attack 4-2-3-1, which scores more goals than it concedes. This season, I'm trying to make a more defensively stable tactic for use in away games when blowing the opponent away won't work. I want to patiently control the game without exposing myself too much to counter attacks. So far, I have: ______________CF(A) ________(Lewandowski/Giroud) ___AP(S)___________________ W(A) _(Ozil/Cazorla)____________(Walcott/Ox) ________DLP(S)________BBM(S) ___(Ramsey/Arteta)___(Wilshere/Ox) ______________A(D) ____________(Bender) FB(A)____CD(D)______CD(D)____ FB(S) (Gibbs)__(Batra)_____(Mertes.)__(Sagna) Balanced and control, with retain possesion, shorter passing, drill crosses, higher tempo, more expressive, hassle opponents, tighter marking, overlap. No individual instructions except for the BBM(S) to push higher up and dribble more (Wilshere), and for the AP(S) (Cazorla/Ozil) to sit narrower. So far, it seems reasonably defensively solid, but I'm having a problem with a lack of chances. So far I've only used this against other big sides, so that might be the cause, but I'd like to be able to get 3-4 clear chances a match away against bigger sides. Any suggestions? The wide AP(S) also seems to have trouble and low ratings lots of games. I've also tried making the defensive mid something a bit more ambitious than a simple anchorman, but that seems to lead to lots of goals conceded.
  7. Yes, but the point is that the player has directly agreed that he will sign a new deal. I talked to him, and threatened him and said that he would be sold immediately if he didn't sign a new deal. He agreed, and now he has "Has promised he will sign a new deal" on his information page, yet he still refuses to even enter negotiations, and I'm running out of time to find his replacement if I need to. Sounds like a bug to me.
  8. It's been about a month. The player still refused to negotiate after getting rid of his agent, and now he still won't negotiate after getting a new one. How long am I supposed to wait before he talks to me like he promised? Is this a bug?
  9. I just did. He did fire his agent after I asked him, but he still refuses to enter into negotiations. He has "Has promised he will sign a new contract" on his information page, yet he won't even hear any offers.
  10. I just took over as manager of Ajax in 2017. Daley Blind, one of my best players, has one year left on his contract and I'm trying to get him to extend so I don't have to let him go on a free. When I try to offer a contract, his agent says he is not interested. I had a private chat with him and threatened to transfer list him if he did not sign a new deal. He said he would, and now his information page says "has promised he will sign a new deal". However, when I try to offer a new contract, his agent still refuses to talk to me. What do I need to do? thanks
  11. I'm trying to offload an unwanted player. I put him up for sale, and the "when a transfer offer is received" drop-down in his player tab is set to "I'll respond to it myself". However, whenever I get an offer for him, they are instantly rejected. I've tried setting it to "accept all offers", playing with the asking price, nothing works. The transfer keeps getting shot downas soon as I receive offers. What's going on?
  12. I'm trying to get the following tactics to work: 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 The problem with both of them is attack- there are not nearly enough chances. I just can't tell if it's my players playing poorly or if there's something wrong with the tactics. As you can see, I'm in the Slovak league, and this is my first season- these are the formations accommodate the natural positions of my best players, so I'd rather get these two to work than change formations. I want one tactic to be focused on disciplined, effective counter attacking for away games (the 4-2-3-1 currently) and one tactic with attacking play for home games (the 4-3-3). Both are defensively sound. In the 4-3-3, I suspect the problem is that my wingers don't have the creativity to be good inside forwards/playmakers. I don't have any target men to let them play off of, and my striker is also more attack than creation oriented, so I need to figure out some way to make those 3 create something. Again, I would like to keep this formation- is there any way of getting it to work with 3 non-creative players up front? In a few seasons I should be able to sign some more diverse attacking talent, but for now, I have one good advanced-forward type striker, and two fast but uncreative wingers, and I need to get them to work. The 4-2-3-1 is more hit and miss, and I really don't know why. Keeper is set to quick throw, ball playing defender has the stats to launch it up for the counter, and my advanced forward and wingers just need to run into space and score. But they don't- part of the reason is that passing is awful, even among my more technical and creative central midfielders, and attacks break down quickly when we counter because somebody just gives it away. Again, I don't really know what's due to my tactics and what's due to my players not performing to their abilities. There are no individual instructions besides keeper distribution. The 4-3-3- is attacking and fluid, while the 4-2-3-1 is counter and balanced. Does anyone have any ideas? FM is becoming such a chore- I don't mind if I loose occasionally, but it's beyond frustrating not knowing if I could be doing anything differently, and the game really doesn't give you any feedback. thanks
  13. I run FM on a windows installation on my macbook, on 1440x900 resolution, with everything at the highest settings. I don't think windows/osx should make too much of a difference, but might be worth a shot. Can't you lower the resolution of the game to go to a "normal" resolution if your GPU can't handle the super high resolution of the retina display?
  14. Well, how else do you account for having tons of difficulty in trying to beat a certain match while replaying it? That does happen occasionally, when a team you are expected to stomp will turn in an inspired performance against you 9 times out of 10. If you have a save from right before "Team Selection" from such a game, where you loose badly, you will often find it very difficult to win, no matter what you try. It's certainly not set in stone or "fixed", and you can sometimes scrape a draw or a win, but some matches you simply seem to be at some sort of mysterious disadvantage, even when trying to replay it. This disadvantage might well be due to things the player has caused, like a bad press conference or unsettled players, but it is there at times. This happens the other way around as well- sometimes, I've tried replaying matches that I've very unexpectedly won as a test, and I've repeated the result and my players turn in brilliant performances when I replay it again and again. NOTE: I am NOT saying that replaying and the like is a good way to play or enjoy the game. You won't enjoy it. I am purely talking about the mechanics behind it. Also, this "seed" need not be a number, it could be represented via morale or something else. As for why its there, think about it. How would you, as a programmer, handle the effect of a bad press conference, for example? Bad press conference = poor morale = players will play worse. Opposition coach gave a really good press conference right before you saved, so his team gets a morale boost. The same thing could be done by some sort of scalar within the match engine, I don't know, it's not really important. You don't notice this at all if you just play through it and don't reload. I'm not even complaining if it's written like that- if it is, that sounds like a good, efficient way to handle it to me. End result is that if you load from a save just before the match, certain effects have been applied, and if those effects are negative, as some are, the odds are already against you for that match. That is how it is supposed to be in football- what a manager does before the match often impacts what occurs during it. The only "problem" is that this makes trying to learn what went wrong by reloading the save an exercise in futility, because you often screwed up before you even saved.
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