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  1. the last Football Manager game I've played was FM17, the only FM Touch game I've played was probably FM11 or FM12? Was it touch then or mobile? Either way, I wasn't all the impressed with Touch. Since the series is on sale this week I was curious about how the FM Touch series has evolved and if the Switch port would be worth picking up. I'm not sure my laptop would be able to run FM19 very well as my latop is now 8 years old.
  2. Thanks guys! Pogba and Herrera are already at ManU, I'm playing on FM17, so I doubt I'll be able to pry either of them away, at least in first season. All the other suggestions are good ones, thanks guys! Dare I bring Cesc back?
  3. I'm struggling to find someone to adequately fill the Viera role. Any recommendations for a top team like Arsenal?
  4. True, just wondering why his budgets seem so low. Or I'm misremembering the budgets I got?
  5. I've been playing OM, I'm on my fourth season. Are you also getting into the Champions League? I think my transfer budgets have been 50-60m.
  6. I'm starting a save with OM, any recommendations on strengthening AMC and AML positions? Planning on using 4-2-3-1 formation.
  7. Hi, guys, playing FM for the first time since FM13. Decided to go with OM as I thought it would be a fun project to rebuild the squad and take on PSG and Monaco for league dominance and hopefully challenge in the Champions League as well. I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 wide system and am planning on using Cabella was my #10. I already brought in Diafra Sakho, Biabany, Rajkovic and Augstinsson so I only have about 2 million euros to spend and about 30k a week. Any recommendations on an AMC to rotate with Cabella?
  8. I'm doing Xolos Tijuana save. In my first season I came in second in the Apertura so I qualified for Copa Libertadores, then I won the Clausura and qualified for the North American Champions League. Then in my second season I made it through the group stages of the NACL and came finished 2nd in the Apertura, but didn't qualify for Copa Libertadores. Neither did America who won the Clausura. Is this because we're both in the NACL knockout rounds? I can't compete in both?
  9. I'd like to hear about it. I've been thinking of doing a Xolos Tijuana save myself. Besides, Liga MX's format is very similar to the the South American leagues as well.
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