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  1. Going back to old FM's

    I agree with a lot of people saying FM 11 was the best by far, had two great saves in that game. I played 13 for a while after it came out but thought the match engine "improvements" were a step in the wrong direction however i was fairly successful in that game too so maybe i didnt give it much chance. I am currently playing FM 12 and massively enjoying it. Like some others on here i agree that with each new version of the game that is released the enjoyment factor does go down, everything just used to seem a lot less complicated. And also how come on every version of this game is Clinton Morrison white??!!
  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this! Im downloading it now.
  3. You can watch your team play really well in friendlies but when it comes to the first competitive game this can drastically change and the performance is like watching the first game of pre season. I dont see how this can only be about fitness. I notice the same happens to me often. I can win every pre season friendly against better teams playing great football and with no indication that the team will stuggle as soon as the season starts but they invariably do. What i tend to do is use different tactics for my friendlies and save the one that im intending to use until the season start then switch to that. You could try this but im not guaranteeing that it will work.
  4. I have started a new game with Crew Alexandra and pre season went great after signing a few good loan players. First Game of the season is a capital one cup tie against Blackpool in which 2 of my CM loan signings get injured Joe McKee from Bolton and Michael Johnson from Man City. I win the game 2-1 in extra time and head to my news items to find out that Johnson is injured for 11 months and McKee for 3 months and both need to see specialists so i have to terminate both deals. I cannot describe how gutted i am with this luck.Michael Johnson was instantly the best player on my team and I couldnt believe it when he agreed to the loan and then this happens. I only hope now that i am able to get more loans in to replace them as im not sure if it will affect my domestic loan cap for the season by having them for about a month as they were both due to stay till the end of the season. *Edit Yep looks as though i cant get any more long term loan deals as the max is 4. F/%k Sake Come to think of it every time I sign a player on FM it only seems to take them a few games to get injured!!
  5. Sunderland down where they belong..
  6. I am lower league club and started out with a balance of about 10k in first season. Its the start of season 3 now and i am -63k and all i did was stretch the wage budgets slightly in the second season. I sold a player for 20k at the very start which is obviously alot for my team and the board started by saying the club recorded a small loss every month but saying that the club is financially secure and is expected to improve in the coming months. It said this for about 4 months before it started saying it is expected to deteriorate without me changing anything. Basically I think the projections are all screwed up and dont mean anything. The finances have been a little harder to maintain in this version imo
  7. I posted a thread saying the exact same thing. Theres nothing you can do. I tried setting to short throws and still 50% of the time they choose to throw it long over my players heads to the opposition. Its ridiculous. The only upside about this is that it seems to happen to the AI as well.
  8. I hate the board and the fans. They are both stupid. I sold a player who was on the fringes of the first team and the fans are still moaning about this every month. Its not that fact that they say they are concerned about a loss or draw where you should of won etc for me the annoying thing is the length of time they whinge about it for. You literally get it all season and as the OP said it seems meaningless in terms of your job security.
  9. This has not happened for me yet in fm 13 but in fm12 it was the player who made the request for you to top his wages up to sell him and this was usually when you were selling to a lower rep club offering less wages. It wasnt something that the club could do.
  10. Me too, this is definately true and needs fixing!! I am annoyed about the players running into each other still quite often and passes hitting off the back of players heels and players still arent reacting quick enough to these situations. For example a player who is closer to the ball will avoid it if another player has already started to go for it.
  11. I don’t know if this is a bug or what but I was renewing contracts and came across a few things that the game would not allow me to do. Firstly I had a player requesting a wage increase after 20 club games which threw up a board restriction. The option to choose this was not available from the drop down box of clauses and I don’t mean it was greyed out; it was missing entirely from the list. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that I am a semi pro club and they are not allowed to offer this in their contracts or what, but I don’t see why not as I can select the clause that states the wage will increase after x international appearances. If this is the case then the player should not be able to request something that I don’t even have the option for. Anyway I couldn’t get him to drop it so I couldn’t renew his contract. The second problem I had has a player who was requesting a part time contract with no squad status and he wanted a basic wage and some appearance bonuses. The restrictions would not allow me to offer him a deal with “no squad status set” as he wanted and he wouldn’t have any other status he just kept changing to no status. Now this guy is 36 and had recently just stated that he had decided to retire from professional football but he would still play at semi pro level which obviously shouldn’t affect him playing for my semi professional club so I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I assume it must. He was definitely demanding a contract as a player and not a staff member as he doesn’t have any staff attributes. Any help with this?
  12. Long shots

    I have scored a few goals from just outside the box but i wouldn't really class those as long shots. The amount of longshots taken is ridiculous though even when all players are set to rarely and no they dont have ppms. Have not seen a single freekick scored either for my team or against in 2 whole seasons.
  13. board expectations

    In that case just ignore them thats what i do. They are mugs and are never happy.
  14. board expectations

    Beat me to it about those damn fans!
  15. board expectations

    What do your fans think? My board say in my summary that the fans are less than impressed with the boring football im playing or something like that. Even when i win 4-1 against top of the table the fans are still only feeling slightly good about the result and not at the top of superb as you'd expect.