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  1. I've started with Everton too and am going with Cleon's structure. I actually think it suits the players well. I know you'd pick those roles as more of the midfielders would suit it according to how used to playing those positions they are. But I think stats wise they suit Cleon's midfield setup well. For the SV role against better teams you've got Schneiderlin who can play alongside Gana. When you want to be more attacking I think both Davies & Klassen could be turned into quality players in that position. It's the AM role I'm struggling to start with but will work on that as it's very early days.
  2. Big bump from me on this one. My shiny new iPad Pro feels hamstrung with only three countries. It’s a much faster machine than my MacBook but is held back by the number of leagues it can display. Now with more RAM too so could surely speed through several more leagues quite happily.
  3. Sad to say this currently matches my experience of the latest ME. Won't be playing until it's updated.
  4. I've found that even without specifying an opponent I'm getting the messages in game that someone is being dragged out of position due to their man-marking duties even though I have treble checked that they have no such instructions.
  5. Very odd indeed. I'm fighting Real Madrid of signing him now. Tempted to sell and make the most ridiculous profit any team has ever seen!
  6. 25 year old centre back regen. Bought for £10k. Walked straight into the Brazilian national team. Strange.
  7. Thanks Cleon for another person re-invigorated with the game. Read through your original posts and realised that this was an almost perfect setup for Everton who were already blessed with a relatively high number of technically gifted players. 2 years in and I've finished second in the league two years in a row and got to semi's of Europe each time too. Nearly there! Spent serious time trying to find the right person up front to really exploit this tactic and after wasting £30m on Rossi last season had a brain wave at the end of last season and realised the man I'm looking for has been hiding in my team all along! Who's that sat at DM? Why it's Marouanne Fellaini!! Having great fun converting him into a Trequartista extraordinaire! He's got all the technical competencies you could want combined with his sheer physical size that means those high crosses finally have someone to connect with. He's doing a fantastic job setting up the IFs of Nem, Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain (god knows why Arsenal let me have them both for under £10m each!). When I need to change it up Walcott himself plays well in the Treq role where he spends half his time setting others up and half his time grabbing the ball from deep and running rings round the opposition before burying it in a corner with power. Thanks again
  8. No new stadium but a 6000 seat increase without me even asking at the end of the first season
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