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  1. Fmh 13 ios

    Game is out in NZ. http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?p=2578581&posted=1#post2578581
  2. Fmh 13 ios

    you want me to go buy a game but you cant tell me whats new with it :/ public relations seems a bit broke
  3. Fmh 13 ios

    whats new in FMH 2013?
  4. Can we actually use the reserves team on FMH 2013 or am i getting it wrong. The players in the reserve team are just greyed out, i can view their stats and that about it. If i demote someone to the reserves team i can re-promote them if i want, but not so with these other players? Also, can we have backward compatible saves with FMH 2012?
  5. android tactics

    Helping me win 50% or more of my games during first season in premier league. Its strange how much harder it gets after the championship.
  6. Worth 4.5 million to me Roy O'Neill, age 25, Real Madrid (12/13), 3 stars current, 4 stars potential, I've loaded from save game so offer to clubs is a bit off. Carlton Wilson, age 20, Billericay (12/13 13/14), 3 stars current, 4 stars potential, 14k paid, worth 2.1 million Gary Payne, age 18, Arsenal (13/14), 4 stars current, 6 stars potential, 1.2million paid, worth 6.75million --> FREE KICK SPECIALIST <--
  7. less ****** board people who say that it was "bad business" when you got a keeper for free who is better than my current strongest keeper and is worth 3 million. Genius. I would like to be able to see how revenue gets into the club, maybe it could be took further and allow people to control the clubs finances apart from wage budget and transfer budget. Maybe we can sort out the sponsors for the teams, price of tickets, kits etc. A new dynamic. Have the financial control mode able to turn off and on too.
  8. Ala derp, you are correct. I just come of night shifts and had 2 hours sleep, go away. Lol yes i did mean championship, editing it now.
  9. Just thought it would be good to share with others players that you have found that are good players for a low price or you found a good player that can be bought and raised into a money maker! Probably best to format it as: Player Name, Their Team (bought from) and years played there, League, Country, Age, Purchase Price, Current Price and current skill and potential. Lewis Horner, Hibernian (11/12 and 12/13), Clydesdale Bank Premier League, Scotland, 21 Years Old, BOSMAN ruling, offer to clubs is 3.9million. 4/7 stars current, potential is 6/7 stars <-- Currently injured, dont know whether it effects them! Luke James, Hartlepool United (11/12 and 12/13), Npower League 1, England, 18 years old, Already at club, offer to clubs is 2.4million. 5/7 stars current, potential is 6/7 stars. That's all i have.
  10. Hartlepool v Coventry in the championship (second season of game) and i couldn't beat them with 4-1-3-2. After switching to this tactic it was 4-0 at half time and after 3 subs at 60mins it ended 6-0 after switching to balanced, to reserve fitness. Sergi Samper 3min, 33min Benjani 7min, 53min Sergi Roberto 19min James Brown 66min 61% possession. Luke James got a 10 rating despite not scoring. Next game was Millwall away. At half-time its was 1-3, Horner got injured. Subs made at 56mins. No goals since. Finished Millwall 1 - 3 Hartlepool. Its not a super tactic, it still needs refining dependent upon opponent tactics. Below is screenshot of starting lineup.
  11. Can we have a view of the game like in the PC version, not the whole game, just from a selection of: - Near misses - Shots on target - Goals - Freekicks - Penalties - Corners - Cards - tackles that result in these or fouls And it'd be good if we could choose which to display, personally i would only have Goals, freekicks, penalties, shots on target and corners Maybe in FMHi 2012
  12. [iOS] My 3-1-2-2-2

    LOL your tactic saved me from losing my job although i told the Hartlepool board of directors that i wanted a respectable league positon >.> and i was in 11th
  13. FMH 2012 iOS Launch

    Best christmas gift ever? Better than getting more socks...
  14. lol same, i want to take hartlepool to the premiership all the way from league 1
  15. Cant we see all the highlights like goals and near misses, fouls, freekicks, cards given through bad tackles etc?