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  1. Hi @Tony Garvey Unfortunately this has not worked. I moved the Caches and Preferences folders from the Gamepass folder to my desktop, but the issues have remained. EDIT: Turns out I'm just an idiot. I wasn't aware there was an option on the Profile page to 'Highlight key attributes for role'. I must have somehow unticked this, although I am not sure how. Nevertheless, the issue is resolved. Thank you @Tony Garvey for your help.
  2. When selecting a role for a player, the corresponding main attributes do not highlight. This is the same in the Profile and Attributes screens. FYI I am playing on the Xbox Game Pass version of the PC only game, and with no changed skins.
  3. On last year's version pre-game editor data was still capable of being used in the Game Pass version if you transferred over the files. Is this going to be allowed for this year's game? Heard some mention that they've changed file format.
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