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  1. Just a quick update on my Standard Liege save Changed From V4 to V6 now from the start of the second season. Now 15 games into the season W14D1L0. 10 points clear from 2nd! Was last year's champion so again CL now. With D. Kiev, Werder Bremen and Barcelona as my opponents. Not a real easy group but managed to win against Kiev at home, won against Bremen Away, Drawed 2-2 at home against barça and lost 5-2 at barça. So I am still pleased as it seems I'll be winning the league again this season and probably make it to the next rounds of the CL. This with a not heavily altered team, mostly invested in youngsters between 16 - 19. Managed to keep my team together only sold Jovanovic & Mbokani and managed to get Marquinhos from the transfer money! (Marquinhos scoring 12 in 10 games now) So yet again, Thanks Tyler!
  2. Here are some experiences I have with V4. It's now the end of my 1st season with Standard Luik in the Belgian League. And I am champion with 2 games to go. My goal scorer is Jovanovic who has made 21 in 27, He's my right hand striker (back arrow), He has a 17 in pace and that's very important as he sometimes runs past 2 -3 defenders, my other strikers seem to struggle to score and have only 5 in 25. I use Defour & Nicaise as my central players. So one is more defensive minded then the other. Defour has 22 assists in this season now and doing great running the midfield. While Nicaise is playing lower to counter any counter attack. It seems that when I play Witsel together with Defour they both play bad. I think this is because both have a lot of creativity and demand the ball. My defence is very strong with Onyewu & Sarr, not a lot of pace though (around 11 - 12), but since I am mostly playing at their half the other teams use a lot of long & high forward passes and they all get intercepted by them both. My wingers are doing fine, score once and a while and having good ratings & Assists. Only the condition gets low very fast. Anyway my squad harmony is great, not one players has a lower morale then Good and I've won the league. The only thing is what I've mentioned previously is that I don't get any success in continental cups (CL, Uefa) but maybe that was because it was still early in the season and team wasn't gelled. I'll probably lose a lot of players at the end of the season so I need to get good replacements. I will probably loose the following players: Onyewu, Nicaise, Defour, Witsel, Jovanovic, Mulemo,... I have bought some youngsters in the last transfer period but I need to buy a player who can carry this team like Defour is doing so a good DM/AM who won't have a lot of problems blending in with good offensive as defensive stats and is influential. I have my hopes up that I can attract Keirrison to replace Jovanovic next season. Anyway Tyler, thanks again for your tactic and hints and tips. They've brought back my joy in life...eeeuuuhhh FM ;-)
  3. I am having nice results with Standard with this tactic. It's true, mostly I don't score more then 1 or 2 a game, exceptionally 3 or 4! But I guess this just reflects real life. You don't see 5-0 beatings every week! Btw I lost only two games for half a season, one against Bergen and one against Zulte-Waregem (both non top 5 teams). Again a represenatation of real life where smaller teams play very defensive so they can sneak 1 goal on counter attack! Frustrating indeed but not something impossible! I did suck at my European games and got knocked out of CL & Uefa before group stages by Panathinaikos and Tottenham. Standard don't have a bad team but yet again in real life it is very plausible they would've get beaten by both as well. So I guess a bad result against Juventus was to be expected as well. My advice: Strengthen your squad in the right places with rising stars and try to keep harmony in your squad, and maybe try to tweak your forwards to get them to score more often...
  4. I am having great results with the V4 tactic in my domestic competitions. I am playing as Standard Luik (top 3 Belgian team) and am sitting comfortably 1st after half a season with 7 points more then the 2nd. only lost 2 games where my key players where injured. Scoring quite fluently and defence is best in the league. I feel this tactic has more potential given some good signings. This will only be possible next season when players like Witsel, Defour, Onyewu, Jovanovic will probably be attracted by some bigger teams. Hope I can make some good money for them! Now my question is: When playing in a domestic leaugue I am a top table team so that's why I choose for V4. But in Europe I failed miserably using this version. I have to admit It was against Panathinaikos for Champions league to qualify for the group stages lost 1 -2 twice. Then to qualify for group stage in uefa cup I drew Spurs. Lost 1 - 2 twice again. In theory my team is weaker then the opposition was but the odds given befor the game where 3 times in my favour, so I thought V4 would do the job. But as I said in theory I have a weaker team for European cup leagues so should I be using a different version of the tactics, or maybe alter something? I know I need to strenghten and buy the right players for each position but until possible what should I do? Anyway Tyler, thanks for keeping my interest in FM high, since I haven't been able to produce something good on FM09 since it came out until now!
  5. When people (not FM addicts) come and ask you when their team are rumoured to sign a player. "Is he any good?" Latest case: Rnic for Anderlecht! I thought: "What's he going to do at Anderlecht, I was just planning to sign him as my backup Right fullback in my 2013 Inter save!"
  6. It would be nice to be able to set up some kind of a fictional player history for yourself as a manager. Then your reputation would be based upon this at the start of your manager career. You should be able to set up to 5 former teams, your position and depending on these teams your achievements (how many times you've won the league, cup, ...)would be taken into account as well. Your former teams, managers, fellow players could then add you to their favourite personnel and they could also appear in your favourites. Your former position could also be used for building relations with players in the same position in the team you're planning to manage. You could also start from an unknown player selecting teams from lower leagues... Maybe more parts of the game may be influenced as well by this...Media items, disliked personnel and teams,... To give an example: Date of Birth: 6 october 1970 Former position: GK 1980 - 1988: FCV Dender 1988 - 1995: Club Brugge 1995 - 2005: Lazio Favourite personnel: Leekens, Broos, Zoff, Erickson, Staelens, F. Van Der Elst, Okon, Di Canio, Ravanelli, Nesta, ... One could say that this takes out the realism of the game, but then you could also say that being a manager yourself on that level is unrealistic as well Maybe all of this has already been said, but I thought I had a wonderful idea and just wanted to share it with the world ;-)
  7. I have used Fuss' tactics all throughout my FM07 career, with my own tweaking. It was great and a pleasure to watch. In real life as in the game I like the style with two men upfront, one being the faster striker and one being the target man. Nearly all the newly created tactics for 08 on this board seem to be having one striker and there's no place anymore for the Toni's, the Klose's,... in this game. I've tried to get a big target man tactic together but haven't had any success yet. I hope Fuss can come up with something like this so I hope you are getting some good results... Anyways thanks for the tactics in 07 and good luck for the upcoming tactics in 08 Keep us updated! Cheers! ZD
  8. I've updated my Milan team as well with the new Fuss tactic and am finally having success. After trying v1 and v2, this one seems to do the trick. My Strikers are finally doing what they are suppose to do (when they are not injured!). The Full Backs now prevent a lot of crosses and when the other team plays with a single striker they don't cut through my central defence as easy as before. I haven't conceded in 6 games now! The only negative part is that my strikers are injured quite a bit more then before...But I don't know it this is because of the game itself, the tactic or training (although this seems fine to me!) Conclusion: Nice update Fuss and thanks again
  9. After trying to make a tactic of my own and not having any success. I started a new game with Milan as on every version of FM/CM. I am currently using Mr. Fuss's V2 tactic and had some success but not always... . I want to thank him first because I was giving up on the game after not getting any result with my own tactics. There are a few remarks/troubles I have with the tactics. 1. Sometimes when a ball is loose around the penalty area, my goalkeeper doesn't come to gather the ball but rather wait until one of my defenders (who are further away) come and get it. Is this the tactics fault or is Dida just a lazy git? 2. I have Kaka and Pirlo as my MC's but they are not playing a very important role in my games. Also no matter what I do, Kaka plays too defensive and Pirlo too offensive. I've changed places, as well as putting their personal instructions to either more defensive or more attacking and nothing works...Stubborn? 3. I take a bit too many goals (1.0 p/g). Although my defenders are not bad at all: Left: Kaladze, Centre: Collocini & Nesta and Right: Cafu/Bonera (looking for replacement) They get in trouble especially when the other team is playing with a single striker. I've tried Tight Marking on the lone striker but it didn't really helped me out... Otherwise it is going well, creating enough goals, just needs some changing during half time as indicated... Any help with my questions above is appreciated... Regards
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