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  1. arinceo

    Australian Pyramid

    Just need to post this in the Editors Hideaway download forum
  2. Seems like a good structure, what teams have you placed in Tier 1? Planning on getting FM15 in the new year and this is the kind of file I'd be keen to play.
  3. I was just wondering if there's a way to change the qualification for these tournaments? I want to trial a system where the Europa League is a knockout competition, with the semi finalists qualifying for the group stages of the Champions League automatically. That then means that I would have to move some CL places for league to the Europa League though.
  4. arinceo

    FM 13 - From Minnows to Champions!

    Phenomenal thread so far, such a shame that Torhout has't been able to stay at the same level since you left them.
  5. arinceo

    Conquering Britain and Ireland [FM13]

    Very interesting end to the season coming, such a shame you couldn't get a 100% record for the month to go top. Looks like Southport have dropped a lot of points lately, four wins next month will probably get you the title.
  6. arinceo

    Conquering Britain and Ireland [FM13]

    Seems like you have a solid base at Gillingham, should be able to knock over three of the English leagues there
  7. arinceo

    Conquering Britain and Ireland [FM13]

    Absolutely monumental thread mate, barring those minor trophies England is the only country that poses a real challenge to finish. Out of interest, where do you sit in regards to the Hall of Fame?
  8. arinceo

    FM13: Gateshead - The Heed Army.

    Incredible progress with Gateshead mate, I'm astounded at some of the deals you have been able to make in the transfer market, you're putting Graham Carr to shame good luck in your maiden Premier league campaign, hopefully you can go a little further in the Europa league as well.
  9. arinceo

    [FM13] The Rise of the Rebels!

    Really pleased to see someone who's good at FM doing a FC United career, I tried to take them to the Premier League last year but I couldn't get out of the Blue Square North Good season of consolidation after being promoted, hopefully you can push towards the playoff places this season. And congrats on the wedding
  10. Very nice move in your career, a club like Birmingham definitely belongs in the Premier League, hopefully you can take them back there.
  11. arinceo

    Tomtuck's First FM Career Adventure

    Who said it'd be a tough job revivng United? You sir are almost too good for this game. Good luck in the cup final, I'm predicting an unbeaten league campaign too
  12. Are we able to start the save with other playable leagues so we have the option of changing clubs after we've done the challenge/given up?
  13. arinceo

    Expansion Of the Australian A-League

    Looks impressive so far mate. The transfer restrictions between the clubs is a bit annoying as I think you'd need the advanced editor to change the league rules. My suggestion would be to create a new league with the same name, it shouldn't have any transfer restrictions.
  14. arinceo

    Tomtuck's First FM Career Adventure

    Did not see the move to United coming, but I'm keen to see how you do. Congrats on winning the CL with City too! But the big question is whether you'll try and buy Malpass again
  15. Rather unfortunate first season for me, could I possibly see a screenshot of our results over the season? (Spartak Bratislava) I want to see if the manager change worked at all