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  1. Manager Holiday - Be gone!

    I usually go on holidays on match-days, just for 1 day, always save just before just in case the match don't turn out how I want so I can reload and try again!
  2. Who worries about numbers? I don't, that's what auto numbers for!
  3. Manager Holiday - Be gone!

    The holiday and add another manager are the best features in the game!
  4. The truth is that while there are the people who insist in trying to have the games before everybody else, then steam will keep selling them at their set in stone prices, and insisting that it is the publishers fault, the more worrying fact is that some gullible people will believe them. End of!
  5. Like I said you believe what you want, and I will believe the truth! I've got nothing more too add, so you feel free to carry on!
  6. Sorry not convinced, maybe it's because I'm not gullible!
  7. That's steams excuse and they're sticking to it, you believe what you like!
  8. And another lesson is don't believe everything you read on the Internet!
  9. No I'm not! Where do these people get their information from!
  10. Yes, steam is just a retail store that deals just in downloads of games, like any other store they set their own prices, the game publishers don't, they just give them a RRP (recommended retail price), so get your facts right before you post next time.
  11. The sneaky devils, I wish I had ordered at the earlier price they would have had to honor it!
  12. Sorry my mistake, I did click on the link but for some reason it wouldn't load, but still it just shows download versions of games can and should be cheaper than retail version, perhaps Steam should take note!
  13. I'd go for the retail version, at the end of the day 10 quid cheaper has to be a better deal!