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  1. I thought exactly the same JJSaxton but it really is a better more solid tactic.i started alternating between the two but ended up using v2 all the time. mr rosler right about forward being a foil for rest of team,but hey its a results business at end of day.
  2. mr R,this is even better than the original tactic.i didn't think it was possible. short corner routine is a dream to watch as is throw in routine.ive scored some amazing goals from both corner/throws and also open play. defensively this tactic is so hard to break down.a real pleasure to watch. false nine a bit hit and miss unless you have a beast up there. many thanks for your great work again mr R
  3. Great read again mr .,Used many of your tactics and idea,s in the past. Soooo glad temptation got the better of you!!!!
  4. almost every headed goal seems to be a looping header into top of net .what I would love to see is the old fashioned thumping downward header shearer/andy gray/Duncan ferguson spring to mind.i just love seeing these types of headed goals.
  5. def running slower for me too,was doing my head in.managed to get it running a little faster/smoother by going onto steam/right click fm18/properties/local files/verify integratey of games files. maybe you could also try clearing cache. hope this helps buddy
  6. welcome back mr r,you have been missed.great and really interesting read. ive been all over with my tactics this fm but when you said the slow build ups,ten man defences shots clatterinig off various body parts.hell I thought you had been watching my matches!!!! joking aside I coudnt agree more with your points.maybe ive just got bogged down with how the beautiful game should be played.many thanks mr r
  7. Hey knap many thanks,Always love your tactics.Really appreciate the work you put in and the fact you share them.
  8. 18/20,have to say Im from Blackburn and used to watch atkins back in the day,he was never def or mid left or right. he was centre mid.tim flowers said in training he was the best finisher he had ever faced and shearer was there at the time. so yes got that question wrong!!!!!!
  9. couldn't agree more with you.also winds me up no end that I cant put 2 or more players on the keeper on attacking corners, or both centre backs attacking far post!!!!or 2 or more players disturbing the opposition wall on free kicks.
  10. mr r,ive pushed the central mid into the att mid position as a att mid on att ment with roam from position.ive had great results when playing teams I expect to win at home or away.i usually swap him back to see games out.cant thank you enough for your work on and for sharing your tactics. I don't start with him as att mid against the big boys but if chasing I do,50% of time I get a vital goal back.playing as spurs by the way
  11. i now blatently await darkXess to thank mr rosler!!! im seeing games out really well when winning by switching to structured,no offside but drop deeper. my fullbacks hold position far better and teams just cant launch pass over top. i have to say mr rosler this is by far the best tactic ive used for many years.the balance of the team going forward and defending is a pleasure to watch.great work mr r.
  12. 1,i agree wih gandy and you will get message when another team offers him a contract. 2.look at the tactics forum,maybe download a plug and play tactic to start with untill you become more familier with tactic and then setup your own.be patient with ur tactic because players wont be familier with a tactic straight away.changing tactics to fast is dangerous. 3,your under 18 manager will shedule your games for under 18 squad,as will your under 21 manager will do for under 21 squad. good luck jcp
  13. im having excellent success with sterling and coutino playing as advance playmaker in same positions as you have lamela and depay.i have sterling on att mentality and coutino on support.they both come inside but also go outside.as these are my main attacking players this leaves my full backs with little support.i do play them as wing backs with def mentality and to man mark,also stay wide as i dont want them tucking inside with centre backs.also playing anchor man to give both full backs extra cover.i also play deep play maker with direct passing who plays balls to sterling and coutino
  14. same for me,lost 7 first team players.injuries range from 2-4 months.def think its a bug.it was bad with beta but seems worse now
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