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  1. I'm pretty sure they will be greyed out for part time contracts
  2. The way this is modeled continues to be really stupid. It's fine if you don't want the AI to buy a bunch of brazilians, but there's no reason to keep the player from being able to buy players just because it's not traditional to the country. Especially with the ridiculous way it appears in-game, where players rotting in some low-level club in africa, south america or asia will refuse to negotiate with top european club if the country is set to -1 in transfer preferences. A better way to do this would to have board philosophies like 'don't buy from south america/asia/africa', or specific countries, which you could at least negotiate away
  3. This was fixed for south america, but it's still broken for africa. Or is it considered working as intended that everyone in africa hates germany?
  4. The transfer preferences stuff still ruin the transfers for me, playing in germany. You can buy people from brazil now, but nobody based in africa will be willing to negotiate. They need to revert back to before the december patch where the transfer preferences did not impact the user's team. Fine if you want to stop the AI from buying players from certain places for whatever reason, but it's incredibly frustrating to have players from low reputation clubs in low reputation leagues on starvation wages refusing to negotiate with a top-division european club. There may be reasons certain nations don't customarily buy players from africa or asia or the americas, but it's not because they can't(barring registraiton/work permit restrictions, which don't exist in germany) and not because those players don't want to play there
  5. These were included as fields in the editor in FM13, but for whatever reason they did not work in the way they do now. Load up a save as bayern and try in FM13 and scout the Nigeria U19 team, then try the same in FM14. It's clearly changed how it impacts the player, and is frustrating and illogical. German clubs might not customarly sign players out of africa a ton in real life, but it's not because they can't and certainly not because those players aren't interested in playing in the bundesliga
  6. The german transfer situation is still terrible, no player based in africa will negotiate with a german club for no good reason. The transfer preferences should not effect user teams at all
  7. As I mentioned in the thread in the bugs forum, you can see where you can't sign people by looking in the editor by loading up the country(not the league) and looking a the transfer preferences. Any country with a -1 or -2 and the players from that country aren't interested or very few of them are. Germany is really hit hard by thise because it rules out the americas, africa, asia and a bunch of individual countries, but other countries also have issues. Spain has -1 for asia, so you can't sign any player from korea even as barca/real madrid. I don't know if these numbers changed with the patch, or the way the game interprets them did. It makes a lot more sense for the numbers to be used for the countries AI teams would target, rather then effecting the willingness of players to sign
  8. Germany has a hard time signing young players from a variety of places since the patch. If you look in the editor, http://i.picpar.com/gI7.png that seems to be the problem - anywhere with a -1 or -2 and you'll find it difficult. It's extremely difficult to sign anyone from the americas or africa because they have a -1 or -2 for those entire continents. It's the same reason that, for example, french clubs have trouble signing anyone from egypt or spanish clubs have trouble with players from asia. I'm not sure if these numbers of changed with the patch or just how they were interpreted by the game
  9. I pretty much play like this. I'll play through the first month or two of the season, then holiday through to the winter transfer window, then(if I'm at a CL club) holiday to the CL knockout games and play those until knocked out, then holiday to the summer window. If I have a really exceptional team that I want to see run around or just have a ton of time for whatever reason I might play more, but I generally enjoy the buying and selling of players and watching the gameworld play out the most. Staff obviously handles most of the media interactions/team talks while I'm on holiday, but I don't let them control training, tactics(at least the formation, I get the sense the assistant can mess with them to a degree while you're on holiday), scouting or anything with transfers/contracts
  10. If it's a young player, the disinterest is potentially potentially caused by a known bug with the german league. Try, for instance, scouting the Brazil U20 team as bayern and see how many are interested, then try the same with any other big team and notice the difference
  11. I really hope the German transfer bug is fixed soon. It's been a month and a half. It makes me realize how few people must be playing in the german league, because people would be flipping out if it happened in the epl
  12. This is a known bug with germany. Hopefully it's fixed in the next patch/hotfix
  13. I haven't played in Scotland, but it's possible that it's bugged like Germany is. Try scouting, say, the Ghanaian u20 team. If they're all not interested, I suspect it is
  14. We simply disagree/have different standards I guess. There are multiple posts in the bug forum about the issue, they've said they've logged it as an issue, we'll see what happens
  15. I don't struggle to sign players, I can't sign them. Try it yourself. Load up a new game as Bayern, scout the Brazil U20 team, see how many 'have no intention' of joining you. Load up a game as PSG, any EPL team, etc and try the same, see the difference. This is clearly not working as intended, and if you want to play in Germany an inability to sign these players to improve your team(what the game is all about) does break the game
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