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  1. I play on one but i use windowed mode. Should work just fine IMO. Gives you more space for extra columns. A 34" ultrawide would be even better :).
  2. 110pw...No i didnt forget about K. League 2 now. Club was low on cash.
  3. Awesome tip. Never thought of trying that. It's sad that this bug has been in FM for years now.
  4. Just be glad that they fixed the 100% CPU load bug a few years ago . But yes, for a game that needs a lot of CPU power it really tries not to use extra cores available. I dont understand why they dont calculate match results in advance when you are watching the match or just messing around the UI. Surely there is extra CPU power available then. Having precalculated results for a few days in advance would speed up the game. And if you do something that could potentially affect the result they can easily just mark that match as not processed. Much easier to implement than learning OpenCL.
  5. Im just guessing here but i think you want to delete the FM cache. Just go to preferences and search for clear cache or something like that.
  6. Im officially the worst manager in FM14. Started with Staines (BSS). Players are obviously not good enough. Tried signing better ones but I had no luck. Played with low morale all season and gave up when i was pretty much destined to be relegated. Tried a new game with Maidenhead. Started by getting rid of all players that cant even play in BSS. My wage budget is around 3000p/w so its kinda hard to build a team with that money. No one is interested to come on loan (except BSS/BSN reserve or worse players). Tried signing a few BSS quality players but couldnt find any. In the end i signed a couple of youth players just to be able to field a team. Loaned a couple of crappy players because of injuries. Thinking of giving up again after half a season. I have no money to sign anyone and cant loan anyone that can make a difference. I checked if its possible to sign someone from abroad on semi-pro deal, but for some reason players dont want to be payed 2000+ pounds a month. I guess thats an intentional bug.
  7. Slovenia should have won . IRL we didnt even qualify.
  8. Im trying to find the "request loan report" functionality. Is it gone in fm14?
  9. No. Only things like start up or saving will be faster. The game is slow because your computer (CPU) is slow. Since its 6 years old its most likely a dual core processor.
  10. The worst club in BSN/BSP. Its getting harder and harder every year. It used to be so easy but now in FM13 it took me a few years to get anywhere.
  11. Do your players have low morale? When this happens to me i keep losing even though my tactic is the same and my players are the same or even better. Try and arrange a friendly against the crappiest team available to boost morale.
  12. Try the demo to be completely sure. It should work since FM is not exactly state of the art when it comes to 3d graphics. On the other hand your gfx card is ancient and belongs in some museum .
  13. Then why do we even have stars for youth candidates if they are just wrong. It just makes no sense if you ask me.
  14. And this is why im not updating until the end of the season. I was struggling in BSP for a few years. Started this season disastrously and was last after 10 rounds. Did some tactic changes and signed a couple of players who according to my assman are worthless and now after 30 games Im in third place slowly climbing towards the top. MY computer better not crash until the end of this season. Cant play another season in BSP or ill go crazy.
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