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  1. Do people really think that being tired would start to cause muscles to tear? Sure you shouldn't be able to ask teams to press heavily for 90 mins but if you did shouldn't the consequence be that they tried but couldn't because they were too tired rather than blindly pushing themselves until muscles and bones gave way? IRL cramp is the only real consequence in notice in a team trying too hard for too long.
  2. I can't agree with that. Unless you're playing as the same team as me, with the same players, same tactics etc and got drastically different results would it just be an anomaly. Obviously not everyone is experiencing it as everyone uses different teams and plays in different ways. All i'm saying is that while I accept that something i'm doing is increasing the likelihood of injuries, the effects seem a bit extreme.
  3. Just because you haven't experienced something doesn't mean there isn't an issue. For example, i've had 59 match injuries in 48 games this season 28 of which were red injuries that required a sub. I'm no stat expert but i can't think of any teams that have had that many players taken off injured in one season. And the season isn't over yet!
  4. I know that there's a consensus that injury levels are fine but i'm not too sure at the minute. In my current season i've played 11 games and seen 24 injuries during these matches. I'm including orange as well red injuries and im also including the AI's injuries during the matches too. I'm playing as Dartford in the Conference. I'm wondering if the poor pitches, poor player quality and/or poor facilities are having a bit too big an impact at this level? edit: Just to add more info, my teams injuries in these games are 9 Red, 7 Orange. So that's 16 for my team in 11 games and 8 for the AI tea
  5. I can never tell if i'm looking for things that have changed and imagining it or not but has anyone who plays lower league football noticed that defending has turned into an absolute horrorshow? Specifically, shocking first touches that lead to goals and defenders far too frequently not being able to judge a longball and jumping under it to try and head it, which 9/10 times leads to a one on one?
  6. The best thing you could do is try to analyse the late goals and see what caused them. One thing that tends to happen to me though is that the AI get desperate and start to press heavily, if you try to play too patiently you'll get caught in possession. I usually drop to counter and use the higher tempo shout if see this happening and it tends to do the trick for me.
  7. A great read as always. One question: How important is it to have player(s) in the DM position? For example, could this style of football be done with a flat 442 or would you drop the CM's to DM's?
  8. Probably a stupid question but is 'Hassle Opponents' in FM14 the same as the closing down setting of 'Press More' in FM13 or is it the 'Hassle' shout in FM13 that maxed out pressing and made everyone tight mark? Or neither? I've been using it as a 'Press More' instruction but i'm starting to thing that's wrong due to what i'm seeing. Assuming I am wrong, How does pressing work in FM14? Is it now assumed that all teams play a pressing game so there is no need to have an instruction that everyone should do anyway? Or perhaps pressing is hard coded into mentalities so maybe Overload, Attack and
  9. Thanks. I'll check that article out as the descriptions in game seem to make them sound quite similar to me.
  10. Is a heavy pressing game more suited to offensive formations? e.g. 424 would be more suitable than 532. And if so then is the opposite true that a 532 would be more suitable for a standing off game than a 424? My other question is could someone explain the difference between the AMC roles (AP,AM,IF,T) for me? Maybe with real life examples so i can visualise it a bit better.
  11. Could someone tell me what attributes are needed to make a heavy pressing game viable?
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