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  1. Clean sheets and low shots against are surely the only thing worth considering when deciding if you're defensive or not. Playing keep ball is being defensive in my book.
  2. Direct football is attacking by nature, You'll get better results using attacking as it will make you players get forward quicker which is what you want really. At home you just need to be more creative in creating space for your players. An option could be to drop deeper and maybe even stand off more. Basically try to invite you opponent onto you so they leave gaps that your players can attack into.
  3. The way you want to play looks to me that you'll heavily rely on your wingers to create chances. When I've played direct I've found that both wingers being attacking always works better. I'd question the use of DLP altogether. If you want to play direct and fast then you're going to be bypassing the midfield anyway. Better to have a runner there I think, maybe a B2B? Other than the DLP I think the roles and duties look fine. I'm also not sure about exploiting the middle. With a target man you want your attacking wingers to be seeing a lot of the ball to put crosses in, play wider makes more sense to me. If you really want to exploit a big target man upfront then try pump ball into box. Be more disciplined is a bad shout to use in this set up in my opinion. What you are telling your players is to only let the playmaker be creative, and he's not going to see too much of the ball. I'd be tempted to get rid of that shout and use Fluid or even Very Fluid. The other option would be to keep Flexible and use the shout Be More Expressive. Pass into space is another shout you should experiment with. Especially with the Wingers charging forward and a poacher always looking to get in behind.
  4. Do people really think that being tired would start to cause muscles to tear? Sure you shouldn't be able to ask teams to press heavily for 90 mins but if you did shouldn't the consequence be that they tried but couldn't because they were too tired rather than blindly pushing themselves until muscles and bones gave way? IRL cramp is the only real consequence in notice in a team trying too hard for too long.
  5. I really enjoy these defensive tactics you do. It's something i always try but can never get quite right. Your choices of strategy/fluidity/TI's are all pretty much common sense if perhaps not exactly what I would select but the one thing I think I struggle with is how your thought process works when thinking about role/duty selection. For example, If you were to challenge me to try it myself with the same shape this would be my first attempt: My thinking would be Defensive - Very Structured so people do what their told and keep it simple. TI's to encourage safe patient play. Roles/Duties Strikers - I'd want a goalscorer so start with an AF in the middle. Someone to link the midfield to the attack, stick a F9 on the right. Someone to be creative in final 3rd so I choose a Treq on the Left. Mids - Defensive wingers, I considered a defend duty on the left at i would think the treq might roam out to the flanks quite often but start with support. DLP(D) behind the F9 to link the defence and midfield. The other CM I wasn't sure about, I wanted someone who would try to connect to the treq as his creativity will be important i think. Thought about a B2B but went with a normal CM(S), could change depending on if the treq isn't involved enough. Defence - Pretty normal back 3, stoppers on the outside to deal with with threats if the DW's are caught up the pitch. Put a BPD on the left as that's the opposite side to DLP and thought he might need more expansive passing to find the midfield. So yeah, that's how i'd go about it. No idea if it would work at all or not but that's not really the point i guess. In a longwinded kind of way i'm just trying to understand why you did the following: Why a BPD and why is he the central CB? Are you looking for a diet-Libero here with perhaps a view to going full fat Libero when you have the player? You explained why you used a RPM but why that roles rather than say a AP? You explained the poacher and said you wanted a hard working role up front so that explains the DF but why the hard working role? Why not a creative role? Assuming you dominate the ball wouldn't a creative role be more useful? Last one, Why a DLF(S) as opposed to a F9, CF(S)? What does the DLF give you that the others dont?
  6. I can't agree with that. Unless you're playing as the same team as me, with the same players, same tactics etc and got drastically different results would it just be an anomaly. Obviously not everyone is experiencing it as everyone uses different teams and plays in different ways. All i'm saying is that while I accept that something i'm doing is increasing the likelihood of injuries, the effects seem a bit extreme.
  7. Just because you haven't experienced something doesn't mean there isn't an issue. For example, i've had 59 match injuries in 48 games this season 28 of which were red injuries that required a sub. I'm no stat expert but i can't think of any teams that have had that many players taken off injured in one season. And the season isn't over yet!
  8. Thanks. I messed around with it last night but couldn't get any consistency out of it. I could get 60% possession but no chances. Couldn't find the balance. I've put it to one side for now and might try again when i've got more appropriate players.
  9. How you knew that was Harry Crawford and how you know who he is is beyond me but yes it is him. He's probably the most rounded player i've got the Mental front and i'm not exactly blessed with intelligent players but i'll try a few others out in that position and see if they play more how i'd like. Thanks
  10. I've been messing around trying to get a strikerless formation to work and i'm struggling to be honest. My main gripe is that the shadow striker role doesn't seem to be playing out how i thought it would. I'm hoping someone can enlighten me or put me straight. This is how i'm set up at the minute This is an example of the SS not behaving how i'd expect: Here my CB, Wilson, has just won the ball and headed it to my WM(A) on the right wing. The Arrow is the movement i'd expect from the SS(Crawford) once the WM gets the ball and turns. The WM has cut inside as i've instructed him to do. The SS hasn't moved at all. The Shaded area is where i would expect him to be positioned now looking to get in behind if possible. Later in the move and the WM starts to get crowded out. Only now does the SS start to make him move forward by which point its far too late. I've marked the sort of positions again i'd expect from him. I guess overall i expect him to be far more aggressive with him movement than he currently is. So my overall question is, have I miss-interpreted the role or am I set up wrong to get him to behave how I want?
  11. I know that there's a consensus that injury levels are fine but i'm not too sure at the minute. In my current season i've played 11 games and seen 24 injuries during these matches. I'm including orange as well red injuries and im also including the AI's injuries during the matches too. I'm playing as Dartford in the Conference. I'm wondering if the poor pitches, poor player quality and/or poor facilities are having a bit too big an impact at this level? edit: Just to add more info, my teams injuries in these games are 9 Red, 7 Orange. So that's 16 for my team in 11 games and 8 for the AI teams.
  12. I can never tell if i'm looking for things that have changed and imagining it or not but has anyone who plays lower league football noticed that defending has turned into an absolute horrorshow? Specifically, shocking first touches that lead to goals and defenders far too frequently not being able to judge a longball and jumping under it to try and head it, which 9/10 times leads to a one on one?
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