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  1. I'm using the default home and away tactics in my 2018 save with Arsenal, and the results have been fantastic. We really look like Barcelona out there. I think you need the right players for this to work -- great all-around midfielders, world-class fullbacks, and strong central defenders. But with the right squad, you can dominate. Right now we've only conceded 5 goals through 14 games and haven't lost yet, and are dominating possession in the process. The interesting thing is that the tactic, for me, has yielded a lot of goals but they're distributed pretty evenly across all my midfielders and forwards. My striker won't lead the league in scoring, but I have 5 or 6 players in the top 20 in scoring.
  2. The most irritating thing about this is that all the other big clubs are loaning out similar future-star players all over the place. What are they doing that I'm not?
  3. I tried to add a feeder club early on in the season, but none of my board's suggestions were any good. Now I can't ask again, and I only have two feeders, both of which only have average training facilities and average managers.
  4. I'm sure this has been reported before, but what is going on with the loan system? I have a bunch of players between 18-22 that I'm desperately trying to loan out, as they won't crack the starting lineup this season. But nobody wants them! These are all future stars, and they're yours for the whole season for no money! What can I do?
  5. Anybody have screenshots of these future Messi's?
  6. Just curious, has anyone ever had a regen who turned out to be as good or nearly as good as Messi in turns of attributes? I don't think I've ever seen one....
  7. I've found that with many regens, the attribute distribution can be slightly weird sometimes. For example, sometimes I see strikers who have attributes ranging from 17-20 in corners, headers, penalties, and teamwork, but have woeful attributes for finishing. Or sometimes a player has amazing finishing but woeful long shots, etc. What I'm wondering is: is it better, in general, to train a young regen in areas where he's already strong, in order to max out those attributes? Or is it worth training up a player who has a passing attribute of 4 in that category, in the hope that while his already-good attributes see a gradual increase, you can get his passing up to an at-least decent number? Sorry if this question is too general -- but it's a dilemma I often have in training. Maybe a lot of it depends on what your needs are. Another example, though not a regen, is a player like Mateo Kovacic. As a youngster, he's got the potential to become one of the great passers in the game -- so should I set his focus to 'passing'? At the same time, his finishing isn't good -- so maybe it's better to work hard on that attribute, and hope his passing increases as a result of general training.
  8. Really, how does Hazard do on the right?
  9. Gotze's attributes are much better than Hazard's, but somehow Hazard always seems to outplay his attributes. Every game where I've had him he's been awesome on the left wing. In my Arsenal save, he was English Footballer of the Year four times in a row (and counting). Gotze looks like he could be as close to Messi as you can get if only his finishing were better.
  10. I understand all of that -- I asked because I, like you, am here to get help from others. All I asked for was a screenshot of your TC tactic, not a tutorial or guide, to aid me in thinking about the things you are describing here. Your need for help shouldn't preclude you from helping others, but apparently it does, because "the followers of your website have first priority". I guess this means you won't tell anyone about it because you have an audience that is eagerly awaiting it, and don't want to talk about it prematurely. It sounds like you have a regular Manhattan project going there.
  11. Right, I was asking if you could post a screenshot of the tactics screen with the TC version you created. Okay -- unsubscribed. You've told us a bit about what your defenders are doing and have given plenty of interesting anecdotes, but without describing the tactic in detail. We know that you have a wide back 3, 3 DM's, 3 AMC's, and an ST (and even that information had to be assumed by another poster) -- but that's mostly it. Maybe other people find this helpful, but without a tactical description, match descriptions are pretty much worthless. Cleon's threads are so good because he introduces a tactic, describes it in some detail, and then uses specific game situations to show us how it works or doesn't work (and then how he tweaks it).
  12. Could you post an actual screenshot of your tactic and the roles/duties you're using? I want to experiment with this but, unless I've missed something, I can't recreate it using the information you've given.
  13. I don't think we should be discouraging Cleon from commenting at all (and as he says, he'll rightfully continue to do so when he wants). As SFraser is no longer with us, I would think Cleon probably knows more about FM tactics than anybody out there. He won almost every league game with Swansea, without cheating. Obviously he knows what he's doing.
  14. I replayed the game with a flat midfield (DLP/S, BWM/D, AP/A), and changed philosophy to very fluid, since when Man City was on the ball in the final third we had way too many midfielders/forwards just standing around watching them pass it back and forth. I used control with counter turned on, though we never really got them on the counterattack in the game. We ended up winning 2-1 but I don't really feel like I "beat the system" -- I'm not exactly sure how it produced such a different result. We controlled possession, but didn't generate as many chances as they did.
  15. In early seasons Man City plays a very annoying narrow 4-2-3-1 with no wingers (2 MC's, 3 AMC's, 1 striker). They use heavy pressing and short passing, and I just can't come up with a way to beat this tactic. At first I tried using a 4-5-1 with two wingers, DM/Defend, two MC's (DLP/S and AP/A), and DLF/S, focusing passing down the flanks, short passing, heavy pressing. I set both DC's to LD/Defend, and fullbacks to FB/Automatic. It wasn't working -- they were dominating possession and I wasn't getting anything at all in the final third), so I set passing to direct and set 'counter' to on, since I noticed that short passing and build-up was giving them far too much time to recover defensive shape when I gained possession. I thought maybe if I could use a DLP to launch a long, direct ball to a counterattacking forward, I'd have numbers with two wingers, an AP and the striker against their back four. This didn't work either. The main problem is that I can't get the ball from them and when I do, my players make dumb mistakes and give it right back. At the 80th minute with Man City leading 1-0, they spent the entirety of the last 10 minutes in my third on the right flank, just passing it back and forth between Silva and two other players. My RB is set to hard tackling and whole pitch pressing and I changed my best DC to DC/Stopper, but we didn't even attempt to get the ball back.
  16. I may be misunderstanding your comment, but I think duties and roles in the TC are just out-of-the-box configurations for the "classic" sliders. So to see what a specific role/duty actually does from a classic perspective, change a player's role/duty in player instructions and see how it changes the sliders.
  17. I think the tactic analysis portion of opposing team reports needs to be improved. We get a graph showing most common formations and how many goals scored/conceded per each one, but it doesn't really tell us much about the actual formation the team uses. For example, a report on Man City tells me they use the 4-2-3-1 most often, but I suspect they actually use a narrow one with no wingers as opposed to the "usual" setup with two wingers and the AMC. This makes a big difference in match preparation. Ditto for the 4-5-1 -- that name can be used to describe many different actual formations (flat 5 with wide mids, central triangle with dm and two mc's, etc.). It would be nice to see an actual graphic, similar to the one on the match preview screen, showing player positions in a team's commonly used formations.
  18. I couldn't agree more with the OP. While it's true that there isn't one "right" way to play and many different approaches work, it's daunting for a newcomer to understand (and even worse if you know nothing about football tactics in general). People like Cleon do a good job of presenting concrete examples -- specific situations, accompanied by a single tactical change and the subsequent effect on the match (by the way, I find this much more helpful than the TT&F, which really suffers from lack of examples). But I somehow still find myself wishing there were more information straight from the source. Let's be honest: the manual is woefully inadequate. SI has never even attempted to document how things work in detail, and instead has forced the community to do this work on its behalf. There is a huge number of variables at work in the match engine, and while it's easy to write about it in abstract terms that reflect its mimicry of "real-life" football, the problem is that we do cannot interact with it in the same way as we would as a real-life manager. We can't just have conversations with players and tell them to specifically do X and Y -- we only have a limited set of options for interacting with the computer and influencing players' behavior. These means don't always work in the ways we would intuitively expect them to. Confounding the problem is the fact that the match engine is an imperfect approximation of player behavior and probably has bugs to boot. I imagine that many of us would be surprised by what the code is actually doing were we given access to it (not that I'm asking for this, however). Just my two cents. I like the game and, after many many hours of play, am only beginning to understand how the match engine appears to work. It's too bad that the only way to become a great FM player is tons of practice, since ultimately it's just a game and not a full-time job. But some people like it that way, I guess.
  19. So in a flat midfield with three CM's in the following configuration: AP (Attack or support) -- Modric/Ganso BWM (Defend) -- Fellaini DLP (Support) -- Moutinho/Ganso What should I be thinking about when deciding whether to use a playmaker, and if so, who to choose? What are the advantages of using your DLP as a playmaker as opposed to an AP?
  20. Great -- I'm using Cavani as a DLF, so I'm thinking about switching Ganso to the AP/Attack since his finishing is much better than Modric's. This helps though -- with three elite passing supremos in midfield, it's hard to pick out just one as a playmaker. I guess it's a good problem to have.
  21. I've posted in the tactics forum. I didn't post a screenshot because I assume just about everyone knows about this player and I'm in the first season, so he hasn't developed much from his initial state.
  22. I've assembled a fearsome midfield corps to dominate Europe, with my most recent acquisition being the highly-touted Ganso from Santos. Though I obviously vary my tactics depending on situation, my most aggressive tactic (at home vs. weaker opposition) looks like the following in midfield (3 MC's and one DM): AP-A: Luka Modric DLP-S: Joao Moutinho AP-S: Ganso A-D: Marouane Fellaini I also use a back three (one stud central defender and two fullbacks), two wingers, and a deep-lying forward. Anyway, I've just started my current season and only played one game with Ganso -- but I'm wondering if other people have managed him and, if so, where he's best suited for play. His attributes are very well-suited to the AP-S/A role, though I had originally envisioned him rotating the DLP slot with Moutinho. However, Ganso lacks any quality defensive attributes so I think Moutinho's better suited for this. It's not clear to me whether it's overkill to have two AP's, and even if it isn't, which one to designate as the playmaker (in team instructions). (I wish there was an option to "swap" playmaker status in team instructions, similar in a way to swapping positions). Anybody have any input?
  23. Okay -- I can do that, though the real point of my question is "how should I best use Ganso". I thought the point of this forum was to discuss specific players and teams, not tactics in general. I have a feeling I'll post in there and be referred back here.
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