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  1. Match Engine -- way too many own goals. Yesterday in a game Cavani scored 5 goals, but was only credited for 3 because two of them were tipped by the keeper and bounced off the post, so they were chalked up as "own goals" by the keeper. I think this is important because goal-scoring improves a player's market value, so he should be credited for goals like that.

  2. My Arsenal save is now in 2017, and Aaron Ramsey's attributes are phenomenal. For some reason, however, I can't seem to get the most out of him -- his average rating hovers around low-7's, he's almost never the man of the match, doesn't score, and gets very few assists. I use him in a 4-3-3 with a flat 3 in midfield, two wingers and a striker. Of my 3 MC's, he is set as an advanced playmaker (alternating between support and attack). My team has been playing extremely well for several seasons now, and my other mids always seem to do great things at Ramsey's position (Wilshere, Thiago, Alan Dzagoev, etc.). What's up with this guy? His attributes look like he should be the next Iniesta or Xavi, but he sure doesn't act like it on the pitch.

    Recently I'm trying to retrain him as an AMC. I've slightly altered my formation to use an AMC instead of the MC AP, so while he trains up I use him at one of the two MC slots and set him to swap position with the AMC. My thinking here is that maybe if he's farther forward he'll be more involved in the attack...

    What have people done to get him involved?

  3. If you read my earlier message you would see that I was specifically suggesting this tactic for people who are not managing Barca.

    Again, the point is not "who has the better defense in real life". I don't want to turn the thread into a "Man U vs. Barcelona" argument. The point is that the tactic I suggested gives you a good chance of achieving balance. Just pretend I said "the defensive integrity of [insert your favorite good defensive team here]".

  4. After playing with this tactic, I'm even more convinced that this kind of thing doesn't jive well with the ME than I was before. These tiki-taka tactics aimed at maximizing possession are great at just that, but they do not really emulate Barca's style, IMO.

    1) Way too much time is spent passing the ball around in your own half. To emulate Barca's high defensive line while on the attack, we use a team setting of 'high defensive line'. But this setting cannot emulate Barca's dropping of defenders deep when their keeper has the ball in order to create space in the midfield. Right now my keeper spends a lot of time unsure where to pass because my defenders are pushing up and space is compacted in the midfield.

    2) The ME rewards variety in chance-creation. This tactic (and others) throws out long shots, crosses, even crossing corners -- basically everything aerial, as well as direct counter-attack style ball movement. But the ME will not allow you to score much when you are slowly building up your attack in the opponent's half, compacting space and giving your scorers little room to operate. The ME rewards tactics that are good at creating space.

    3) It's very vulnerable to conceding off the break. If you push up this far, you will inevitably give up easy goals on the counter-attack the way the ME works. Maybe this is similar however to real life, since that is a weakness of Barca's approach.

    4) It will not be as effective with any team not named Barcelona. My thinking is that much of the reason for the success the OP had with this tactic managing Barcelona is that their players are loaded with the right PPM's, and they suit this style very well. Also, having the best ball movers in the world enables you to score at a high rate in spite of using a tactic that limits your offensive potential.

    Maybe this works for some people, but I just keep seeing these tactics show up and they always seem to have the same problems (everybody is posting 'great tactic, but I can't score goals, I'm conceding too much', etc. The ME can be thought of as a big scale with multiple platforms:

    Chance creation --- Possession --- Defensive integrity.

    You cannot maximize all three, or even two of these, simultaneously. You emphasize one at the expense of the others. If you want more "good" chances (higher rate of scoring per chance), you must take risks with the ball, and taking risks means you will lose possession more often. Similarly, emphasizing chance creation might mean pushing your defensive line up, which sacrifices defensive integrity.

    I don't mean to steal the OP's thunder here as I think he's done a good job trying to emulate Barca here, but the best tactic I've found so far that balances the three factors above is Darren Smith's Manchelona tactic, which aims to fuse Barca's possession-based style with Man U's defensive integrity. With the right players you can achieve a great balance of the three (especially defensively), though it still occasionally suffers from the not-many-goals-but-many-chances problem.

    Just my two cents.

  5. I've been playing Miyaichi a lot because he complained about playing time halfway through season 1. He's been okay, but he hasn't improved like I would want. However Chamberlain in season 2 is doing great. He's the kind of player that always performs better than his attributes would lead you to think. Jenkinson is a terrible prospect in the game -- I'm not sure about him in real life yet, but Wenger seems to think he's good enough to be out there with the first team so who knows. Of course there isn't really anybody else there at RB with Sagna hurt.

    Coquelin seems like a good prospect, but if Song gets hurt, he isn't a good replacement for the BWM role. I don't use him that much.

    The big thing I've noticed (and here FM is very good at mimicking real life) is that my offense looks a LOT better with van Persie on the pitch. I don't know where we'd be without him.

    I've spent a fair amount on players, especially good young attacking ones, but I'm starting to realize that Arsenal is in a good enough situation with young talent that you can do very well without making any big signings in the first few seasons.

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