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  1. How is it that Ganso was just sold to Sao Paolo for £8m but his valuation is still something like £18m? I was shocked when I heard earlier this year he was moving for this paltry amount, given the perception that he is one of the brightest Brazilian prospects and would cost a ton. Was there some weird extenuating circumstance regarding the Sao Paolo sale?
  2. So basically he's an AI personality to which I can delegate the responsibility of choosing where my scouts go? Can I give him general instructions?
  3. Thunderbolt - http://www.thunderboltgames.com/reviews/article/football-manager-2013-review-for-pc.html (6/10)
  4. This may have already been asked somewhere, but what is the function of the chief scout? I can't figure out how he is different from any other scout in my staff.
  5. Consortium is exactly right -- you do not release a "beta" two weeks before you release (maybe a release candidate, but not a beta). While it's great that people are willing to help spot bugs, I personally don't consider being part of an extended QA team a "privilege" when I am paying for a product. But I respect the fact that many people do. I don't play pre-release games anymore, because it's too easy to become invested in a save only to realize that your time was ill-spent because of some show-stopping bug. So you can't really approach a pre-release game as a player, but more as a tester looking for problems in a flawed piece of software. That isn't really fun for me.
  6. You are reading my mind. Last year's improvements were not at all off-putting to me, but this year I find myself almost angry that so much work has gone into adding "stuff" around a core game that has apparently been flawed for years. But then again, I only started playing in FM10, so what do I know...
  7. I don't really think any of these discussions will matter unless people show their dissatisfaction with the lack of groundbreaking new features by not buying the game. If the bottom line suffers, you can bet they will listen.
  8. They could at least spell the title correctly in the video. It's not "international mangement".
  9. Why would SI continue to work on something that is almost unanimously disliked, and improve it in a way that won't really improve the player's experience?
  10. Well, you wouldn't just duplicate player data for every snapshot. All you'd need is a set of deltas for the attributes (which may be already stored anyway), and maybe deltas for value and star rating (or whatever else would change over time). I don't know how many actual player attributes there are, but say there are 20 attributes: 20 * (1 byte per attribute delta, since delta can only be in the range 0-20) + (4 bytes for player ID) + (6 bytes for date) = 30 bytes. For a database of 50,000 players, 50,000 * 30 = 1,500,000 bytes (1.5 MB). Not too bad at all. You could even make the storage even more compact by compressing the deltas, since you only need 5 bits to store a number ranging from 0-20. So you could pack 12 deltas into a 64-bit integer (8 bytes) to save space. Edit: (I just realized you would need a sign bit for attribute decreases, so maybe 6 bytes instead of 5).
  11. Well you can't scout your own players who are out on loan -- I think the game doesn't allow you to view any scouting report on them at all, even if you have a scout watching their matches.
  12. None of the improvements seem that useful or necessary (but that's just my opinion). Were a lot of people asking for the match day UI to be overhauled/improved?
  13. This all just looks like window-dressing to me. But please SI, give us an option for 'show all player names on field' so I don't have to manually cmd-click on each of my players at the beginning of each match! (Not only that, but I have to be super-careful not to click anywhere on the field throughout the match, otherwise the game 'forgets' which players' names were showing.)
  14. I agree with some people here that the video was a little underwhelming. Though it is a work in progress, I would suspect that the graphics won't improve drastically by release time (but that is just my suspicion, and I hope I'm wrong). If it were a work in progress that will see massive improvement in the near future, they wouldn't have released this video yet, IMO. Most of the pre-release videos of games in general look, at least in the graphics department, pretty close to the final product. To me, it just looks a little too similar to 2012. But I couldn't care less about graphics -- I hope the match engine AI sees the most improvement.
  15. This has probably been brought up already, but it needs to be much harder to hang onto your star players if you're not a Real Madrid or Barcelona. In my Ajax save I had no problems hanging onto Eriksen, Vertonghen, van der Wiel until they retired. This would make it much more difficult to make a smaller club into a perennial powerhouse. Also, somebody already mentioned this but I second the idea that sponsorship and reputation should increase much more quickly. In my Ajax save I was dominating everything, but I don't think I ever managed to get higher than PSV in sponsorship income.
  16. Yes -- improving both training and youth facilities. I didn't realize that this would go under 'ground maintenance'. That's interesting though that you were able to expand the stadium -- it tells me that it's already at expansion capacity so has never given me the option.
  17. I'm playing as Ajax in 2014-2015, and I just noticed that the club is spending $6.5m a month on ground maintenance!! Is this normal? I don't remember ever spending this much in other games.
  18. Anybody have a screenshot of him at 26-27 with proper training and development? Can he turn into a world-class striker rivaling Messi? I know he's already really good even at 19, but how much better can he get? The AI always screws up his development.
  19. I know Neymar is expensive and has loads of potential. Does anyone have screenshots of him at 26 or so when they've fully developed him the right way? In many of my saves the AI doesn't develop him properly and he just turns into a pretty good striker. I know Cleon has a Santos save going, but I don't think he's advanced far enough to show what he looks like at this age. I'm just wondering if it's worth spending all the money early in the game, given the proper training and development.
  20. I'm using the default home and away tactics in my 2018 save with Arsenal, and the results have been fantastic. We really look like Barcelona out there. I think you need the right players for this to work -- great all-around midfielders, world-class fullbacks, and strong central defenders. But with the right squad, you can dominate. Right now we've only conceded 5 goals through 14 games and haven't lost yet, and are dominating possession in the process. The interesting thing is that the tactic, for me, has yielded a lot of goals but they're distributed pretty evenly across all my midfielders and forwards. My striker won't lead the league in scoring, but I have 5 or 6 players in the top 20 in scoring.
  21. It does seem like there's always some team the game has picked out to be neck-and-neck with you. In my game as Everton, we're doing quite well in third, but for some reason Stoke City has been right there with us (in fourth) all season. Pretty unrealistic that Stoke would finish in 4th in the PL this year.
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