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  1. Who uses Opposition Instructions?

    Big fan of man marking an opposition AMC, I don't like the idea of a man having a lot of time and space in a central attacking area. Aside from that dont usually bother too much.
  2. FM16 Back to Basics

    That's all I was after with that I'm still making reasonable tactical decisions and not blundering my way through. Sit narrower is an interesting one, I guess it would keep the spine of the team nice and compact with the full backs still keeping the width based on the PI's? Tweaks are fine, and Id like to think I'm pretty good at noticing problems. I'm hoping to get a few hours of game time in over the next couple of days. What kind of game stats would be useful for me to post in here to ask for a bit of advice? Average positions etc...
  3. FM16 Back to Basics

    Thanks for all the responses guys, really appreciate it. I did plan on the more forward players being the 'flair' players but understand with a narrow formation that some form of width is needed. I think as an interim solution I may change the DR to a CWB, and see how that goes. If I understand the tactic correctly that should give a nice bit of interplay with the deeper lying DF and also with the CM support being on the right side be reasonably some defensively. Other than that, does everything else seem reasonable tactically?
  4. Football Manager is a game I've loved for many years, after getting over the initial learning curve at around the FM13 mark it's been a constant on the pre-order list and year on year and I regularly wrack up a scary number of in-game hours. Over the past couple of years, whilst the enjoyment is still there in part, I feel like Im back at the learning curve again. Tactical ideas that I used to get by using now seem to be useless and I've lost a bit of direction. Please dont take this opening statement as me slating the game as some people do, I'm not its just my thoughts. Before the release of Fm17 I've decided to go back to basics with FM16, none of the 'fancier' roles and just keep things simple. A base tactical idea implemented with a simple set of roles, team instructions and PI's. What Im asking for from this post is some help tactically, and if the way im approaching things are reasonable or stuck in the past. So lets get to it... The Team Sheffield United are where Ive decided to place myself, I've had success with them in the past and they are one of the teams that I follow IRL from a stint on Football Manager. I didn't want to start as some of the bigger teams in world football as I feel tactically you can afford to be a little bit nieve and the quality gets you through. Sheff Utd are one of the better teams in League 1, but I still fancied it as a little more of a challenge The Tactical Idea I believe style is important in football, and for me personally watching a Guardiola team play football is utter perfection. Saying that, I do feel like it can be a trickier style of play to implement and get right. Especially at League 1 level where the technical quality isn't quite there. I have a few key points I want the team to use - Play as one unit - Allow the more flair players the freedom to cause havoc - Be defensively sound first and foremost, attacking football comes second - Be tactically flexible, Im a firm believer in having getting the better of teams tactically using team shape and exploiting weakness' whilst still keeping a very similar 'style' of play With all that in mind Ive decided on two base tactics that give me different options Both formations you exactly the same Team Instructions to keep a similar style across the squad Player Instruction wise I try to keep things at a minimal level but I do have Tactic 1 Full backs - Stay Wider DM - Closing down much less CM(S) - Hold Position Tactic 2 Full backs - Stay Wider DM - Closing down much less MR - Sit narrower, cut inside, Roam from position DLF - Move into channels And that's that, like I said at the start the main aim for this post if to get some feedback on if the ideas I'm trying to put in are full of gaping holes or everything is sensical. I'll keep the post updated with any changes, until then I look forward to hearing people's thoughts
  5. Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    Hahaha, my bad! Completely agree I can see where the overachievement came from. 12 players would definitely be a benefit The strikers in my squad aren't fantastic so may use this as a a way to see out a game, could even drop the STC back to AMC as I noticed somebody else in the post had done to good effect
  6. Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond (Very Fluid)

    Fantastic thread! I've been trying to mould my Mainz squad towards the typical Ajax style in terms of the technical side of the game but have been struggling to replicate the style of play. I was going down the 4-3-3 route but given that I'm quite partial to a 3 at the back formation this is great! Do you think it would make any difference not being one of the bigger teams in the league? I know you mentioned you overachieved in one of your seasons, but that was using the 4-1-5-1 variation I think.
  7. Fantastic response, thanks mate! With the players I've got as possession based system that draws the opponent on wouldn't work brilliantly. I'm going to do down the route of a more pure defensive tactic that is solid and allows the opponent to keep the ball and draws them in that way. Then counters quickly. Thanks for all the responses though
  8. Thanks for that ? I think I need to tweak my roles slightly to give a bit more of a solid defensive base! Thinking - drop a MC back to the DM strata and make an anchorman - switch fullbacks to FB(S) instead of wingbacks to tighten things up - change striker to be DLF(A) instead of false 9
  9. Thanks for the reply and the link to Cleons thread, Ill have a read through that. So you're basically saying, because of my mentality etc that the team will try to Counter if the opportunity arises. The Instructions I put in should be how the team play when NOT countering? As far as I understood it, and I may be way off the mark, you should set the team up to try and be defensive to soak up pressure and then hit the counter Yeah agree on the lonely striker point, the thinking behind the False 9 was that he would drop deep and try to get involved in play.
  10. Hi all, I used to be quite a common poster on these forums and fell out of love with the game around FM14 mainly due to a lack of time to really spend getting used to the game. Even into FM16 I was still not 100% back into it, that's until I started a save with Mainz. Inspired by the journeys of Klopp and Tuchel I decided to give it a go. First season was mainly one of consolidation and managed a 9th placed finish, second season was a stormer and we managed to comfortably make 4th place and guaranteed European competition. I didn't change much personal wise over the summer as I was happy with the squad and had a lot of youth prospects ready to make the step up, I didn't lose many players either so the squad is nigh on identical. Since the start of the 3rd season things have, simply put, gone off the rails! 5 games in, 2 draws and 3 losses including an 4-0 demolishing at the hands of Bayern. I'm asking for a bit of tactical help here, just to see if I am missing anything glaring. I usually play in a more counter attacking high tempo style: Standard Counter Slightly Deeper Line, High Tempo, Direct Passing, Exploit the Flanks. -------------------GK------------------- -WB(S)---DC(D)-------DC(D)---WB(S)- -WM(A)--CM(D)-CM(A)-DLP(S)--W(S)- ------------------------------------------- ------------------F9(S)-------------------- I do have quite a lot of individual player instructions which I will quickly try to summarise GK: Distribute to flanks, distribute quickly DC's: Closing down less WM(A): Sit narrower, cut inside, get further forward, close down more CM(D) & DLP(S): Hold position close down less CM(A): Close down more, get further forward W(S): Close down more F9(S): Close down more In possession it plays a lot more like a 4-1-2-2-1 but falls back into a flat 4-5-1 when defending. Any suggestions/thoughts from anyone or much appreciated. I've developed quite the attachment to this Mainz side and don't want to throw it all away. Thanks, James
  11. Further to Overmars point I also like using a back 3 when playing against a 2 striker formation. I like the idea of having one spare defender against opposition attackers, two CDs man marking and one more covering. I think this is a Biesla theory but may be wrong there
  12. FM15: What Team Should I Be?

    Nation: Anywhere but Europe (Would prefer out of the top 5 big leagues but not overly concerned) Division: Any European Competition: Not needed Media Prediction: I don't care Board Expectation(s): I don't care about board either Transfer Budget: Enough for a little bit of wiggle room Wage Budget: Like above Finances: At least stable Other: I want a team that has real potential to become a real Continental power with a few years of development. Youth is a big part of what I like to develop a team rather than spending mega bucks go good facilities would be nice
  13. I definitely sway towards keeping mentality the same and tweaking TI's/PI's to counter specific threats or make the most of opposition weakness' Saying that I have always hade great success keeping 3 slightly different tactical shapes fully trained so that I have a multitude of different options if Plan A isn't working. usually my 3 tactics are all nigh on identical in instuctions and mentality though. I usually keep: Plan A: The way I expect to play in 90% of my games Plan B: Slight variation on Plan A E.G. Plan A may be a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 that relies on quick passing and movement in the centre of the pitch. Ill usually also keep a tactic that uses AML/R so that if I find the opposition are filling the middle of the pitch I have an option to try and pull them a little wider Plan C: Usually a 3 at the back formation, simply because I love 3 at the back and it does usually give some useful tactical options. Especially when playing against 2 striker opposition tactics. It does usually take me a season or 2 to bring the in the players required as it does sort of rely on having a squad that can all play in a multitude of different positions to allow for mid game shape shifts.
  14. [FM15] Pass Them To Death

    Agree on this point, ive spent a bit of time picking through the disaster zone that was my tactic last night and made a number of changes, ill document them later tonight I've always thought the 4-1-4-1 is a very powerful formation, especially when trying to keep the ball. Ive always been a fan of having a few different tactical shapes to counter specific threats so may look at setting up something similar. Ill be detailing my new and improved tactic later tonight, early signs are much better though.