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  1. Cheers for the response Yeah I didn't fancy jumping in with a Liverpool or City purely because of the strength they already had. I want Leeds to be my more long term save, but just fancied something a little more short term to get myself back into it. Wow has the UI changed since I last looked
  2. I've been out of the world of football manager loop for quite a few years now (I think 2016 was the last I played with any real earnest). Can anyone recommend a good team to start with to get me back into the swing of things before I commit to anything a bit more long term?
  3. How has Joe Nuttal developed for everybody? Debating whether it's a worthwhile experiment to give him game time.
  4. Been out of the Football manager circles for a few years now, briefly playing 15, 16 and 17 without getting too in-depth. The new game has piqued my interest again so decided to again give a vast proportion of my waking life to this game. My question, specifically, is to do with in game management. I'm a firm believer in having a distinctive playing style (currently developing a Tucel/Dortmund style along with this thread ) but aside from that I think tweaking the system/roles/structure ever so slightly to counter specific threats is essential. Before the game I sometimes tweak roles slightly, my most common one being changing the DMC from a Playmaking role to a more defensive role if I think the opposition AMC may be super effective (if I do this I usually change a MC for example to pickup the playmaking mantle). However, in game I have ALWAYS struggled to identify what is going wrong? I've seen some great advice recently that basically said make notes on every goal you concede from the moment possession is lost then look for patterns. Once a goal has been conceded however it's already too late. What do people do/look for in-game to try and identify potential problems before they arise? I usually watch a game on comprehensive highlights, switching to key if things are going well. Think this is the last piece to my football manager puzzle, so excited to hear some responses. Thanks
  5. Agree with the above, I quite regularly play players out of position as far as the game is concerned but as long as their attributes meet what is required I've never noticed any real problems. My most common example would be playing an AML/R winger in the opposition slot as an IF/IW.
  6. The glaring thing for me is the AP RPM combo in midfield. At home this may just about work because teams won't be quite as expansive against you. However playing away from home teams are going to come out and try to play. The AP will move forward into 'the hole' to try and fashion chances whilst the RPM will move around trying to get in the ball wherever possible. When he does pick it up he will drive forward. This will leave you pretty light in the central midfield area. My first suggestion would be when away from home try tweaking one of the mc roles to be a little more conservative. If you need to keep the playmaking aspect go for a DPM support. I've had great success with the Carrilero as a shuttler which may also help. Also agree with the above poster, your WB defend won't really overlap due to his defend duty.
  7. Great intro thread! Lost all interest in my loved Blackburn over the past few years due to the ownership! Been a tough save the past few years in the championship but league 1 gives a season to reset. My one and only plan on this year's game
  8. Great work Really looking forward to how this progress'. Always loved Tuchels work furthering Dortmund after Klopp, so may borrow a couple of your tactical bits and pieces for my own tactics.
  9. Big fan of man marking an opposition AMC, I don't like the idea of a man having a lot of time and space in a central attacking area. Aside from that dont usually bother too much.
  10. That's all I was after with that I'm still making reasonable tactical decisions and not blundering my way through. Sit narrower is an interesting one, I guess it would keep the spine of the team nice and compact with the full backs still keeping the width based on the PI's? Tweaks are fine, and Id like to think I'm pretty good at noticing problems. I'm hoping to get a few hours of game time in over the next couple of days. What kind of game stats would be useful for me to post in here to ask for a bit of advice? Average positions etc...
  11. Thanks for all the responses guys, really appreciate it. I did plan on the more forward players being the 'flair' players but understand with a narrow formation that some form of width is needed. I think as an interim solution I may change the DR to a CWB, and see how that goes. If I understand the tactic correctly that should give a nice bit of interplay with the deeper lying DF and also with the CM support being on the right side be reasonably some defensively. Other than that, does everything else seem reasonable tactically?
  12. Football Manager is a game I've loved for many years, after getting over the initial learning curve at around the FM13 mark it's been a constant on the pre-order list and year on year and I regularly wrack up a scary number of in-game hours. Over the past couple of years, whilst the enjoyment is still there in part, I feel like Im back at the learning curve again. Tactical ideas that I used to get by using now seem to be useless and I've lost a bit of direction. Please dont take this opening statement as me slating the game as some people do, I'm not its just my thoughts. Before the release of Fm17 I've decided to go back to basics with FM16, none of the 'fancier' roles and just keep things simple. A base tactical idea implemented with a simple set of roles, team instructions and PI's. What Im asking for from this post is some help tactically, and if the way im approaching things are reasonable or stuck in the past. So lets get to it... The Team Sheffield United are where Ive decided to place myself, I've had success with them in the past and they are one of the teams that I follow IRL from a stint on Football Manager. I didn't want to start as some of the bigger teams in world football as I feel tactically you can afford to be a little bit nieve and the quality gets you through. Sheff Utd are one of the better teams in League 1, but I still fancied it as a little more of a challenge The Tactical Idea I believe style is important in football, and for me personally watching a Guardiola team play football is utter perfection. Saying that, I do feel like it can be a trickier style of play to implement and get right. Especially at League 1 level where the technical quality isn't quite there. I have a few key points I want the team to use - Play as one unit - Allow the more flair players the freedom to cause havoc - Be defensively sound first and foremost, attacking football comes second - Be tactically flexible, Im a firm believer in having getting the better of teams tactically using team shape and exploiting weakness' whilst still keeping a very similar 'style' of play With all that in mind Ive decided on two base tactics that give me different options Both formations you exactly the same Team Instructions to keep a similar style across the squad Player Instruction wise I try to keep things at a minimal level but I do have Tactic 1 Full backs - Stay Wider DM - Closing down much less CM(S) - Hold Position Tactic 2 Full backs - Stay Wider DM - Closing down much less MR - Sit narrower, cut inside, Roam from position DLF - Move into channels And that's that, like I said at the start the main aim for this post if to get some feedback on if the ideas I'm trying to put in are full of gaping holes or everything is sensical. I'll keep the post updated with any changes, until then I look forward to hearing people's thoughts
  13. Hahaha, my bad! Completely agree I can see where the overachievement came from. 12 players would definitely be a benefit The strikers in my squad aren't fantastic so may use this as a a way to see out a game, could even drop the STC back to AMC as I noticed somebody else in the post had done to good effect
  14. Fantastic thread! I've been trying to mould my Mainz squad towards the typical Ajax style in terms of the technical side of the game but have been struggling to replicate the style of play. I was going down the 4-3-3 route but given that I'm quite partial to a 3 at the back formation this is great! Do you think it would make any difference not being one of the bigger teams in the league? I know you mentioned you overachieved in one of your seasons, but that was using the 4-1-5-1 variation I think.
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