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  1. Hahaha, my bad! Completely agree I can see where the overachievement came from. 12 players would definitely be a benefit The strikers in my squad aren't fantastic so may use this as a a way to see out a game, could even drop the STC back to AMC as I noticed somebody else in the post had done to good effect
  2. Fantastic thread! I've been trying to mould my Mainz squad towards the typical Ajax style in terms of the technical side of the game but have been struggling to replicate the style of play. I was going down the 4-3-3 route but given that I'm quite partial to a 3 at the back formation this is great! Do you think it would make any difference not being one of the bigger teams in the league? I know you mentioned you overachieved in one of your seasons, but that was using the 4-1-5-1 variation I think.
  3. Fantastic response, thanks mate! With the players I've got as possession based system that draws the opponent on wouldn't work brilliantly. I'm going to do down the route of a more pure defensive tactic that is solid and allows the opponent to keep the ball and draws them in that way. Then counters quickly. Thanks for all the responses though
  4. Thanks for that 😊 I think I need to tweak my roles slightly to give a bit more of a solid defensive base! Thinking - drop a MC back to the DM strata and make an anchorman - switch fullbacks to FB(S) instead of wingbacks to tighten things up - change striker to be DLF(A) instead of false 9
  5. Thanks for the reply and the link to Cleons thread, Ill have a read through that. So you're basically saying, because of my mentality etc that the team will try to Counter if the opportunity arises. The Instructions I put in should be how the team play when NOT countering? As far as I understood it, and I may be way off the mark, you should set the team up to try and be defensive to soak up pressure and then hit the counter Yeah agree on the lonely striker point, the thinking behind the False 9 was that he would drop deep and try to get involved in play.
  6. Hi all, I used to be quite a common poster on these forums and fell out of love with the game around FM14 mainly due to a lack of time to really spend getting used to the game. Even into FM16 I was still not 100% back into it, that's until I started a save with Mainz. Inspired by the journeys of Klopp and Tuchel I decided to give it a go. First season was mainly one of consolidation and managed a 9th placed finish, second season was a stormer and we managed to comfortably make 4th place and guaranteed European competition. I didn't change much personal wise over the summer as I was happy with the squad and had a lot of youth prospects ready to make the step up, I didn't lose many players either so the squad is nigh on identical. Since the start of the 3rd season things have, simply put, gone off the rails! 5 games in, 2 draws and 3 losses including an 4-0 demolishing at the hands of Bayern. I'm asking for a bit of tactical help here, just to see if I am missing anything glaring. I usually play in a more counter attacking high tempo style: Standard Counter Slightly Deeper Line, High Tempo, Direct Passing, Exploit the Flanks. -------------------GK------------------- -WB(S)---DC(D)-------DC(D)---WB(S)- -WM(A)--CM(D)-CM(A)-DLP(S)--W(S)- ------------------------------------------- ------------------F9(S)-------------------- I do have quite a lot of individual player instructions which I will quickly try to summarise GK: Distribute to flanks, distribute quickly DC's: Closing down less WM(A): Sit narrower, cut inside, get further forward, close down more CM(D) & DLP(S): Hold position close down less CM(A): Close down more, get further forward W(S): Close down more F9(S): Close down more In possession it plays a lot more like a 4-1-2-2-1 but falls back into a flat 4-5-1 when defending. Any suggestions/thoughts from anyone or much appreciated. I've developed quite the attachment to this Mainz side and don't want to throw it all away. Thanks, James
  7. Further to Overmars point I also like using a back 3 when playing against a 2 striker formation. I like the idea of having one spare defender against opposition attackers, two CDs man marking and one more covering. I think this is a Biesla theory but may be wrong there