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  1. Football Manager Handheld + Android

    Just downloaded the game, and loaded it up, and it needs to download extra data. Understandable for a game of this size, and common for games, but how big is the "extra" download (in MB ?) EDIT: "An additional data download will occur the first time the game is launched. The download size will be between 7-19MB depending on your device and will take approximately 3 minutes via WiFi, 6 minutes over cellular.)" Answered my own question, no problems
  2. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    I see, think that makes sense. I've never started THIS low before, so kinda new to the whole thing. Will give it a blast tonight.
  3. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Hi everyone. Found this thread via twitter, and recommended as an option to try this challenge. Just want to clarify one of the rules really, around scouting. Can I only sign players that are on my scout reports or scouts find? Or, does it mean I can only sign a player that is on my "list of players" (if that makes sense), I can't remember the exact screen, but the one where you look for players/staff etc. In other words, I can't go and use a full player search (by name) by using the player search option. Just a bit confused by that rule really.