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  1. was thinking about pre-order FM18 this morning when i wake up, then straight checked into steam and turns out it's open for pre-order then pre-order it rightaway as I always pre-order FM series without any hesitate, I believe even though the features are not released yet, they will make a great game
  2. still no solution for this one? i want to play with this editor i am having error code 1
  3. the 54 kb update is not unlocking to full version, my game version still 4.1.1 after updating
  4. hey guys, I got a new 20% discount code from GMG GMG20-8MUTY-M21VN valid until Sept 13th
  5. no new valid discount codes so far, let's wait and see, hopefully there will be a new one.
  6. Same thing happened to me, every time he got a yellow card, I had to sub him quickly, because if I don't sub him, he will get a red card. And in the end, I had to sell him. I don't want to have a player like that in my team.
  7. Juventus...I always play first with this club because I'm a fan of them...
  8. Paid, because usually if they make the free version, it will have very limited features. So, if it's gonna be paid, I expect it's gonna worth it...
  9. cool...can't wait for this one to release and hopefully the retailers have discount offers again for pre-puchasing
  10. is anyone keep getting the game crashed while on the match after a couple of matches? I experience that and I have to repeat the game again since I haven't saved it
  11. I think they will give you the steam activation code and you download it from Steam
  12. Hans Eklund in CM2 97/98 bought only about 725k, scored more than 70 goals in a season
  13. I played with 3 nations with large database and with all region current national teams, and I can find Sergio Araujo in Boca
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