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  1. I dont have translation issues. The serie A in the news text is called Serie AA. Thats it. Just an info for you guys
  2. A news screen of the Serie A player of the week said : "Fonseca wins player of the week - Serie AA". The double A must be wrong. Picture is in danish. Thats why i wrote the news text in english.
  3. I know that, but i also know that he is a very well known and liked creator on the FM scene, so im sure he wants to know if his databases creates problems so his rep doesnt get hurt. But as i said. Just a thought I might try and download it again, but i think i will stay clear of custom stuff from now on except for my skin.
  4. Thanx and thanx again for testing it Maybe Claassen should be contacted so he can know that there are issues with his databases ? Might lighten your support tickets a bit too if they are fixed or removed I don´t know how to get in touch with him, but maybe one of you guys do. Just a thought.
  5. I´m sad to hear it can´t be saved. It takes me a long time to go a year. Life you know. But okay i will start over. Thanx again for checking my game. And i will not use custom databases from now on. I did not make the database changes btw. It is the lower leagues databases made by Claassen in the Steam Workshop. They usually works fine. But maybe not this year. Now you know for future database issues
  6. There you go. New save uploaded right before it stalls. "Altrincham1.fm" The date is july 9th 2019. Thanx again
  7. Ohh sorry. Misread it a bit. I will play the game and and clear the inbox and save. And then i will upload it again
  8. No crash dump file, but i have uploaded the save file. "Altrincham.fm" It is saved right before a game. After playing the game there will be loan offers for 7 different playes in the inbox. After accepting them all and clicking continue it just stalls and never gets any further. It´s not crashing and closing the game. It just stays in the continue screen. Thanx a lot for checking my game Really annoying that i can´t continue my planned, very long term career with the Alty Boys
  9. My game totally stalls on july 9th 2019 and when i hit CTRL-ALT-DEL it says (Staging) at the end of the FM line. I am using a few custom databases from Claassen and a custom skin. I have done the public beta fix and tried verifying game files. Nothing helps. I can´t find any other suggestions for fixes online and i can´t get past july 9th. What is wrong and what can i do about it so that i can get back to my save ?
  10. Okay thanx for the quick excamination of my save. I really appreciate it And i look forward to the fix so that the problem will be eliminated from future saves for all users. I had a backup save of the career dated 16 days earlier ingame, and i loaded that up, and did excactly the same changes and settings, brought in staff and a few players again, and just continued playing from there. And that save has no issues at all. So the only damage done is that i had to do 16 days of the same stuff twice. And that´s fine And then i have made sure it always backs up my saves automatically, and i encourage everyone to do that, so an entire career is not at risk of going corrupt. Thanx again.
  11. Thanx for quick reply :). I have uploaded the savegame file to your ftp server. The filename is : JOURNEYMAN - TEST.fm. What happens now. Will you message me when you have checked the file, or how does this work ?
  12. Yeah maybe it´s the update. It´s just weird, cause i have a backup save of the same career, dated ingame at 16th of december 2019. That is approx 2 weeks ingame earlier than than the corrupted save. And when loading that save with the 18.2 update installed, i can easily hit continue without crash. So now i will try to run that save upto the 2nd of january 2020 to see if it crashes at the same point. Will update on this test shortly. UPDATE !!! The corrupted save still crashes at the 2nd of january 2020. I just started a new job at december 16th 2019 ingame, and have made tons of tactical, training, scouting, board, player etc. settings uptill the 2nd of january where it crashes. Now i tried to load the backup save dated 16th of december 2019 ingame, just before i accept the new job. The backup save rushes past the 2nd of january 2020 without crashing. The only difference is that i just kept hitting continue untill i got past the 2nd of january 2020, without making all the above mentioned settings, just to see if the backup save crashed at the same date. And it does´nt. Both saves are saved while the 18.2 has been installed, so i have doubts if it´s the update that is causing the problem. Please help on this topic Sports Interactive.
  13. Hi there. After playing 321 hours since the game was released, and 2 and a half years of my current savegame, my game suddenly crashes. I have not had any issues before this. Only thing i have changed is the skin, switching to the ingame dark skin. And i did that on the first day i played the game. So i have done no recent changes, and i don´t use any custom files of any kind. I tried to delete cache and preference folder and reverifying the local files. I updatet my graphic card drivers. I tried disconnecting my AVG free antivirus. I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. No change whatsoever. It still crashes at excactly the same spot every time. I have tried several times after i tried all the fixes i have mentioned, and i now have 10 crash dumps files at excactly the same spot ingame. I am at january 2nd 2020. I saved my game yesterday, the 16th. of december and uptill then i never had issues. But after loading my save today, the 17th. of december it immediately crashed as soon as i hit continue the first time after loading it. I have attached the latest crash dump file. If you need the savegame file, please let me know how to send it to you, as it won´t allow me to attach it to this topic because of the file size. What´s wrong, and what am i supposed to do to continue my save ? I hope you can help me quickly. Thanx in advance. FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 14.05.37).dmp
  14. I would love to see the Danish hockey league implementet. Hope that will be possible soon
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