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  1. League One team

    Go as your favourite league one buddies, Carlisle.
  2. Skin does not appear

    Job's a good un, cheers.
  3. Skin does not appear

    Righto, thanks, I'll give it a go later when I'm not busy. I don't recall changing the user data folder - but I clearly have! Thanks for your help mate, I'll report whether or not I managed to get it up and running later.
  4. Skin does not appear

    Hi, I've downloaded the wonderful looking steklo_x and unzipped it to desktop, following the instructions in the guide to the letter with regards which folder to put it in (C:users/fran/documents/SI/FM2010/skins/steklo_x), but when I click on the drop down menu there is no option for steklo. The right boxes are ticked and unticked. I then noticed another steklo folder on my desktop called steklo_x_picmenubar. Where would I put this - if indeed it is making a difference? I've tried putting skins in before and have never had any luck. The closest I came merely changed all the text white, so I couldn't read any of it. I'm close to pulling my hair out as I can't stand the interface - think it's so badly designed, and plenty of guys seem to be able to produce some excellent looking ones, putting the professionals to shame - I just wish I could get one to work!! Edit: Looking at one of the stickys above, it mentions looking at the user data folder to discover the folder location. Mine looks like this: c:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/football manager 2010/ Would I untick this as well as I have put the skin in C:user/fran/etc?
  5. Fabregas transfer error

    Definitely a case where using FMRTE wouldn't be classed as cheating? I'd be raging!
  6. Easy League

    Greece - Olympiakos or AEK, although Olympiakos always seem to do badly on my games.
  7. Rejects Loan Offer?!?!?!

    I've had players in on loan, done really well, listed Carlisle as favourite club and me as favoured personnel. Then when I try and renew: "XXX has no intention of going on loan to Carlisle". I think it's maybe to do with them playing very well for you and then thinking they can get into their original team now?
  8. Lack of harmony ?

    It's really quite annoying.. I'm top of the Prem with Carlisle, and yet most of my team are twining. I'm expecting results to start dipping anytime soon. It started when I signed a right sided mid and an attacking mid/fwd - a lot of my central midfielders started complaining about competition, even though these two signings will never be played there, or indeed are even listed as being able to. Central mids start twining about competition then a week later the rest of the team are bleating on. I'm not going to offer huge contracts to keep them happy, a lot of my team are 18/19 and I don't want to be paying young lads stupid wages, although I will increase them at the end of season. Oh, the morale of the whole team - bar one or two - is 'Superb'. At the mo it aint a problem, but I can see it becoming one.
  9. Brazilian Youngsters

    I've had it surprisingly easy with Brazilian kids. A couple have duel nationalities so that's cool, but some have been Brazilian only, no caps as yet and after appeals I've always got them - and not to send out on loan for three years either. I've only had one rejected. Never had this level of success before. I'm playing as Carlisle.
  10. Actually choosing the Feeder Club

    I've only got 2, and I'm not allowed to request any more! I'm in the Prem. Quite annoying.
  11. Booked.. for time wasting!

    Never played 09 so this is new for me! As I say, it better work both ways..
  12. Italian Super Cup with FOUR PLAYERS??

    I don't think there is anything you can do mate, could be wrong though. On FM08 playing as PAOK, towards the end of each season the Greek league has a Greeks v Foreigners game. Due to me usually being in the Euro final, the Greek Cup was moved.. to the same date as Greek v Foreigners, which for some reason all my players had to play for. So each Greek Cup final I'd be left with about 12 under 21's. I just let the assman run it. With the Greek league being so poor I usually won.
  13. The ability to put scouts, coaches etc into a shortlist as well!! I've mentioned this before previous versions. It's difficult to remember a shedload of names. When you place an advert and get up to excellent response it becomes difficult remembering which of them are any good so you have to look through them all again. The fact you still can't utterly baffles me.
  14. Well it seems that this has been implemented . Unfortunately it was while I was at 1-1 and going for the win - I had low time wasting on and my left back got booked for taking too long with a corner.. Hope it works both ways!
  15. Getting a knock during the match.

    It's well annoying when your assman says he can run it off, so you leave him on and the game finishes only for you to be told he's out for months with a pulled hamstring or something. I have good physios so this shouldn't happen! Now I click on the player to look at the profile as soon as an injury is noted. It will say 'has potential groin injury' or some such. If it's neck, head or leg I take them off. If it's body or arm I leave em on.