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    I'm married with 2 kids, I'm a hammer fan, Photoshop CC. I'm a staff moderator of Sortitoutsi & FM View.

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    South London, UK


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    Photoshop CC for SS kits on Sortitoutsi & FM View, FOOTBALL!

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    West Ham AFC Bournemouth

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  1. not really....Editor 2019 so fast no problem with my pc huge speed tho.....not Editor 2020. i dont know why ...it must be bug!
  2. Only Editor 2019 was perfect speed, not 2020 with 20.3 update was so slooow.... now this new 20.4 update is worse slow ever than 20.3 update...whats going on!
  3. hope so ASAP!!!! i dont understand why Editor 2020 was so slow. must be bug...
  4. oh dear...should be edit to change colour.
  5. ok, how do I change from third to away because of a colour clash... kit selection....you see villa green was third bit clash with Newcastle home so need change from third to away(blue) im grateful if anyone know. thanks, hammer9
  6. i did...same problem.....see video.. clip0002.avi
  7. Editor 2020 was so slooooooooww...why?.....im waiting for answer.
  8. Now its not working....i have put background from Flex 12/13 to defaults skin folder....
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