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  1. How often were Reading playing compared to Udinese, and what are their respective facilities like? Conditioning makes a big difference, tired players don't seem to win very often no matter what their stats say. If you have your contracts out of whack individuals will perform well below standard also. The make up of your squad in terms of domestic player vs foreign and young v old could also have some part to play although I can't say I know how that works. Are any of those factors evident between Reading and Udinese?
  2. Lack of players in positions

    You guys need to address your scouting knowledge by the sounds of it. A good idea would be to get a scout from Brazil and a scout from your 'other nationalities/leagues' whatever - mine are germany and Holland. Plus I have seen and used a good scout in the Middle East - Saudi Arabia is best. I set my scouts a maximum age limit of 18 for foreign players and have acquired some gems. As an A League team I can't keep really good players but I can develop 18 yos and get at least three 1st team seasons out of them before selling at the end of their (usually) second contract. Building Scouting knowledge does amazing things for your recruiting. Also I play with a large dB on this game for first time (newish computer) and I think it makes recruiting easier. I am still surprised by good players popping up in opposition teams every now and then and think - where did they come from? Most often though they don't fit my pace & technique or height rquirements.
  3. which tackling for CB ?

    I have had one truly world class assistant manager who recommended some strikers be tackeld "hard but fair". I generally don't set my CDs to tackle hard though. I usually try and target one or two players in senior games and none at Youth level. I will normally actually tackle the opposition CDs hard or wait until one of the opposition is on a yellow and start tackling them hard. Do you get many cards? I had a game where 4 of my players were injured in the first 20 mins, so after 60mins with a 2 goal lead (was hoping for more) I set all my players to full close down and hard tackling (every parameter I could) to try and injure them back - my team apparently gave up no more fouls and definitely didn't injure anyone, dammit.
  4. So I am a bit bored of playing at the moment so have just been doing forums and looking at stuff in the game I haven't before and found these interesting team stats. Fastest goals is hilarious! Amazed at the consistency in my youngest/oldest players as well. Please comment and leave your interesting team stats Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Hi all, don't know how to do this, but - I have a team squad with a wage budget of 18.8K/week and I challenge anyone in the world to create a better list than mine for the same dollars or less and play a world series like 7 game series. Problems are that I am still playing FM2009, and I am not very technically gifted when it comes to computers. Is it possible, and if so are there any takers?
  6. My U-19 team players disappeared

    Such a pain that Wellington doesn't have a Youth team isn't it! I can't really help because I don't edit but I can say that for the other clubs the Youth team are generally uncontracted players (greyed out). When in the past I have had an injury and tried to promote one of my greyed out youth players (without first offering him a full time contract and therefore making him 'real') they dissappear from the game forever - I definitely think there are bugs with the A League side of the game as most people wouldn't play it. I challenge anyone in the world to beat my Adelaide United team on 28.8K/week budget.
  7. Uploaded with ImageShack.us These are the rules I see for my A Leaugue Youth team - Am I stupid or is the first rule (top) totally irrelevant because of the second (bottom) rule?
  8. Possible Bug

    Also, always check that you are not playing tired players.
  9. Possible Bug

    check your clubs training facilities? Maybe your players are not as well conditioned as they could be or overtrained?
  10. Well, I'm not exactly sure what the decisions attribute means, but I do know that it is one of the most important attributes ball use. My feeling is that decisions don't affect say whether the shot is on target/pass is aimed for a player but more whether it is staight at the keepr/there is an opposition player in the way. Your centreback may not score as many headed goals from cnrs with a lower decisions stat, but I don't know that it affects defending. I always rate decisions as one of the most important attribute for creative players like wingers. For centre back I like (apart from obvious tackling, marking, heading, jumping) height (pref 190cm +), pace, concentration, positioning, bravery, and balance.
  11. Poacher Problem!

    I think you should check your poacher's contract, after playing so well he will drop in form if he is not one of the teams better paid players. He may want a new contract, he may actually be not well paid. As far as captains go - the ideal attributes are a combination of influence, a professional personality and to a lesser extent (depending on personal opinion) determination.
  12. The tycoon takeover thread

    Congrats Scotty Walds!
  13. manager comments

    I don't know why every one turns off longshots. I signed a young Dutch central mid who has 7gls from 11 games - all long shots - coupled with is 4 assists.
  14. No but because of my bullish media style and good results I now have extra rivals
  15. ReTraining Players Positions

    Agree with Viggo however... I actually found that playing youth players (and retraining) into at least one new position will be beneficial to improving their weak points, might be fooling myself, but it has appeared to work. I always manage my youth team and have only had 2 new signings that went straight into the 1st team over last 9 seasons, so I sort a player out and get him comfortable in any position I think he'll need to back-up in the senior team, would hate to have uncomfortable players in the 1sts . I have had a strange one though - left winger but second choice yth left winger so trained him to play right wing for a year and he didn't pick up anything. Then needed him as a yth striker as I looked at his stats and thought it would fit. Instantly he started improving in that position (only a couple of games played and got up to awkward or something) but then signed a genuine youth striker so put him back to retraining as a right winger and he was accomplished inside 6 months... go figure.