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  1. QPR, then I might give York City a go.
  2. Hmm might pop down to Sainsburys over the weekend
  3. Name: Pee Wee Nation: Spain Height: (M/CM) 157 Weight: (KG) Random Favorite Club (MAX of 1): Barcelona Disliked Club (MAX of 1): Real Madrid PPM (MAX of 2): Beats off side trap, Places shots 2 Technical stats at 20: Finishing, Dribbling 2 Mental stats at 20: Off the ball, Anticipation 2 Physical stats at 20: Pace, Acceleration Home race (2-17): 9
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Wait a minute, your favourite club is who?
  5. Which regen keeper is better?

    Yeah I wasn't thinking about pace lol, I have had a bid of 1.5 million for the first so should I accept? Money is no problem so I could get both.
  6. Team structures.

    I have anyone who is 18 or under in the U18's unless they are ready to play for me regularly and the rest of my player are in the first team, I put players who are out on loan in my reserves. I keep all young players until they're contract is up, if they are 1-2 stars I release them, if they are 3 stars I try and sell them, if they are 4-7 stars I keep hold of them and loan them out from the age of 19-21 unless they are ready to play first team football. I buy anyone who can improve my team, I like signing hot prospects and developing them, but I also like signing experienced players for bargain prices. I got Ashley Cole, Owen Hargreaves and Robinho for 5 million each.
  7. http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/2389/picture1lsz.png Currently own this guy after signing him on a free in the summer, Espanyol are now interested in him. http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/1043/picture2lff.png My scout found this kid and thinks he can become as good as Akinfeev So should I sell Salcedo and buy Evans or just keep it as it is?
  8. HELP - Mac Problem.

    The cache thing sorted it out, thank you sir.
  9. Since downloading 9.3.0 FM 2009 won't open, the icon bounces at the bottom of the screen but nothing comes up, when I right click and select quit it turns the whole screen white. I tried uninstalling it but the uninstaller won't work either! Any help?
  10. Back to 9.2.0?

    You have to delete 9.3.0 and re-install 9.2.0
  11. Has or is anyone going to do this? I've only just downloaded it but have read that there are a fair few problems, on top of that the new coaching system is giving me a migraine. I'm going to see how the match plays out and then I might go back.
  12. young english defenders

    Beevers isn't good enough for top clubs in the Prem imo, he's too slow and in my QPR game he just warmed the bench. Look at Onouha.
  13. Right my scouts came back with suggestions of some young players for me, who could potentially be 6 star players, seeing as they where available on a free I decided to sign them at the ends of there contract. However now they are in my squad they are shown as only having the potential of 3 stars, should I just loan them out and sell them at the end of the season or hold onto them?
  14. Every game I have around 60% possession but I fail to get many shots away, how do I improve this? Is it a simple case of being more attacking.