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  1. You're teasing us again :-) but no.. I respect your decision to not post them anymore. I'm still enjoying your very first tactic and am very thankful for it!
  2. Don't let us wait too long if you've hit Genius :-) Can't wait :-)
  3. Mr. Hough, I'm using your 4-1-1-2-2 tactic at the moment, with the problem of conceding a lot, so I wanted to change it to very rigid, but is there a way to convert the classic tactic to a wizard tactic?? Cause' I can't find it... Thanks again... :-)
  4. Mr Hough what are the most important attributes for the wingers? pace - passing - creativity - crossing - dribbling ?
  5. Looking forward, currently doing well with your latest tactic. I started with KV Oostende (Belgian second division) then moved to Newcastle Utd , German national team and now FC Barcelona ;-) Thanks a lot! Currently I'm the 5th of january in my game, so looking for the wingers now the transfer window is open... too bad I don't know the attributes for them yet... so it will be the standards ones for now ;-)
  6. He said today... EDIT: Ah no he said updates later today :-(
  7. Looking forward for it... starting a new season with Newcastle now after my first season... Won the EPL with a 15pt gap with your tactic (+JP Woody's). So I'm already gonna buy me a nice AMC :-)
  8. So did you put the defensive line to the middle or did you added two notches to closing down?
  9. JP I'm having great results with your tactic as well, thanks!! (also thanks to Mr Hough :-)) But my question is: what skin is that in your Heerenveen game? Tnx in advance, keep up the good work!
  10. Update: Bolton (home) 3-0 Chelsea (away) 0-1, I won 2-1 with CCC however Sunderland (home) 4-1 West Ham (away) 2-0 Portsmouth (home) 2-0 Doing well in Champions League as well: Heerenveen (away) 0-0 Heerenveen (home) 4-1 Roma (home) 2-2, 4-1 in CCC CSKA Sofia (away) 4-1 Fenerbahce (away) 2-0 Thumbs up Tylor, very impressive!
  11. I used Vela there last season: 29 matches, 9 goals, 7 assists, 5 MoM and 7.08 average... he did start very well but was tired and upset at the end of the season Adebayor performs well up front as well BTW: Never ever sell van Persie for this tactic !!! He's a superb striker and winger !!!
  12. Also Arsenal, second season Most of the time I play him as right striker with van Persie to his left, but when he's injured I play Eduardo there.
  13. Recently bought him with Arsenal. 7 Games, 5 goals - 2 assists - 2 MoM - Average rating 7.45 And he still likes to move into channels, which I like to be honest...
  14. Played 5 matches so far in the EPL: Aston Villa (home) 5-2 Wigan (home) 1-0 altough I had 7-0 CCC Liverpool (away) 1-0 Preston (away) 2-1 Manchester City (away) 0-0 Benzema, Walcott, van Persie and Fabregas injured
  15. Another season with Arsenal, have some nice signings. DM - Almunia (Ochoa) VR - Zapata (Eboué) VL - Clichy (Silvestre) VC - Touré, Marcano (Gallas,Djourou) MR - Walcott (Arshavin,Lautaro Acosta) ML - Nasri (Arshavin,Vela) MC - Fabregas,Denilson (Witsel,Defour) AC - Benzema,van Persie (Eduardo,Arshavin,Vela,Adebayor) With this team, I should do ok, gonna stick 100% to your OP
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