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  1. Found it: http://www.mediafire.com/?knfgaxp86l6w8cn
  2. One more question: what are the roles of the backs, since my eyes can't see if they are on automatic or support tnx
  3. Fantastic tactic again Mr Hough. One more question: what if you get a red card? In my last match I took of the MC because of the DM's are needed to cover the opponents AM and the 3 strikers are needed for scoring, not sure if it's the best solution though.
  4. Just moved from Independiente to Santos, nice moment to try the beta, I'll let you know how things go..
  5. I need this one: http://www.mediafire.com/?zpwzovtv6014gl7
  6. Is it possible that someone uploads UPNATEM tactic somewhere else then mediafire cause I have problems downloading it... Tnx in advance
  7. Hi Ehlan, v1 is still doing well in my PSV Eindhoven savegame. I was just wondering if you could mention the player roles of the players in v1 since it's a classic tactic. Don't have to be 100% correct but just to have an idea of it... for example: DMCL anchor man (defensive), etc... Thanks in advance
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