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  1. Excellent, thanks! Won't have to boot up Windows when I'm working on Linux and got the urge to play a little FM.
  2. About the Linux version. I'm guessing it's essentially the same game, making it possible to start play on Windows and then continue playing it on Linux while you are on that system? But I'm not familiar enough with STEAM to know how it would work. If I buy FM14, will I have access to both Windows and Linux or would I have to pay for both?
  3. I would if it didn't feel like taking forever to complete a game, and it's not looking to nice having max speed and watching player fly around on ice skates. But that there are goals on most highlights wasn't my problem though, I expect as much. My problem is that the ME seem way to predictable and that open-play goals are too easy to spot way before they actually end up in the back of the net. What I would like to see is a more randomness to the goals, as it is I've yet to see a team actually build a attack from the back forward...they always break up play and counter. Though I suppose the most frustrating thing I've seen on FM12&13 are the bar hitting on the exact same spot, it's almost like a running gag in the game. But I will try extended again tonight and see how it feels now...
  4. So is it just me or is it so easy now to know when a goal is gonna be scored? At least on key highlights. Every single goal from open play is scored via a counter attack where play is broken up in midfield and the other team counters. After the latest patch, they have yet to miss one of those. I know it was easy to spot goals before, but now it's 100% dead certain goal. I used to be wrong sometimes before at least. It's not even fun to play this game anymore and I hate the fact that Steam updated the game. Cause not only is my tactic useless again and needs more work to...well, work. Now it's so easy to know when goals will come. Wish to see more where a team with 70% possesion actually BUILDS play on their own that results in a goal now and again.
  5. I'm sorry. You mean there aren't enough goals scored when the keeper saves a shot straight into the path of a second attacker? I find there are way to many of these in the game and way to often only requires a simple tap in as the attacker is unmarked and get the ball straight to his feet. I find this happens if you have a very solid defense and good GK that can keep plenty of clean sheets. These sort of goals occur more often, or so is the feeling anyway, as it's one of the few ways opposition will be able to score on you as your defense doesn't allow too many close range shots and clear chances. It's either that, weird own goals and corners I seem to concede under those circumstances.
  6. I'll admit, I have never seen this one. I've seen the ones where a player is interested to come but the negotiations start with the agent asking you to make your first offer (everything set to zero from start) and we'll go from there. However some players/agents just shut you down straight away and doesn't want to see an offer at all.
  7. As has been mentioned. Before you could persuade a player to join if they got a good enough contract on offer. This is how it works IRL as well, a lot of players would be interested in a move if the wages was right. Obviously it also should depend on the club trying to buy the player, if the club is attractive enough a player would at least listen to your offer before deciding to stay or go to my team. I had this happen to me recently when I agreed a £19M fee for Messi. I'm managing Arsenal and we have won 3 league titles and just last season managed to get the treble. Yet he wasn't even interested in hearing us out. Feels kind of boring when you are negotiating with a club for days/weeks (in game obviously!) and then just get a message from the agent saying they don't want to enter negotiations. It should always be like what I've seen sometimes, where the agent tells you to put forth your offer (from scratch) and they will come back with a counter offer. In this case, they might just simply tell you that it's not interesting enough and then walk away and you could come back and try sometime later again.
  8. FM12 Arsenal Thread - Life after Cesc

    That's true. I'm just a bit surprised to see him this good in my team, but I'm happy he is.
  9. FM12 Arsenal Thread - Life after Cesc

    Congrats! Nicely done! Have to say, I'm now glad I didn't sell Chamakh when I brought in Benzema. Started the season with van Persie injured. He comes back, I give him some minutes off the bench and he scores a penalty...only to get injured in the last few minutes for another 2 weeks. Now he just came back and I gave him 10min in the CL and he scores straight away. In the dying seconds some CSKA Moscow player had to snap his foot! Now he is out for another 4 months. At least Chamakh is scoring freely, 10 in 9 games, would you believe?! Starting to get the feeling I'm having another Arteta, who quit way before his time with injury problems. He was such a good player for me.
  10. That can't be right. As you get this message (at least for me) as soon as you sign the player, or the next time you get a update from the board. Not to mention the young player I signed for Nurnberg was only a "hot prospect" and wasn't expected to play a lot and cost next to nothing.
  11. I've seen it a couple of times and I can only assume it has something to do with the supporters of his previous club. The first time I came across this was when I signed a newgen player from a South African club for peanuts to my Nurnberg side. He didn't seem like the problem to me as he stated he looked very much forward to playing on a bigger stage. However that clubs fans were outraged that he left. Same thing happened when I signed a GK from Malaga to my Arsenal side on a free. He had hoped fans would understand his move, but they didn't seem so understanding to me! These players haven't seemed to bring problems to the clubs I've managed, however it seems the board doesn't appreciate stirring up other supporter groups....or something.
  12. FM12 Arsenal Thread - Life after Cesc

    Yeah I am using him as a defender, backup for Gibbs atm. Have at times played him in a wide forward role when needed though. He has actually done alright for me. Ended his first season with a 7.07 rating from 28(7) games in all competitions. Not the greatest rating obviously and I did find that he lacked a bit of discipline. Gibbs got 0 yellow card and 0 red while Shaqiri got 8+1 and about 20 more fouls made in basically same amount of league games. Might not be best suited for that LB spot but I'll give him another season to show me what he's got. However I find he has more to offer in attack and does some interesting runs at times. A player I have been impressed by in my save is Bartley. Certainly has developed into a rock solid defender for me, him and Koscielny are my first choice CBs. Never expected that tbh, had my mind set on a Kos/Verms partnership for years!
  13. FM12 Arsenal Thread - Life after Cesc

    Having a lot of fun on my Arsenal save. Recently completed season 4 where we won the treble, my first CL title and final I might add. 3rd league title and first FA Cup. Also have a League Cup title a couple of seasons ago. My current team if anyone is interested : Wojciech Szczesny Tim Howard (£2.2M from Everton 2015) Ariel Bertolotti (19 y.o Argentinian regen, £675K from San Lorenzo) Bacary Sagna Laurent Koscielny Kyle Bartley Kieran Gibbs Thomas Vermaelen Álvaro Silva (20 y.o Portugese CB, £1.2M from Sporting 2013) Hanno König (18 y.o German RB, £2.5M from Leverkusen 2014) Xherdan Shaqiri (£5.5M from Basel 2014) Alex Song Jack Wilshere Aaron Ramsey Luiz Gustavo (Free from FC Bayern 2015) Lloyd Farley (18 y.o Academy player. Did well on loan at Luton in L1 last season. Will give him a go this season!) Ben Amerteifio (17 y.o Academy player. Impressed during a injury hit period last season!) Henri Lansbury Robin van Persie (138 goals in 4 seasons, 100 in the league. Plenty of assists too. 166 league goals, will probably overtake Henry's record this season!) Theo Walcott Eden Hazard (£45.5M from Lille 2012) Karim Benzema (Free from Real Madrid 2015) Marouane Chamakh Nicklas Bendtner Alex Chamberlain Playing a 4-1-2-2-1. Finding it hard to offload Chamakh and/or Bendtner. Both does well for me but I couldn't resist bringing in Benzema on a free. Chamakh actually has like 98 goals in 4 seasons but is getting older but none interested, Bendtner scores his share and at times is superb when Robin and Chamakh has been injured. Got rid of Sturridge to ManU though for £5M, came on a free from Chelsea but failed to impress.
  14. Olympic Games

    What about Great Britain? Could they qualify again for another Olympics in the game?
  15. Football Chairman?

    Actually, I think it could be pretty easy (or easyish) to put it into the current game. As a manager right now you are already having a big part to do with finances that I don't think a lot of managers actually have control over. Like negotiating wages, contracts, buy/sell players and dictating the fee. Unless you are of a Wenger etc, the manager would not have full control over these parts of the game (then again, I'm sure he doesn't either to 100%). Basically just adding the possibility to hire/fire managers, negotiating best possible ads/sponsors and have total control over everything that is economy and stadiums and you have a football chairman type of game. The only part you would leave behind really is actually managing the team and setting up the tactics and picking players for matchdays. One could say that simply holidaying would do the trick. But for one, you could get fired pretty easily and two holidaying is mostly random results. Sometimes I just like to micromanaging everything and leave the actual games to the assistant, so a a chairman mode would be a welcome addition IMHO.