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  1. Yeah definitely this should be an option. Seems like an obvious one tbh.
  2. Ah was there any indication it would be addressed. Yeah but i didn't want to run the risk of offerring it and then the player moving for peanuts money.
  3. Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place to post anything but I have a certain gripe about the conversations that take place when a player is unhappy about a promise being broken for the following: - not accepting a bid when agreed to be sold : My main problem with this is that certin times the offer includes a selling team wage contribution which I refuse to pay. Unfortunately when you decline an offer and player is unhappy you cannot say that you refuse to subsidise the wages. Is this something that can be implemented as part of a future update? - player unhappy that a new contract was not offered: I have a player who has a decent contract and wants a new contract. I agreed to offer it him but the agent wanted a minimum fee release clause which I refused as this wasn't in the existing contract. I walked away but when the player said he's unhappy that a contract was offered i was unable to say that drop the minimum fee release clause and you'll get the contract. Again is this something that can be in an update?
  4. i've just played a game after i beat lazio to get to the final of the euro cup. However after the next premier league game i got asked 2 strange questions: 1) Despite a convincing 6-3 agg win over lazio you have been eliminated from the competition, how disappointed are you? This literally makes no sense and as part of the same conference i got asked the following: 2) what impact do you think lifting the euro cup will have on harry maguire
  5. Hi, I am in the season 2024-2025 as manager of fc united. I have had a payer on loan from manchester united for 2 years and purchased him outright in the 3rd year. As he has been in the country for 3 years before 21 (21 now). However he is actually Serbian (United purchased him 1 year before I loaned him. Now I am in the post brexit rules scenario where the squad is allowed a maximum of 17 foreign players and a minimum of 8 players trained in england for 3 years. However when I add the player into the squad both the foreign count and english count goes up by 1. Surely it should be 1 or the other or would the player need an english passport? Thanks
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