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  1. Small text error in a press question: "Your unbeaten home away now stands at ten league matches...." Edit: Was after an away match
  2. When I don't want to score any more goals I bring Berbatov on
  3. I tried these in a previous game with Red Star Belgrade with moderate success, though that could be down to my inability to identify good players than anything else:) Started a Napoli game though and been using the Classic tactic, a roaring success. 8 games left and the only match I've lost was in the Italian Cup, on penalties! Excellent tactic, because I'm fairly lazy and just want to play without tinkering too much.
  4. Just to add to this argument... I've been playing a lot of FM this week, using mostly Fuss' version 2 tactic. I've had success with: Manchester United Linfield Red Star Belgrade Santos Northern Ireland It works, but you cannot expect to load the tactic, pick 11 players and sit back and watch the results come in. There are so many other factors involved than just tactics. Fuss' tactics work, and work very well, but you need to take some time to understand why they work, and how to make them work for you. If they don't work for you then fair enough, by all means say so. However I wouldn't
  5. Windclou - Alan Smith is an excellent target man, even when you tell him not to hold up the ball and change the targetman instructions to 'run onto ball'. In fact this seems to work even better for me. I'm in second season with United and teams are playing more defensive against me due to last seasons success. V2 seems to work even better in these circumstances as the ai does not attack down the wings as much.
  6. These tactics seem to very much depend on the quality of the players, especially the 2 central mids and the target man. I haven't had a chance to play with v3 yet but v2 is rocking in the second season with Manchester United (yes yes I know it doesn't count with one of the big teams but I have played a lot of FM with United and this is one of the best suited tactics to the origional squad of players). I had moderate success on v2 with Irish League teams.
  7. Ok well I finished a season with Manchester United using V2 and I've been very impressed, not just with the success of the tactic but with the general consistency. Some changes needed match to match to foil the AI and take advantage of weaknesses but generally it works a treat, with United anyway.
  8. This is definately a solid tactic. However I've experienced some problems with the defence. I've tried back arrows on the full backs but it seemed to make no difference. Haven't been successful in hardening the defence yet but still being successful. Admitedly this is with Manchester United but as I know the players it is easier to test tactics.
  9. I don't think the importance of the target man can be expressed enough for this tactic. With Saha as TM I was innefective up front, as soon as Smith returned... BANG!
  10. I've been giving this ago with Manchester United. Started off with a couple of shocking away results, lost 5-2 at charlton and 4-2 at newcastle (although I had 2 men sent off!). Since then though it's been solid enough. Saha has had to fill in as the target man which hasn't helped but goals have been hard to come by in the league.
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