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  1. Given how Sunderland are doing that sounds about right. 😉
  2. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    The only answer, now and always, ROMA. If I buy, that is.
  3. Would there be a way to alter this using the editor?
  4. Whenever I've seen a major English team thrashing a major European club that tends to dominate them IRL I check the match fitness/conditioning of the teams and find the English team has a significant edge. It seems to be commonly believed that the "intensity" of the game in PL is higher than everywhere else and that would suggest players are generally fitter, quicker - they would have to be, if you believe that - and so whether or not you believe that, the game seems to reflect this belief.
  5. Well, this isn't the place to debate that so I'll leave it there. Really, there's no worrying - just a request for information.
  6. I do own them, but don't keep them installed - don't have the space. From what I can gather there are people on here easily able to call up such information whether they keep older versions installed or by some other means. I'm curious what kind of upgrade he received when he moved to Arsenal from Basel, or at the first mid season update (I suppose the first point any Arsenal researcher changed his stats).
  7. I know he has a CA of and a PA of in FM17. Could someone tell me what his CA/PA stats were in previous games (and previous mid season updates if possible)?
  8. So the descriptions are mostly just in-game media bluster? Makes sense.
  9. [Chelsea] (Official) Data Issues

    That's fair. Just a question - do researchers ever request new tactical formations? Something I've moaned about a lot on here is the need for a 3-4-3 preset formation with two midfielders in the CM position like Cedrik's first example there. Manager's using the game's 3-4-3 with two DMs have their teams dominated in the middle of the pitch because they are quite literally absent. It also shortens the range of available roles.
  10. Not only is it just a description, it's a "media description". Not sure how the generator works, though it doesn't seem that fixed on the player's actual CA so maybe the media in your save game world just overrates Veltman for different reasons.
  11. Just bought Ricky Saponara for Milan. This activated the sell on fee Milan must have negotiated when they sold him to Empoli. Which is nice! Would this really happen though?
  12. Have the exact same issue here. Logging out of Steam did nothing.
  13. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    People keep responding to me - posting as much about Bonucci as I am. It's not "spamming" and I'm not stopping anyone else from contributing. It's a discussion. If a mod thinks it's not valuable, they can say so and I'll stop. EDIT: In any case I have no intention of going on forever. . .
  14. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    You said "What's the evidence? Your opinion?" - it seemed like you were suggesting my opinion is just an opinion, as opposed to yours or whatever. Apologies if not the case. I agree that everything here and in the game is opinion, hopefully informed opinion where it can be. Bonaventura is Milan's main and best playmaker, I agree, yet if Milan were at Juve's level or their previous levels he might not be, although I like Bonaventura a lot. I like to think he could be worthy of better Milan sides but I'm not 100% sure, not until Milan play in Europe regularly and so on. In any case, there are things other than passing and vision that make Bonaventura Milan's best attacking player, that would stop Bonucci from being so if he became an attacking player or playmaker at Milan. I don't think Bona has Bonucci's range of passing or accuracy, but as an attacker (even in midfield as he is now) of course he gets bags of goals and assists. Also from set pieces. So far as consistency of research. Well there's consistency and then there's individual researchers disagreeing with others. That's life. You could scour the data of Europe's top leagues to find a "ceiling" for Bonucci but this suggests there's a limit to how good a defender's passing can be, it also suggests that Bonucci's attributes should be restrained by other good ball playing defenders even if you think, as I do and presumably the Italian researchers do, that Bonucci is above their level by a good 2/3 attribute points. If anything if Bonucci were to be downgraded to 15/14 (I don't agree but fine) this would be only make sense if Boateng and Hummels were knocked down to 12/13. Is Bonucci a better passer than Gundogan? I don't know, but if so he's not he's not far behind.
  15. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    What's your evidence? Your opinion? I watch Serie A much more than any other league, I watch probably 3 games every weekend minimum depending on scheduling. I watch every team in Europe. Watch every Italy game at international level when I can etc. I can't say what the researcher based their judgment on, can only guess they see what I and many others see. Also they don't get to rate Gundogan or Ganso's passing do they? Maybe they'd put it a bit higher. Also the specialist thing I think again comes back to the "but he's just a defender" issue. Excellent passing isn't intrinsic to the defender's game, no, in Bonucci's case it's just very, very useful. There are also attacking players with higher tackling and positioning than some fine defenders, but they aren't necessarily wrong.