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  1. I do a search for the ones with the highest PA when they are introduced first couple years, and use in game editor to swap that PA and CA with a real player (ideally of same or similar age and definitely of same nationality and club). If you go for long term games this is really just holding back the tide for a few years (and only matters for teams at the highest level). But for someone who does mostly shortish term saves like me, it's fine.
  2. Could you create a series of multi national league systems within Europe? Any team in Europe would be within a structure spanning a geographical area of at least 25 million people. Quite obviously, European football is increasingly dominated by teams from affluent countries of a certain baseline population. I'd like to model a system where over time this trend might in theory at least partially reverse and even out. In particular, if you look at the Netherlands and Portugal whose best teams are routinely raided for talent by foreign clubs and not just the big ones; sometimes ones with smaller fan bases, less success, but more money. Another issue it would look to address would be uncompetitive second tier/third tier countries - Celtic in Scotland, Olympiacos in Greece for example. Of course a lot of teams now in the national top league would drop down divisions, and much local football may suffer - but then is already seems to be the trend. Some teams would almost never see European football. But as in the case of Swansea, Cardiff competing in England, are nevertheless much stronger than they would be in a Welsh league. Cities like Dublin, Edinburgh, Stockholm may develop some decent teams for once. Leagues would be devised along national connections of geographical, historical, cultural, linguistic grounds and so on. Much/most of it would be a stretch - with countries just shoehorned in wherever. More obvious or neater groupings would be Nordic, Benelux, UK, Iberian peninsula etc. Obviously, none of these are likely IRL and in many ways Portuguese football for example actually punches above its weight - but the prospects of teams like Ajax, Porto, Benfica, Celtic ever achieving European success again are dimmer by the day. The biggest problem I can foresee is Uefa qualification. With fewer leagues there would need to be more qualification spots per league - but not sure that can be achieved with editor. Any thoughts? Is this simply impossible? The simply answer "No" will be accepted. This is as a nerdy idea of mine as much as anything.
  3. I bought this on steam, not through game. Says its in library. tried logging out, restarting steam. clearing cache/preferences. clearing steam download cache. nothing. tried getting refund so I could just buy in game but they told me I've exceeded max 2 hour playing game (but that's for the game, not the in game editor). I planned to just use refunded balance in wallet to buy it in game. at a loss.
  4. still not showing up for me. bought through Steam on Macbook Pro. Says its in my library.
  5. They've already said it's simply aimed at reducing stigma, normalising etc. It doesn't enhance the game and it's not meant to. Logically, more players will have to come out in the game than have/do/will in real life to reduce the stigma against it - otherwise you're just reproducing real life, not trying to better it in a small way. (Whether or not you think it will make a difference is another matter, but that's what it's there for).
  6. If you're a well known person there's no way to be privately out but not have it be publicly known (open secret) and speculated upon. Not without leading a double life, and even that's losing proposition.
  7. On the stats screen under match analysis, it would be great for there to be way to watch highlights strung together by certain incidents. In the image above I've all Key Passes from my players, instead of clicking on each one I would love to be able to start a mini highlights package where each incident plays consecutively.
  8. Highly doubtful. If you are gay and haven't come out you can't do something as simple and everyday as going out to a restaurant with your boyfriend, or spending a day at the beach with them. If your teammates ask about your private life in even the most non-invasive or indirect way, you have to evade or lie.
  9. can't find the Segundo Volante role to assign in tactics, though it does show up when highlighting key attributes.
  10. One of those *I'll believe it when I see it* ones, I suppose. Biggest problem with AI managers IMO is their inability to get players fit for matchday, to rotate, to be truly flexible in formations (depending on the manager IRL, some of course never change) and to understand the value in developing youth (not automatically loaning out anyone at a certain age in a certain CA range, for example).
  11. Given how Sunderland are doing that sounds about right. 😉
  12. The only answer, now and always, ROMA. If I buy, that is.
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