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  1. Mate... this has been by far the best thing I have ever tried... its just WOW... its a miracle and I am lucky to try it, so far 12 matches undefeated with Kosovo Last season finished 1st with Atalanta in Serie A with 149 goals scored and only 20 conceded, I have a decent squad for Atalanta ( 99% Italians ) but still not as good as to maybe achieve 37 wins 1 draw and 0 loses and winning all the possible cups I do make some changes before/during the match but not huge changes, the only thing I have changed so far is FBs to attack and right CF to AF. Thanks for sharing your tactic man, its time to enjoy my game now
  2. Idk how it works with other striker roles, i had Douglas Costa taking my corners, i found it worked better for me that one of my wingers take corner kicks instead of best corner taker As you saw on my other post Douglas Costa had 37 assists from 40 matches
  3. Best 4231 Wide tactic I have used on this FM version, beautiful fooball and crazy player stats! Douglas Costa was injured for about 2.5 months otherwise he would have better stats but i'm still happy with 37 assists in 40 matches (80% of assists from corners). I think having one of your IFs taking corners is more effective than your best corner taker. Having a defender scoring 16 goals per season is absolutely crazy, I have Rugani (15 goals in 44 matches) De Ligt (16 goals in 43 matches) Bonucci (6 goals in 25 matches) Thank you for your work knap, you're genius!
  4. Try ''Downloads'' folder instead of looking at ''Tactics'' folder
  5. Well i fixed it, the problem was that i was loading 2 databases, lol. And its not called Besa Pec but Besa Pejë . What about a Kosovo national flag, couldnt you add it in-game?! The other thing is that all European players are marked as non-foreign players and you are only allowed to have 5 fgn players on your team, thats weird imo, im from Kosovo and i play in Kosova's Superleague and i dont know if there is such a regulation in our Football Federation. Anyway, you deserve a lot of credit for the work you have done.
  6. Hey gavo01, i just wanted to thank you for this wonderful update, by the way i have some bugs to report, KF Ferizaj in game is shown as KF Luzi, KF Hysi is shown as KF Kelcyra and Besa is shown as Besa Pec, any thoughts on how to fix this?!! Tried to fix it via Editor but the name of those clubs in Editor is right but in-game they are different!!! And one last question, what date is youth intake for Kosovo?! Cheers
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