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  1. Is promotion always a good thing?

    After the first season Ive just been promoted to the Premier League with Charlton and although the transfer budget of 16M was great, the wage structure could not be altered no matter what I tried (boardroom finance button greyed out, altering wage and transfer budget made no difference) therefore couldn't get premier league level players on a championship wage structure, needed to clear out the majority of the squad....just coming to the end of August and finally the Finance button in the boardroom screen is no longer greyed out and they have increased my wage budget by 80K per week, why wasn't this available straight after promotion?? Gonna struggle this year I think
  2. Decided to start a game in the Championship as Charlton - started with first transfer window budgets disabled, playing a 4-1-2-2-1 formation I want to try and use the youth that are currently at Charlton and bring them through to the first team. I will also try and buy predominantly British players when and if the budget allows. The only changes I have made to the back room staff is to replace all the Scouts with one's that know a decent footballer when they see one. Currently near the end of the January transfer window first season Sitting top of the Championship 4pts clear of QPR and 5 ahead of Brighton in 3rd Just lost away to Everton 2-1 in the 4th Round of the FA Cup Leon Cort, Callum Harriott and Jordan Cousins are doing very well with each of them averaging around 7.4 per game. Leon Cort despite his stats is very solid. January signings - Kasper Hansen on a Free and Dedryck Boyata from Man City for 150K I have let a host of youngsters leave on free's and loaned out the more promising. I have also just sold Chris Solly to Stoke when he started complaining and wanted to leave for a bigger club, got 4.5M for him so that was pretty good business. Have a host of British (realistic for a club like Charlton) transfer targets for the summer if we get promoted to the Prem.
  3. you sir are a genius, you have saved my laptop from getting a fist in it's face (screen) The Quickening works really well in the latest update, although I have found the fluid tactic works better both home and away and irrespective of favorite or under dog...playing as Charlton Athletic, 1st season, first transfer window disabled.
  4. FM14: What Team should I be?

    Gladbach in the German first division will give you an interesting challenge. Not a big transfer budget around 2M euros. Have several good youngsters coming through and a few ageing players on big wages. In what is a very challenging league try to topple the dominance of Dortmund and Bayern...
  5. [FM 13] Koflok's Goals Galore 2013

    Yep me too..........I've tried changing the fb's to defend but still no good.....lost first two games of the season conceding down the right (my left) to teams I should of beaten easily (I'm playing as gladbach)
  6. Sam is OK....but lacking in most of the mental stats..most are 10 and under on my save...not sure if that's random though
  7. Managing Gladbach 1st season, currently have a transfer budget of £3.4M. Looking for a young prospect in the AML position ideally suited to an inside forward role, any ideas chaps?
  8. FM13: Everton F.C. - Featuring overused toffee puns

    I'd sell if he was not happy and you could get at least 30 to 40 Mil for him
  9. FM13: Everton F.C. - Featuring overused toffee puns

    TopToffee, how much did you land donovan for?
  10. An European Journeyman Adventure

    Great thread.......enjoying following your career....good luck
  11. FM12: Borussia Dortmund - 'Wo Champions sind Geboren'

    Cigerci has been 4.5 stars potential in both my saves so far...got him for £3M Thanks.....One thing I have noticed is Koln appear to be the major threat not Munchen...this appears the case in other saves in this thread too
  12. FM12: Borussia Dortmund - 'Wo Champions sind Geboren'

    Just started a save with the mighty yellows....focusing on a 4-2(DM)-1(CM)-2(AML,AMR)-1 Transfers in Cigerci Vrasljko De Bruyne Reinartz Kovacic Fierro Transfers Out Kagawa - didn't want to play for us when Chelsea came sniffing - £15M Santana - £750K loan fee - with a £2.25M option to buy Da Silva - £100K Fringe - £1M A couple of lesser players released on frees. Went through pre-season unbeaten.....Gotze and Barrios picked up short injuries which mean't they missed the super cup and 1st rnd of the German cup although no real issues as we strolled both of them. Results so far Super Cup - Schalke - Won 4-1 (Lewandowski hat-trick) Cup 1st Rnd - Wendeck - Won 8-0 (Lewandowski and Perisic hat-tricks) Lge - A - Leverkusen - Won 4-0 Lge - H - HSV - won 2-0 Lge - A - Frieburg - drew 1-1 Lge - H - Wolfsburg - Won 3-1
  13. Regarding OI's..........Weaker foot on LB, RB, LW/M, RW/M, CM, DM, AM, ST.....closing down always on LW/M, RW/M, hard tackling on AMC....closing down works in the lower league...I would suggest stearing clear of it in the top tier leagues...as the quality and technical ability is a lot better.
  14. This is a great plug and play tactic, I tend to use my own tactics which work well with better quality teams and I just couldn't get it working with less able teams.......just started a new Charlton career only added Billy Knott to the squad and Bradley Wright Phillips has been injured since pre-season I use OI's and I tend to utilise passionate or assertive team talks... After 4 league games I have won 4 scoring 11 and not conceded a single goal.....best result away to Wycombe 5-0 the only tweak I make is if I am winning by the odd goal with 20mins to go I tend to drop the more defensive CM into the DM role....