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  1. You sir are a legend, forgive my cultural ignorance on missing that!!
  2. Can someone help me figure out how to allow my reserve and youth teams to operate with the tactics their managers feel best fit their talent instead of just the senior team tactic? I saw one possible answer but it involved the development center tactic screen and since I have taken control of youth team training I can't access the page in question. I don't see it under staff responsibilities or under the actual tactic screens for the youth teams. Please help!
  3. I mean if you're a Northern Irish premier team who exactly were you expecting to get as a feeder club? Have you actually considered and checked the club reputations in that league? Because i assume reps are a big factor in what options you're going to get. And you would probably prefer a danish 2nd div club over an English 7th level club.
  4. Fantastic work wicksy! Thanks for helping to solve this riddle. I usually download a league update that adds levels 4-6 for Germany so this means my youngsters will get live games. Sincerely thank you mate!
  5. bump for some mod to check in on this eventually
  6. Have you tried locking the position offer in your negotiation (ex. Colorado II Fitness Coach) so they can't ask for a main team job?
  7. Did we ever figure this one out? I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to get one added so far, but it only has appeal to me if we can get it into an actual league.
  8. I'm sure the US isn't a huge market for them sales wise. Completely fairly they are going to focus on fleshing out what will generate them the most revenue in future models, and odds are purchasing the USL lisence or ensuring MLS accuracy is pretty low on that list. They are extremely complex and unique leagues that work totally different then most normal leagues, so for the time I'm sure it would take to program unique AI processes it likely isn't worth the effort. I'm thankful for the B-team feature, it will make Uncle Sam's annual database that much better to play with. Anything they do for us at this point is gravy, since i have no doubt there are not many customer holdouts waiting to buy FM every year until they truly ace MLS play or add the USL. Just reality, SI have a lot on their plates. Thanks for making a great game every year.
  9. Also not sure if this falls under here or Holland, but Segino Dest has officially declared for the USA in real life and in game he is still undeclared and refuses US call ups in favor of waiting for holland due to small travel time.
  10. Seattle Sounders own and operate the Tacoma Defiance as their reserve side, yet in the game they aren't linked at all. Should operate like most other teams linkage with an owned USL squad as a straight reserve team this year.
  11. Chris Gloster is a free agent in the game and in real life he is with PSV's B team https://www.psv.nl/english-psv/news/article/chris-gloster-joins-psv-on-a-three-year-deal-from-hannover-96.htm
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