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  1. Okay thanks. One last question, what about the reserve team opponents, is there a way to have them scouted?
  2. Would the same apply to my opponents in the off-season, or will someone watch them automatically (e.g. in the Next opposition assignment)?
  3. Hey, so I'm currently in the season break. While there's some international cups, there are only so many scouts I can send so they don't overlap (usually the competitions play 3 matches at the same time at most). Is there any way to scout friendly matches, so my other scouts don't just sit there like that? Also would be nice for the "U19 International"s. cheers
  4. So when they were able to play in the third division, that was a bug and now they correctly cannot play?
  5. So I just reloaded an old auto save and re-run the nearest reserve game. The players were marked as Unr and did not play. However, when I look at the match from my current save (where it was already played), the players played.. It looks like something triggered this behaviour across all saves Before, with first team players playing: After, the players cannot play
  6. They have to register a squad, but as I said, in my first season I was able to send first team players to play in reserves and this happened suddenly, with no indication why, so I don't think it works properly
  7. Hi, in the beginning of my second season, out of the blue, my players from the 1st team squad cannot play for the reserves in the Segunda División. When I hover over their status, it says Unr - Cannot be registered for this match. The players cannot play for the reserves and it's really frustrating (also, I tried to continue and holiday through the days where the reserves play, and none of the players I made available played). The thing is, the whole first season, I used reserves to rotate players and build up their fitness, this is something new. I'm not sure what to do here, any help would be appreciated.
  8. Well, none of those conditions are currently in place in my save. The players are healthy, the season is underway. I can only select three players which the game deems the best, but I don't. :/
  9. I am using the default skin. I clicked on Development before, but when I try with different players, the outcome is the same. Also when I load the save before I clicked on Development, I don't have that option anywhere.
  10. The problem is I don't have that option under the Interaction menu
  11. Hi. Is there any way to request a specific player to tutor another player? I only get 3 "most suitable" options for both tutors and tutees, but none of them create the combination I want. I read that in previous version(s) there was an option to right click the senior player and "Talk About > Request Tutoring", but there is no such option in FM16. Thanks
  12. Well.. I was looking of there was something like this in FM. Seems like there isn't, so I'm bumping this thread
  13. That makes it even worse then. If anyone can do the job, it's really nonsense the game assigns my best scout to it automatically and takes the time he can use to bring reports on players from him.
  14. I already posted this in the "what you'd like to see in future versions of FM" thread... although, just now I saw this thread so it fits better here. I'd love to be able to be able to choose the scout who brings me the next opposition reports. Right now, when I create an assignment (even at the Assignments page of the scoud I want to scout the next opposition), the game automatically assigns a scout. Why not let me choose the same way I can pick who brings me reports from France? Please, consider bringing this into the game as soon as possible. I imagine (and hope) it would not be that hard to do as the option already exists for other assignments.
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