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  1. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Liverpool are the biggest team in ....... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=97438485
  2. A Spam filter for dumb manager comments would be great :-)
  3. Under 16's Asian Cup

    Can some tell me if i am wasting my time? or can it be done?
  4. Under 16's Asian Cup

    Can anyone throw some light on how to set this up correctly when I create it the cup works ok but all the players are open age no players under 16, I also set up the U17 world cup and that doesn't work either.
  5. National Manager/Player interaction - So if you intend to rest a player from Friendlies because they have been injured and Just comeback you can tell them that given the good relationship with the said manager you have decided to rest them as the games have nothing of importance. Also National and Club manager interaction tell Manager you are F%^off that they withdrew you key player.
  6. Awesome Regen Names

    In my holiday save Man City have a player called constant Bong, if i knew how to screenshot I will post
  7. Awesome Regen Names

    Saw a non league team with 2 CB Herman Swallows and Gerald Spitz
  8. Great Britain U23

    Lost Gold Medal game in Extra time to Australia as GB U/23 Selected Hart, Adam and Gerrard as My overs 23's
  9. I am sick of this SI

    This happened to me I was on a 10 game losing streak and when I started up the next day I was suddenly on a 15 game losing streak, This is definately a bug ... lol
  10. Creating a new nation

    Thanks for the replies I created my new nation and such and it is working fine but one question I do need to find out is how do i add flags to the nation? can't seem to find where they are
  11. Creating a new nation

    Hi This has probably been asked but i couldn't find while using the search function, how do you create a new nation I tried changing South Vietnam but it will no let me change the continent. Is there an easy way of changing this? or creating a new nation from scratch Thanks in advance
  12. Age is a terrible thing

    I know this is off topic but the tool in the right hand corner is this a add on or part of the game? I have seen it in a few Screenshots on the board but cannot find it Can someone throw a light on this for me :-)
  13. female regens?

    Have you asked John Terry?
  14. Most Trophies Won in a season!

    Don't Forget winning the world Cup or A Continental Cup that would be 8-10 trophies