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  1. hi guys ive just upgraded to a million gigs of ram to complement my i7 overclocked to a zillion how many leagues can i play? cheers
  2. to be frank, the response from miles and si is disgusting to say 'its not our problem' when an entire nation is forced to pay 2 times the price of everyone else is absolutely pathetic especially in light of the moaning from the same company about piracy.. then they have the nerve to tell us 'its different'. what a load of rubbish its different because SI lose on one side and win on the other. this kind of blatant price gouging is akin to piracy faced by customers and the response from the company we all associate with the game is 'too bad' the old pass the buck trick, blaming everyone else but themselves, to relieve themselves of responsibility absolutely doesnt cut it with me. all in all it this has been a shameful display from the company who i have entirely respected until now
  3. thanks for the detailed reply miles - i appreciate your input however it must be said that even comparing the UK price with australia, if both are 'full prices' games, we are still a loooong way off and it is undeniable that australians are being fleeced i understand when you say this is not SI's role. however i am interested in whether your company thinks such price setting (or rorting for a better word) is good for your business, for the game, and for the company who we all associate with the FM series? I would think that fair and equitable pricing is something SI would support for a variety of reasons?
  4. yep im interested too can anyone explain how this works and whether australian customers can buy this way? does it still go through steam downloads?
  5. so there is now doubt we are being completely ripped off in australia the comment from sega or SO or whomever about australias strong economy is complete and utter rubbish. products should not be priced based on the nations GDP in an international economy. and lets be real here, if these people actually lived in asutralia they would know that for us ordinay people, things arent as rosey as our resources boom would suggest. SO i propose we end the bickering and start solving. australians should send a message to SI/SEGA/Steam right now we neeed to determine the best place to buy and all purchase from there. this really is the only way to send a message that this rorting will not be tollerated so is it greenman gaming or SEGA direct? can anyone 100% verify that these channels will work>? cheers
  6. really looking forward to giving this a crack this is the type of thing i think SI needs to implement into the full game themselves little added extras to make the game fun (if unrealistic) are what FM is missing i feel
  7. quick question on that DB how many players are there? what comps etc? the file size is only 2.8mb on that megaupload link.. that seems awfully small?
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