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  1. I wanted to know if dynamic league reputation worked over continents as well? Could I potentially take an Asian team to become the best team in the world, and would it be possible to move the traditional centre of football from Europe to Africa?
  2. I actually retrained Lars as a centre back for my Bayern team, and he put in a very tidy shift, however I've reverted to using him as a Anchor man and he's performing amazingly! I taught him to play simple passes and he's become key to my quick transitions.
  3. Just bought him on my Tottenham save, scored on his debut. I can't wait to see how good he gets!
  4. Most of his attributes have reduced by around 2 Has this happened to you, will he get back to normal?
  5. Yes come on Mundial, League and cup! That's what Fergie brings to our team.
  6. Do you think the champions league will be held at Dafuge Park sometime soon?
  7. I found Damiao's beat mode, Poacher, with two wingers next to him and a trequartista behind. His career at Man U started quite poorly, but after tweaking the formation and player roles he has bagged 6 in 4 and is ripping up defences.
  8. Why is Harold suspended for everything? Also could you upload the cups as a tree so we can see where we lost?
  9. I changed my reputation, training facilities and transfer budget.
  10. Harold will show those Irish players how they do it in India and destroy the leagu, mark my words.
  11. Nationality:Mexican Name of Club:Mundial de Mazas Chairman Name:Sergio Avila Carvajal Chairman stats will be random, with the exception of loyalty. Don't want you leaving, do we? Home Kit:Red & White Away Kit:White & Green Stadium Name:Estadio de la Fuerza Preferred Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson Chairmen have been granted £100m each to spend on the following areas: Youth facilities (£1m per level):18 Youth academy (£10m): Yes Training facilities (£1m per level):15 Stadium Size (starts at 15000, £5m for each additional 5000):15000 Reputation (starts at 3000, £4m for each additional 500):8500 Transfer Funds:£13m Bank Balance Whatever is left over:£0m
  12. I was looking around the same french website I think, and it doesn't have the Ireland expansion for FM12 on their new site. However using Google's cache I managed to find this link: http://www.fmstorie.net/upload/FM12/Updates/Irlande%20du%20Nord.zip
  13. What you could do is set his contract to a ridiculously long time and then check retiring after spell at current club, or say there is already a transfer happening to another club very far into the future.
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