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  1. FC United of Manchester - Blackstones 4-0 Our Line-up: J. Spencer, K. Jacobs ©, N. Battersby, A. Jones [64. P. Adeniyi], T, Ryan [45. L. Neville], S. Johnson, D. Birch, J. Cottrell, D. Grimshaw [75. J. Wtight], J. Cuncliffe, R. Duyile We had to play a match for the FA Cup. As we were playing at a lower level, we first had to go through some qualification rounds. Depending on the level a team played, you were entered in a certain round. So for FC United this was the Third Qualification rond. Our opponent Blackstone already played 2 rounds. I hoped we were able to get into the real tournement but that was not going to be easy. All depending on luck during each draw. Todays match should normally end in a victory. Already at the start it was clear that we were the better team on the pitch and it was only waiting for the first goal of the match. As long as Blackstone was able to keep us from scoring a goal, they could maybe get away with a result. It took us 11 minutes to score a goal. It was Johnson with the cross towards Cunliffe. Cunliffe controlled the ball, made a turn and then shot the ball in the back of the net. He scored his first goal ever for FC United of Manchester. We had taken a 1-0 lead in the game and the fans now expected more goals. But suddenly Blackstone showed they were able to play the game as within a few minutes they created a few chances. We were lucky that Spencer was there to make the saves else Ellis or Sloan could have scored. Then there was a miscommunication between a defender and the goalkeeper of Blackstone. Duyile reacted and picked up the loose ball in the area and he had no problems to put the ball in an empty goal. We doubled the score with the help of Blackstone and now our opponent had a long way to go to reach the next round. At half time we had a 2-0 lead and normally this should be enough for us to win. In the second half Blackstones tried to get back in the game but they found again Spencer blocking their way to success. Then Cottrell passed the ball toward Duyile in the area. His shot bounced back from the post in front of Cunliffe. Cunliffe had the time and space to chose the corner and score his second goal of the match. The goalkeeper tried but he just had no chance to get to the ball. As now the score was 3-0, the match was over for Blackstones. They now concentrated on their defence to keep the score as low as possible. It was Duyile to score another goal the complete our 4-0 victory. Blackstones had tried but missed the quality to knock us out of the FA Cup. FC United of Manchester 4 : J. Cuncliffe (11); R. Duyile(32); J. Cuncliffe (63); R. Duyile(77) Blackstones 0
  2. During a meeting, Scott adviced me to bring an experienced player to the club. He told me that he believed that 28 year old John Cunliffe would add some depth to the team. He could be used as a central midfielder or as a striker. He was in the reserve team of Chorley at the moment and not needed. He was put on a loan and we did not have to pay a salary if we decided to go for him. So I listened to my head scout and brought him to the Red Rebels on a loan. I had told Cunliffe that I would use him as a backup. Cunliffe did not see that as a problem and accepted the offer. FC United of Manchester - Buxton 3-2 Our line-up: J. Spencer, D. Stott, C. Cryan [68. D. Birch], A. Jones, L. Neville, C. Roca, N. Platt, J. Cottrell, J. Wright [45. D. Grimshaw], M. Wolfenden [68. R. Duyile], M. Norton © After 3 away matches, we finally played a home match. Buxton was currently midway at the table as they won 2 matches and lost 2 matches. Also for this match we only missed Joyce because of his injury. From the moment the kick off was taken, Buxton showed us that they wanted to win this match. Even though we had the ball in our possession the most, they were the attacking team in the first part of the first half. They kept us away from their area as we could not reach our strikers. Buxton already had a shot over the bar by Summerskill and Spencer making a great save and yet we did not see their goalkeeper in danger. It was from a corner that Reed found another chance to test our goalkeeper and this time Spencer was not able to make a save. So Buxton had taken a 1-0 lead in this game and at the moment we were in trouble. Also after this goal scored, we were not able to launch an attack and the fans started to feel frustrated. It took us a total of 30 minutes to get close to their goal. Buxton then conceded a few corners and one of these corners was converted in a score. It was Platt taken a corner that was headed back by Cryan and Cottrell with the finish. We finally had leveled the score. The last minutes of the first half were ours. We now pushed Buxton more into defence but we did not score only got a few corners. Norton was close to score but his header came back from the bar. And so the first half ended in a 1-1 score. In the second half it was an open match and both teams had their chances to score a goal. It was again Reed to find the back of the net when he got free in front of the goal. So again we had to fight our way back into the match as we had fallen behind. I decided to make some chances and called Birch and Duyile to get ready to replace Cryan and Wolfenden. But just before I was able to replace them, we launched an attack. It was Platt with the pass and Norton with the header that gave Wolfenden a chance to score. He did not hesitate and volleyed the ball behind the goalkeeper to level the score. I still replaced Cryan as he failed to stop Reed twice and also Wolfenden had to leave the pitch as he did not create much danger in front of the goal. Only good thing he did in this match was scoring our second goal. A shot from distance by Norton was saved by the goalkeeper. Both teams started thinking about a draw when Norton and Duyile started an attack. It was Norton finding Duyile free in the area after a combination between the 2. With a placed shot Duyile beat the goalkeeper and for the first time we had taken a lead in this match. Buxton know had to start a fight to score the equalizer and they pushed us back more. It was Istead with the chance to level the score but he found Spencer on his way. It was a very close match but when the match ended, we still had a 3-2 lead and so won this game. So at the end it was a good choice to bring Duyile as he was the match winner today. FC United of Manchester 3 : J, Cottrell (36); M. Wolfenden (68); R. Duyile (81) Buxton 2 : M. Reed (20); M. Reed (64)
  3. Thanks, Mark. Maybe Matlock Town were just lucky with their league schedule. I do not know that team IRL. Most teams in this league are new for me = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Hednesford Town - FC United of Manchester 0-4 Our line-up: J. Spencer, K. Jacobs ©, C. Cryan, J. Wright [45. A. Jones], L. Neville, C. Roca, N. Platt, P. Adeniyi [63. J. Cottrell], D. Grimshaw [63. M. Wolfenden], M. Norton For the third time in a row, we had to play an away match in the Northern Premier League Premier Division. Our oppenent did not have a great start of the season as they only had 1 point and scored only 2 goals. I hoped for a clean sheet in this match. All players were available except for D. Joyce, so there were no excuses for this match. During the first minutes of the match, we had some problems with Hednesford Town. Though we had the ball, we were not able to get close to the goal as they stopped every attack and cleared the ball. They did not care how it was cleared, only thing they wanted was to keep the ball out of their area. When Platt ran into the area with the ball at his feet, there were 3 opponents defending him. As he was not able to pass the ball to another player, he tried a shot at goal. It was Burke blocking the shot but not able to clear the ball. It was Platt to react first and as he now had some time, Platt was able to try another shot at goal. He surprised the goalkeeper with a placed shot. We had taken the lead in this match and Hednesford now had to beat our goalkeeper if they wanted to avoid a defeat. The only time they could launch an attack ended when Spencer cleared the cross. At the end of the first half it was Norton crossing the ball and itwas Duyile to slide to ball into the net to double the score. We went into half time with a 2-0 lead. In the second half we controlled the game. Hednesford tried a few shots from a distance but they were all off target and so were not a problem for our goalkeeper. Though we were the attacking team, it took us some time to score another goal. It was Duyile and Norton making the defenders crazy in the area by short passes to each other. It was Duyile to score his second goal of the match when he fired the ball behind the goalkeeper. The match was over but Duyile wanted to complete his hattrick. When Myrphy committed a foul on Duyile, the referee pointed to the spot. It was Duyile stepping forward to take the penalty. He had no problems to beat the goalkeeper and score another goal. We had another player who scored an hattrick. That was 3 hattricks in 4 games by 3 different players. The match ended in a 4-0 victory and Spencer had his first clean sheet of the season. Hednesford Town 0 FC United of Manchester 4 : N. Platt (20); R. Duyile (42); R. Duyile (70); R. Duyile (83p)
  4. The FA Cup Third Qualifying Round was made and we had to face Blackstones in a home match. As Blackstones play on a lower level as FC United of Manchester, I believed that we should be able to qualify for the next round. The match was planned in 2 weeks and so we first had to play another 2 matches in the Northern Premier League Premier Division. Also the draw was made for the Challenge Cup Second Round. This match was scheduled for the end of September. We had to face Mickleover Sport in an away match. This team played in the Northern Premier League Division One South and so we were seen as favourite to win. But we had to make sure that all players would take this match serious. 1 September 2012: Northern Premier League Premier Division Top 5 - Teams Pld Won Drn Lst Pts For Ag 1st FC United of Manchester 3 3 0 0 9 12 4 2nd Matlock Town 3 3 0 0 9 9 3 3rd Granthan Town 3 2 1 0 7 8 3 4th Stockbridge Park Steels 3 2 1 0 7 7 3 5th Chorley 3 2 0 1 6 6 3 Top 5 - Top scorer 1st Matty Wolfenden - FC United of Manchester 5 2nd Mike Norton - FC United of Manchester 5 3rd Nick Rogan - Marine 3 4th Lewis McMahon - Matlock Town 3 5th Shaun Tuck - Witton Albion 3
  5. Blyth Spartans - FC United of Manchester 2-5 Our lin-up: J. Spencer, K. Jacobs ©, C. Cryan, A. Jones, L. Neville, C. Roca, N. Platt [77. D. Birch], P. Adeniyi [45. J. Cottrell], D. Grimshaw, M. Wolfenden, M. Norton [73. R. Duyile] We had to play another away match as we had to face Blyth Spartans. They were still unbeaten this season as they had a win and a draw. They ofcourse wanted to keep this status. We also were warned for their striker Craig Farrell, he could be very dangerous when on the ball close to the goal. I had to make a few changes in the line-up as Joyce was injured and a few players needed a rest. I wanted to end this match with a victory so we could stay at the top of the table. From the first minute of the game, Blyth Spartans showed they were no push overs. They also tried to control the match and look for a goal. We were able to keep Farrell away from our goal and so keep the danger away. We on the other side also had problems to create chances at the start of the game. As the first half went by we were able to take more control over the match. Norton and Wolfenden showed that they were a good attacking couple in the front. They were able to read eachothers moves and this helped us to take a lead in this match. A combination between both striker got Norton some space to try a shot from just inside the area. Norton's placed shot was to difficult for the goalkeeper and ended in the back of the net. Blyth Spartans tried to get back in the game by scoring the equalizer but as we gave Farrell a hard time, they needed other players to score this goal and that failed in the first half. Just before half time it was Wolfenden with a run into the area. Instead of shooting at goal, he decided to pass the ball to Norton. Norton had enough space to fire the ball at goal and behind the goalkeeper. Just before half time we had doubled the score. In the second half Blyth Spartans showed they believed they were able to get away with a result today as they kept looking for the goal. Jones came forward as we got a corner and when he tried to get to the ball, Jones was brought down in the area. The referee pointed to the spot and so Norton was given a chance to complete his first hattrick of the season. As the goalkeeper dives into the corner, Norton scored by shooting the penalty through the middle of the goal. Norton had his hattrick and we had our 3-0 lead. Still our opponent went looking for the goal and they succeeded. We cleared a corner but it was picked up by Blyth Spartans. The cross that followed ended in front of Buchanan and he shot it behind Spencer. Again we were not able to keep a clean sheet. Just a few minutes later it was Cottrell sending Wolfenden forward. None of the defenders were able to stop Wolfenden and one-on-one with the goalkeeper he made no mistake. Wolfenden scored his goal this match and we now hoped Blyth Spartans knew it was over. But our opponent did not stop and again searched for the attack. The only time we gave Farrell some space in the area, he showed us why we were given a warning. Free in the area with the ball at his feet, Farrell netted the ball and score a goal. From the kickoff it was Wolfenden adding another assist as he sent Duyile into the area. Duyile showed no mercy and the ball ended behind the goalkeeper in the net. It was a good game in which we gave a good performance. We went home with another 3 points. Blyth Spartans 2 : W. Buchanan (65); C. Farrell (77) FC United of Manchester : M. Norton (24); M. Norton (43); M. Norton (62p); M. Wolfenden (73); R. Duyile (78)
  6. AFC Fylde - FC United of Manchester 1-3 Our lin-up: J. Spencer, D. Stott, C. Cryan, D. Joyce [59. M. Barnett], L. Neville, C. Roca, N. Platt [45. J. Cottrell], P. Adeniyi, J. Wright, M. Wolfenden [77. R. Duyile], M. Norton © Our next match we had the play away against AFC Fylde. They started the season with a 1-2 defeat against Ashton United. So for them it was important to get a result in this match as else they already had fallen behind after just 2 matches in the season. As our first match had ended in a victory, I decided to make no changes and start with the same starting line-up. The match only was started when AFC Fylde already had to make a chance in their approach of this match. Stott cleared the ball and his shot forward was controlled by Norton. He saw Wolfenden running forwards into the oppenent's area and with an excellent pass, Norton reached Wolfenden. As Wolfenden was completely free in the area, he had no problems to run past the goalkeeper and shot the ball in an empty goal. We had taken a 1-0 lead after just 2 minutes into the game. This sure was a shock for AFC Fylde and before they recovered from this, they conceded another goal. We were in control of the match and easily passed the ball from one player to another without our opponent touching the ball. It was Platt seeing Wolfenden making a move towards the goal. Platt did not hesitate to pass the ball in front of Wolfenden. Wolfenden found himself in the area with a lot of space and time and he fired the ball behind the goalkeeper to double our score. With already a brace on his name. Wolfenden started looking for another goal to complete his hattrick and it did not take him very long. This time it was Roca with the assist that helped Wolfenden to complete his hattrick within just 31 minutes of the game. As we had taken a 3-0 lead this early in the game, AFC Fylde just wanted this first half to end. They now only concentrated on their defence so they would not concede another goal. In the second half we did not have the same performance as we had in the first half. We controlled the game but contentrated more on keeping the ball in our possesion. We tried to create chances to score but it was not that easy as in the first half. After 59 minutes I had to replace Joyce as he picked up an injury. Barnett had just entered the field when AFC Fylde managed to score a goal. Beck was able to run past Neville and beat our goalkeeper with a shot towards the second post. Our oppenent now had some hope again that they could get back into the game but we did not give them a chance to score another goal. And so the match ended in a 3-1 victory. AFC Fylde 1 : S. Beck (60) FC United of Manchester 3 : M. Wolfenden (2); M. Wolfenden (20); M. Wolfenden (31) After the match Keen came to me as he had some news about David Joyce. I had to replace Joyce during the match and now it seemed that he had suffered a twisted ankle. He adviced me that it was best that he was treated at the club by Keen. This would mean that he was out for about 8 weeks. If I decided to use an injection, so he could get through our next game, there was a change that we would miss him for 3 months. So for me it was an easy decision and I told Keen that he should treat Joyce to get him fit again.
  7. FC United of Manchester - Nantwich Town 4-1 Our lin-up: J. Spencer, D. Stott, C. Cryan, D. Joyce [45. M. Barnett], L. Neville, C. Roca, N. Platt, P. Adeniyi [72. J. Cottrell], J. Wright, M. Wolfenden [72. R. Duyile], M. Norton © Our first match of the season was a home match against Nantwich Town. As we wanted to win promotion this season, I believed we had to win every home match. So I expected my players to go out on the pitch and score a few goals. It was Nantwich to win the first corner of the match. As several of their players were found in our area when the ball was cleared, we had the opportunity to start a counter attack. It was Wolfenden with a run forward and Platt following him. The pass towards Platt came on the right moment as for a few seconds Platt was free in the area. With a placed shot he beat the goalkeeper and his shot went in near the second post. We tried to score another goal but were unlucky as the post was in our way and so Nantwich still was in the game. It was Norton to find Wolfenden in the area and he did not hesitate to try a shot at goal. The goalkeeper could not reach the ball and Wolfenden doubled the score. Within the minute Nantwich Town fought themselves back in the game. Wilson slipped by our defenders and netted to ball. They were not able to enjoy this goal for very long as just a minute later it was Norton to restore our 2-goals lead again. He ran into the area with the ball at his feet and his shot beat the goalkeeper for the 3rd time. So at half time we had a 3-1 lead. In the second half both teams tried to find another goal. It was an open game were both teams were able to create some danger in front of the goal but failed to beat the goalkeeper. We started to use a long ball more and more just to clear the area and maybe find another counter attack. It was Wright with a cross and Duyile diving into the ball. Instead of heading the ball towards the goal, he haded it to Norton. This surprised the opponent and gave Norton room to score his second goal of the game. With this goal our victory was secured. The first match of the season ended in a 4-1 victory. FC United of Manchester 4 : N. Platt (6); M. Wolfenden (25); M. Norton (28); M. Norton (73) Nantwich Town 1 : K. Wilson (27) As Karl Munroe was not part of my plans, I accept an offer from Farsley for a loan of 3 months. This way Monroe had still the chance to experience first team football and show me that I was wrong. Also part of his salary was paid by Farsley.
  8. Long Eaton United - FC United of Manchester 0-2 We played a friendly match against Long Eaton United, a team playing at a lower level. This was a match to give backups a chance to show themselves on the pitch. It was not a good match but we did win it by a 2-0 score. First it was Grimshaw to score a goal and a few minutes later it was Riley with a goal. Important for me today was the defence. Long Eaton had a total of 4 shots if which none was on target. So the defence did a good job. I believed we were ready for the season though there was still one friendly match left. The Squad of “FC United of Manchester” [Position]: [1st choice]<Name> ; [backup]<Name> ; [Reserves]<Name> GK : [1st] James Spencer ; [backup] Jon Worsnop ; [rsv] Andrew Farrimond D R : [1st] Dean Stott ; [backup] Kyle Jacobs ; [rsv] Paul Armstrong D C : [1st] Colin Cryan ; [backup] Adam Jones ; [rsv] Karl Munroe D C : [1st] David Joyce ; [backup] Nathan Battersby ; [rsv] Moses Barnett D L : [1st] Lee Neville ; [backup] Thomas Ryan M R : [1st] Carlos Roca ; [backup] Stephen Johnson M C : [1st] Nicky Platt ; [backup] Matthew Boland M C : [1st] Jake Cotrell ; [backup] David Birch M L : [1st] Jerome Wright ; [backup] Daniel Grimshaw ST : [1st] Matty Wolfenden ; [backup] Raphael Duyile ; [rsv] Jay Walcott ST : [1st] Mike Norton ; [backup] Bradley Riley ; [rsv] Chris Amadi Prescot Cables - FC United of Manchester 0-3 The last friendly match during pre season and again this was against a team playing in a lower division. We took control over the game from the start and Prescot could only try to stop us. It was Norton scoring the first goal after a cross by Wolfenden. We had more chances to score in the first half but did not score a second goal. In the second half it was Platt scoring from outside the area and a little later it was Duyile to add another goal. The match ended in a 3-0 victory and our goalkeeper again had an easy match as Prescot Cables never tested him. Finally it was there, the start of a new season in the Nothern Premier League Premier Division. FC United of Manchester was seen as one of the favourites to win promotion this season. We had a good pre season in which only 1 match ended in a defeat and all other matches were won. The team showed in most matched a good performance and we also did not give away to many chances. So we all were optimistic about our chances this season. I still wanted to add a player to the team as I believed we could use a central midfielder. As I wanted this to be a player with experience, we decided to sign Peter Adeniyi. This 32 year old midfielder had already played 140 official matches. Adeniyi was a very good teamplayer which I think would be a benefit to let other players give a good performance on the pitch. Also his agression and determination would help when we needed to win the ball back.
  9. Lancester City - FC United of Manchester 0-1 In our second friendly match, we played against a team playing on a lower level. So this match against Lancester City should normally end in a victory. Though we were the stronger team on the pitch, we had problems to completely control the match. And so it happened that our opponent was able to create several chances to shoot at goal. Though it was not always easy, our goalkeeper was able to keep his goal clean but the pressure was still there. We forgot to make the difference and so every possibility the opponent had, could give them a lead. We created our chances and also it was often danger in front of their goal but the final touch was not there. Several times we found either the goalkeeper or the woodwork in our way. After a shot by Norton that hit the post, the ball fell in front of Walcott. As the goal was empty, Walcott had no problems to net the ball and finally give us a lead in the game. As both teams did not score another goal, the match ended in a 1-0 victory. Sometimes you have to be lucky when scouting players and I believed we had found that luck when we signed youngster Raphael Duyile. Duyile was a 18 year old striker with great skills and already was seen as one of the better players in our team. Though only 18 year, I expected this player to make a difference this season. Still he needed some time as he lacked the experience of first team football. Also we were able to sign another defender that could be used as both central defender and left defender. Moses Barnett had played 11 matches already after he had left Everton. He never was able to get in the first team of Everton though and now he hoped to restart het career with us. FC United of Manchester - Walsall 4-1 Another friendly match and again a real test for us. We had to face a team playing in the nPower League 1. Everyone expected a defeat as Walsall had more quality as the Red Rebels. But we surprised everyone when Duyile found the back of the net and gave us a 1-0 lead after 24 minutes. Walsall now had to look for the attack to level the score and they were able to push us backwards. They did not manage to get close to our goal and so tried shots from outside the area. It was Bowerman to beat our goalkeeper and level the score at the end of the first half. In the second half again we were able to surprise Walsall. Norton got free in the area and managed to score from a difficult angle. We again had taken a lead in this game. Walsall again started a fight to get the score level again but this time they failed to do so. We were the ones that took advantage of the space given. It was Norton to score a hattrick in this match and in the last 5 minutes of the game he scored twice. We had beaten Walsall 4-1 and it looked like we were ready for the upcoming season.
  10. The match against the reserve team ended in a 2-1 victory. The goal scored by Wolfenden was really impressive. He managed to volley the ball behind the goalkeeper while under pressure of a defender. Also Norton managed to score a goal as the goalkeeper made an error but Norton was at the spot to make the finish. Though there was not much pressure on our defence, we conceded a goal. I believed we had to find some players to strengthen our central defence. The second half was not really a good one as both teams were not able to get close to the goal to score. So after the match I decided that we needed to find 2 central defenders and also a left defender. Neville did a great job in this match but we lacked a back up when Neville was injured or suspended. This was set as our main priority but sure if we found a player that would strengthen any other position, we would see if we could sign that player. We were able to sign our first central defender. Experienced Colin Cryan accepted an offer for 1 year. Cryan played at different levels from the Championship till the Conference. In total he played 199 official competition matches and scored 8 goals. With his defending skills, I believed he would strengthen our defence at this level. FC United of Manchester – Blackpool 1-2 Our first friendly match in pre season was against a team playing in the Championship. I expected the team to struggle against Blackpool and I only hoped the defeat would not be to fierce. In the first half it was really hard for us to keep up with our oppenent. And it sure did not help us to concede the first goal just after 4 minutes in the game. We were not able to clear the ball and so Blackpool took a 1-0 lead after a shot near the first post by Taylor-Fletcher. After the goal it was again Blackpool going for the attack and pushing us back. Our attackers did not have a change to get close to the area of Blackpool. And so it was Blackpool scoring the second goal of the match after 28 minutes. It was again Taylor-Fletcher to beat our goalkeeper. I was afraid that we would concede more goals in the second half but to everyone's surprise we managed to score at the start of the second half. It was Roca getting the ball in the area and beating the goalkeeper. Blackpool now focused on their defence and try to find a goal on the counter attack. As this did not work, we were able to stay in the game but were not able to create any real danger. So the match ended in a 2-1 defeat. The team worked very hard and I believed it was a decent result against this opponent. Before we had to play the next friendly match, I was able to sign a few players that would strengthen our team. Some of these players were seen as a signing for the near future though they might be used in the first team from the start. With the signing of 19 year old Bradley Riley, we strengthened our attack. This young striker started his career at Barnsley. Though he never played in the first team, I believed we found a player that could become a key player in the near future. I also managed to bring a young left defender to the Red Rebels. Thomas Ryan only wanted an appearance fee to join the club. This young defender started at Swindon Town but never had the chance to experiance first team football. I believed this player could become a key player at the club in the near future. Also as we did not have to pay a weekly fee, there was not much of a risk for the club. To strengthen our defence even more I signed 2 central defenders. Nathan Battersby and David Joyce decided the come and play for FC United of Manchester. Battersby was only 19 years old and started his career at Botlon Wanderers. Joyce was already 21 years old and he started at Birmingham City. Both players did not have any experience yet in first team football. Both were had the potential to become key players in our team. They only needed time to get more experienced and ofcourse chances in the first team.
  11. For this story I am using the FCUtdWill_Level11_Database. Which I downloaded from the site and installed on my computer. This way I can go deeper into the levels of English Football. This story is my first attempt of a team playing on a lower level as the Conference League. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = JUST ANOTHER MANCHESTER STORY - Watch Out United We Stand FC United of Manchester was founded in 2005 and currently playing in the Northern Premier League Premier Division. In this Division they were seen as one of the top favourite to win promotion this season. I was hired as the new manager to make this happen. There was not a transfer budget available and the wage budget was € 3,038 per week. So to strengthen the team I needed to look for transfer free players and players that were willing to join on a loan. As the club lacks the money, I believed it would not be right to make use money to pay fees for ending contracts. So this meant that all the current staff would stay at the club and only free spots would be filled with new staff members. So I would look for 1 scout and also see if we were able to find a director of football and a head of youth development. As Richard Scott was my chief scout, I had asked him if he knew someone that was willing to Gigg Lane and be part of our scouting team. He came up with 2 names Claus Lundekvam and Andy Oldroyd. When I asked Scott about their career, he told me that Lundekvam had a history as a player for SK Brann, Southampton and the national team of Norway. Oldroyd on the other hand did not have any history as a player. As I wanted a scout to have a history as a player and also being loyal to a club, I decided to offer Lundekvam a contract as a scout. It was also easy to find a director of football. It was Giggs that came up with the name of Martin Evans. So when we called him to ask if he was intrested in the job, he said yes. We offered him a 2 years contract which he accepted. When I told Evans that we also were looking for a head of youth development, he told us that Thomas Baillie might be intrested. He was out of a job and was believed to be very good at working with youngsters. So we made another call with success. Baillie also signed a contract for 2 years. So with these signings, I had my staff ready for the start if the season. So now we could concentrate on the players. But before I wanted to make any decisions, I wanted to wait for the match against the reserve team. This would give me and my scouting team some time to see what was needed to strengthen the team. The Staff of “FC United of Manchester” Director of Football : Martin Evans Head of Youth Development : Thomas Baillie Under 18s Manager : Dave Brown Assistant Manager : Rhodri Giggs Coach : Chuks Akuneto, Darren Lyons Head Physio : Harry Keen Head Scout : Richard Scott Scout : Claus Lundekvam
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