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  1. @lionel messiyou was correct, it is not the Combined Counties League Premier Div but the United Counties League Premier Div
  2. My 2nd season at AFC Dunkirk has ended and we won 2 prices. In the East Midlands Counties League, we were the strongest team. We won 31 matches en 7 ended in a draw. We domated this league completely and ended the season with a total of 100 points, we scored 99 goals and conceded 23 goals. So we won promotion to the United Counties League Premier Division. Last season we were not able to play a role in the Cup as we were quicly eliminated. This season we did a lot better and won the East Midlands Counties League Cup by winning the Finals against Heanors Town by 3-2 and lift
  3. AFC Dunkirk wins Nottinghamshire Senior League Premier Division
  4. We managed to win the Nottinghhamshire Senior League Premier Division after playing 26 matches (won 25 / lost 1) with a total of 75 points. We scored 96 goals and conceded 24 goals. As we still needed tp play 6 matches, our stats in this first season could get even better. We were not going to add a second price this seaon as we did not seem to be good cup=fighters.
  5. I joined a club playing in the Nottinghamshire Senior League Premier Division
  6. I am going to give this challenge a try. So here is my profile:
  7. SEASON 2 (2021/2022) Linfield, Danske Bank Premiership My second season at Linfield was very successful. We won the Danske Bank Premiership with a total of 94 points and a gap of 19 points. For me it was the second time to win it. It was the fourth time in a row that Linfield did win this price. We managed to win 30 of the 38 matches in this League. The remaining 8 matches ended in 4 draws and 4 defeats. We scored 95 goals and conceeded 32 goals. It was Lavery becoming the topscorer with a total of 45 goals. Manzinga was second with 27 goals scored. Besides winning the Dan
  8. SEASON 1 (2020/2021) Linfield, Danske Bank Premiership It has been a great Christmas for me this year, as I was given a 1-year contract at Linfield, worth € 6,500 a month. Linfield is seen as the team to beat and favourite to win the title every year. After having played 11 matches, Linfield were found 7th spot at the table and that was the reason for the board to send away the manager. As we were only 6 points behind first place, so still had every chance to turn things around. We still to play 22 matches in the Danske Bank Premiership befor the Legaue would be sp
  9. I finally have installed FM2021 and so it is time to start this challenge again. So now and then I will use prinstscreens in my updates but most of the time it will be text. Manager : Patrick van Dijk Date of Birth : 14 January 2020 Nationality : Dutch Coaching badges : None Past Playing Experience : Sunday League Footballer Employed : Unemployed Game set-up: Africa : - Asia : - Europe : England, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Republc of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Canada North America : - South A
  10. @darren1983: Be patient. It took me about 6 months to get a job. I did get some interviews but the result was always "lack of experience" or "better candidates", And then Halifax invited me for an interview and they gave me the job. And so I started in the English Vanarama National League. You will find a job
  11. Season 2019-2020 : FC HALIFAX TOWN (Vanarama National League) I have signed a contract for 7 months at the Shay. At the moment FC Halifax Town is at spot 20 in the Vanarama National League ( played: 22 / points 23). Still the goal for this season is to finish mid-table. So that means a lot of work has to be done as currently we are very close to a relegation spot. It was a difficult season as we were not able to get away from spots near relegation zone. We especially had problems to score goals. At the end of the season we were at spot 18 with a total of 50 points and avoided
  12. Manager : Patrick van Dijk Date of Birth : 14 January 1999 Nationality : Dutch Coaching badges : None Past Playing Experience : Sunday League Footballer Employed : Unemployed Game set-up: Africa : South Africa Asia : Australia, China, South Korea Europe : Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden North America : Mexico, USA South America : Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay Of all these countries, I will use only the 2 highest divisions (if more are available). Ex
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