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  1. Might it not be better to do this in the actual bugs forum? Otherwise I see this becoming fairly difficult to keep tabs on.
  2. Sounds fair to me. But how would you see this work out? We spot things and pm you,? I know there's a lot of stress on the editor team, so if the community can step in, we'll do that. After all, it would benefit us.
  3. I think it would be a masive help if we get a feedback thread that lists all the bugs currently being looked at and a report on what is happening with it. I know the threads in the bug section get a 'under review' tag but there isn't any feedback on what's happening with it at a later point in time. This might be a lot of work but it would clean up the forum massively, imo. Any thread rasing the same issue listed there again could be closed instantly. The not knowing is a greater irritation of mine than the fact bugs exist. If they exist and won't get fixed, we can look for ways around them. If bugs exists and are being fixed, we can all chant and be happy about SI again. Anyways, this is my opinion and absolutely no negativism. As negativism tends to destroy my enjoyment of FM more than the actual bugs in the editor and the main game itself.
  4. use exttinct nations with no records attached to them, and change those.
  5. add media sources for the league?
  6. Maybe it uses the past positions of the teams to sort them?
  7. More filters available: like Filter teams per continent. ALternative would be: the option to save filters for the editor, so you can cusomize them according to your own needs and the performance of the PC.
  8. It is possible if you merge the DB's, then sort out the config files for all of the graphic packs you have, and redoing any screwed up league rules.
  9. you could try editing a league in the editor so it has the teams for next year and see if that makes it possible?
  10. You do? Willing to share the work when you made it work as well?
  11. importing data through a spreadsheet would be higly wanted by me.
  12. use the config file from your kit pack to do so
  13. Could always do a rolling save, so you can revert to another one when you made a mistake. I just edit one file though, I'm fairly confident I'm doing it right the first time.
  14. all cities in a region get assigned the language, vs only one city?
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