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  1. The Sociedad save on the first page says its no longer available. Is anyone able to upload another link to this?
  2. Nevermind - sacked! After three poor results. Shame, had big plans
  3. Hi I am playing the game as PSV and just starting the new (second) season. We finished third last season and I just managed to scrape through with my job! I have a very limited budget but have signed a few freebies and loans. My newest loan is Tielemans who is still at Anderlecht, but unhappy. He is refusing to sign a new contract with them and as such will be available at the end of his loan period to sign, so presumably can be offered a pre-contract in January. Any advice/structure for trying to ensure I can sign him. I'm currently just thinking about playing him lots, praising him lots and maybe stating an intention to sign him? He currently has no interest in him from anyone else, and states he is happy to be in the first team, thinks wijnaldum is a good player and happy to have signed a new contract (which I presume is the loan contract). Any advice of how to increase my chances of making sure I get his signature. I don't want him to play too well for me and attract interest from elsewhere! Thanks
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