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  1. Margate FC - Vanarama South 2019-20 Season At the end of last season I was feeling optimistic of a strong push for the playoffs, with maybe an outside chance of promotion. In reality, we just didn't have the talent to maintain anything consistent. We managed to string together a couple of decent unbeaten runs, but always they were followed up with back-to-back-to-back (-to-back?) defeats. The truth is, our squad is just not good enough and it resulted in a 9th place finish. Last season's youth intake have all made appearances throughout the season, but none of them really have the potential to go on and make a name for themselves, with only one player having higher than a 3 star potential ability. Add to that the club's still amateur status and there's no chance of any of them ever really developing into anything useful. This season's youth intake is really much the same, with only Syd Baxter having any real potential. Although most of the intake have signed, it's unlikely that they'll feature unless/until the original crop of players have started to retire or choose to move on. We are desperately in need of someone coming through that might look to improve on what we currently have. The biggest obstacle thus far is definitely the club's financial situation. Currently just over £100k in debt and with a projection heading towards £2m debt in the next three years, we need to find a way to earn money. Professional status has to be the first step on that road, but understandably, the board refuses to make any investment while there's no sign of any money coming in. Likewise their stance on improving any part of the youth setup. As yet I've been unable to get them to agree to anything beyond stepping up the junior coaching level. I feel as though we are stuck in limbo and the only ways to improve it (as far as I can see) are either a decent payout from a cup run or a board takeover and cash injection to allow the improvements we need. With the potential abilities in the squad and the slow aging of the senior players, I reckon we need to get some serious cash within the next two seasons, or we'll be left with a bunch of 2 star youngsters and probably drop out of the league. Next season's ambitions: To bag a decent cup fixture, to bring us into the Black and maybe sneak into the Playoffs. Season League Predicted Position Cups Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18/19 Vanarama Sth 21st 12th FA Cup 4th Qual; FA Trophy 2nd Rnd Below Average Poor Minimal Fairly Basic 19/20 Vanarama Sth 21st 9th FA Cup 3rd Qual; FA Trophy 3rd Rnd Below Average Poor Fairly Basic Fairly Basic
  2. About time I threw my hat into the ring. Welcome the new manager of Margate FC, newly promoted to the National League South. Since I knew that this was going to be tough, I held off posting until Season 18/19 was completed. It's been a real challenge, mainly due to not having the numbers to field a proper team at times, but we've somehow managed to hold our own in this league. With the media tipping us to go down in 21st place, I was not expecting much, but we ran out in a very commendable 12th place, even flirting with the playoffs for a while at the start, which seems miraculous when you take into account that we regularly had to play games with grey players on the bench, due to our tiny squad. Lost several first team players to rival teams, simply because they were on amateur contracts and would not re-sign. As a result, once regen day came around, I signed every candidate, simply to give us cover for the inevitable injuries and something to use next season, when several of our older players will be released. All-in-all I'm feeling quite optimistic. Although our finances have taken a battering and we're due to lose a few players at the end of season, I now feel like we at least have a squad that offers enough depth to cover for injuries and allow some rotation. With some hard work and a huge pinch of luck, I'm predicting that we can improve on our league position next term and aim for a promotion within two years (famous last words). As yet, I've not been able to get much upgrade of facilities, simply because of finances and am expecting this to be very slow progress. Guess we need to start turning a profit somehow.
  3. With the game having been out for a while and Christmas done, it's not unusual to find these kind of deals. The links you posted are legit and there's no reason not to pick up a copy at those prices. In fact, if you keep looking around, you'll probably find more and more deals appearing over the next few weeks. With many people claiming that the game is "unplayable" (not me) at the moment, you might even want to wait for the next patch release before you get a copy and there'll probably be some killer deals by then...
  4. This tactic set is astounding. I recently started a new game in Tier 7 (Isthmian Premier) with Maidstone United. My first season was OK, using my own tacs, but I figured I'd try out this for season 2. After getting in a lot of promising looking free transfers, I've managed to go on an incredible unbeaten run or 18 games, where I've comfortably won most of them. Also, I've somehow managed to navigate my way through numerous rounds of the cup competitions, including getting through from qualifying rounds of the FA Cup all the way to the 3rd round, where I'm due to play Liverpool!! I've beaten several teams from conference leagues to get here and never looked like losing. Obviously, I'm not expecting a result vs Liverpool, but the money I'm due to receive will allow so much progress in the future for this tiny club. Thankyou Mr Hough for this incredible tactic. I can 100% confirm that it works a treat with lower league teams! :0)
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