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  1. Funnily enough the same thing has happened in my game. In 2028 Wales appointed the newgen Ash Rowlands with no previous managerial or playing experience. Bang average stats, but has held the job for the last 9 in game years. This seems to be quite a common issue with many smaller nations in my game.
  2. Hi all, so as a result of the current madness I've been playing a lot more FM than normal and thought of an interesting topic for discussion. In every iteration of the game, I've found that there have been a few sure-fire in game tips and tricks that always guarantee the same positive results. So for example, in FM20, two examples spring to mind: 1. Anytime a player makes noises about wanting to leave, if I reply to them saying how much I depend on their leadership qualities, 80-90% of the time this leads to them dropping their concerns and being happy to stay at the club. By using this method I have managed to quite easily fend off interest in my players from some truly massive clubs (for context I am managing lowly Pennarossa in the San Marino league!). 2. During team talks I nearly always use "I have faith in you, get out there and make a difference" and it elicits a positive response across the board 90+% of the time Does anybody else have any tips or tricks they regularly employ to get positive results?
  3. Oof. Newgens in the San Marino leagues are nowhere near that standard currently. Gonna be a long old save this
  4. So far the youth intakes have been solid, if not spectacular. Most of the intakes are comfortably better than the standard of the other teams in the division, with a couple of players every year being able to slot into my first team setup. Similarly the national team consists mainly of players from my club. However despite my junior coaching and youth recruitment both being rated as exceptional, there's been no stand out youth prospect so far. And to be competitive in Europe my squad still relies on players brought in from elsewhere. My fear is that the San Marino national youth rating is going to be so low, that the standard of these newgens will be capped at a relatively low level. My hope is that with improvements in club and league rep, the standard will slowly improve over time. It makes for a very interesting save, but I still feel I'm decades off managing the national team as the quality as a whole isn't there.
  5. Challenge complete: Qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. Finally managed to do it! Had a fairly easy run in the qualifiers, with a narrow aggregate win over Dinamo in the playoffs. Not expecting to do much in this group, but the prize money is a welcome bonus!
  6. Challenge complete: Have one of your youth products score 15+ goals in a season. Not much else to report - still dominating the league comfortably, not pulling up any trees on the European stage. Interestingly though 4 other teams in the San Marino league have now turned professional, and I expect the others will shortly follow. Hopefully this should continue to boost the leagues reputation and benefit the national team long term.
  7. Well first time this has happened to me in game! What's also nice to see is at the moment, 2 other clubs in the league are in the process of building new stadiums, and all the teams in the league are currently semi-pro. So hopefully over the coming years I will see a growing league reputation which long term should help the national team. My aim for this save now is to increase the league rep as much as possible - I'm already loaning/selling most of my youth team that aren't first team prospects to other teams in the division to try and raise the standard. Hopefully after several years the national team will start to organically improve as a result - not planning on taking them over for a good few years yet!
  8. Challenge complete: Qualify for the knockout stages of the Europa League This is not going to be pretty!!
  9. Challenge complete: Qualify for the group stage of the Europa League
  10. Yup! He's been the only real standout of my youth intakes so far. Player of the season in his first season at the club, and 9 national team caps already.
  11. Challenge complete: Have one of your youth products win player of the year in San Marino.
  12. Just got home and checked Berardi, got him on a free in 2022 after he was released from Vibonese. Definitely worth getting him in if you can. Should think you'd definitely be able to once you turn professional.
  13. I've got all the Welsh leagues running (I'm Welsh), English down to national leagues, and all the Italian leagues running. I have found that scouring the Welsh clubs around youth intake dates reveals some good new gens. Most are valued eventually at £500 at most, and the club invariably accept £0. Through this method I've managed to pick up a few good players, Botfield, Gowans and Downes are the ones I've kept on. Berardi I'd have to check when I'm at home but I'm nearly certain I only got him last season after I'd turned semi pro. He's great on the wing. Think investing in the youth setup is by far the best way for this challenge, but even with upgrading the facilities when I can I've had no notable youth prospects come through so far. Early days though!
  14. Challenge completed: Qualify for the group stage of the Europa Conference League. Wasn't expecting this to be honest - after comfortable wins against Lincoln and Astana, we got absolutely demolished over 2 legs by Dinamo and then a narrow loss to Sion in the Europa league playoffs. Boost to the bank balance is always welcome, and hopefully will manage to scrape the odd result and improve the clubs rep. Already finding this challenge is gonna take a looooong time, not had any half decent youth intakes so far so think I'm many years off managing the national team. Still turning out to be one of my most enjoyable saves though!
  15. Completed Challenge: Go undefeated domestically (league - both stages, Champions Playoffs, San Marino Cup and San Marino Super Cup) Perfect season
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