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  1. did you ever finish this ??? can you release what you have done id love to play it
  2. hi Fenech how the new update going found a nice site that might help http://footballpantheon.com/2011/05/the-50-greatest-european-club-sides/ how you getting on with liverpool http://www.clubworldrankings.com/100.htm
  3. hi Fenech great work on last years database im still playing it best ever hows work going on this years update
  4. love the database Fenech was great to play with liverpool sunderland are great in it what a strike force the have looking for to the update do you think this can be brought on to fm15 really thanks again for all the hard work you put in
  5. cool from what i have read tom finney was ment to be very similar player to ronaldo
  6. just wondering fenech did you put tom finney and nat lofthouse in the database
  7. do you think you'll release this weekend fenech and leave all of us take a look at verison 1 of this database
  8. Hi fenech hows the database going do you have much more to do you tbink ull release it this week????????
  9. it looks great im looking forward to playing it and i will give you feedback as to what i think of it .i can see that you have really researched all the players in it
  10. thats a pitty cause i think it would be very popular i know i and most of my friends would buy it .still for the time begin Fenech database looks like its going to be the best legends update ever
  11. what a great target man he'll make this game is getting better everyday si games should hire you to do an official legends game i think it would be very popular
  12. they look amazing they must be one of the best teams on the game think ill start as manager of hungary
  13. could you post a screen shot of Mighty Magyars and Hidegkuti the firstever false nine please
  14. Puskas looks great one of the greatest forwards ever it will be great to play against them Mighty Magyars you got many more teams left to do
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